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Hello again MFC

In case you haven't read my recent reviews, I'm working towards a goal of reviewing all my scale figures. This will be my 8th review (out of currently 17 scale figures). This is one of my more recent acquisitions and one I have had my eye on for a long time. Asuna from the Sword Art Online Movie Ordinal Scale in a 1/8 scale by Aniplex ITEM #521298


Asuna is absolutely my best girl, and although this is my first figure review for her this is actually my 5th Asuna scale figure (and I have 3 more preordered).

A quick 360 in the spoiler
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I'll get right to it, I think this figure is just so cool. It's a super dynamic pose where she's contorting her body to put everything she's got into the next strike, and do I even need to describe that base? I had my eye on her for a while and she does not disappoint in person.

Close up of the face, probably the weakest point of the figure as it's a little plain looking. That said I think it's true to the illustration the figure is based on. I've seen some people complaining about the open mouth look, but I think it suits the action based pose of the figure.

The damaged outfit is pretty cool and something you don't often see on a figure. I especially like this tear up the side of her shirt complete with digitized durability reduction effect, and the fact that it does it in a way that isn't unnecessarily revealing.

I always love a figure with dynamic hair movement. Her flowing hair trailing her movement looks great, and I especially like the few strands of hair whipping around in front of her.

Wow that base is just such a statement piece and the highlight of this figure. It's quite large, there's so much going on, and it makes the 1/8 scale feel much bigger than it is. There are two pegs on Asuna to insert into the base, one on her front foot and the other on her rear shin. I must admit it took me a few minutes to figure out exactly where I was supposed to insert the pegs into the base since there's so much going on there.

A few size comparisons:
Compared to another 1/8 scale ITEM #178922 she looks appropriately sized

And even when next to a 1/7 scale ITEM #198363 she doesn't stand out as being small like some of my other 1/8 scale figures, thanks in large part to the base.

Overall very pleased with this figure, one of the coolest poses I've seen AND sitting on one of the best bases I've seen (and also my best girl :D).

Thanks for reading! And always feel free to let me know what you think. Until the next review!

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Thanks for the review and photos. I'm a big fan of Asuna as well and love the pose. I also enjoyed the movie. However, I just think the base is too busy for my personal tastes and the base is actually a major part of the overall appeal / cost of the figure. Plus, the fact that she's got so many figures means that it is easy to find good alternatives. I'll like to get her Goddess Stacia version at some point but even there I'll probably wait until a few figures in that version are released before deciding on what I'll buy.
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SAO has some really beautiful figures, like Scones said I wish I was a fan. This is probably one of the more dynamic SAO figures, and I think there are some great parts of it, but because I am not a fan I don't have the love you do for it. To me, the base is at least interesting, but I don't understand the back story behind it so it just looks very busy to me. Also I really love her expression, I think her lips are beautiful, but this figure can only really be viewed from one angle or else you get a strange look on her face or you see a very large head seam. Cool figure, thanks for showing it off!
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I almost regret not being an SAO fan, because this is a really nice figure, design-wise, and I would be all over it, if only I liked the source material, haha. The base is in the top three I've seen on any figure. It has this lively fantasy to it, and yet a war-like forebodingness. Those sparkles remind me of Kill la Kill, they are jaunty and light-hearted, while the red-to-black-to-blue fire feels like there is an incoming dread in her fight. The video game effects really blend the mediums of sculpture and 2D gaming. Video game effects have always been a favorite of mine, if you can put it that way. They help tell a story and emote a scene.

What an electrifying figure, she's action-packed, has a beautified and intense base, and has a lot of different tones going on with her. Great review, too, thanks for it.
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I really love this figure. The base is excellent and overall just looks really cool and looks like Asuna. I agree with you on the pose and hair movement sculpt, they really stand out from this figure! I'm really happy with this figure for the price.

Besides, one thing I really dislike is the skin part that is shown on her leg. Looks aweful, it really looks like when you slice open a hotdog.
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plasticizer very mild
Great short review! I can't get over how busy that base is. There's so much going on that the focus of the actual subject is kinda lost. But it is pretty accurate to the illustration, so I'll give them that.
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