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Hello again and welcome to my blog number 4.

After two freaking months I finally received the package with ITEM #872784, ITEM #805513 and ITEM #741783 that I ordered back in freakin´ January.

After a nightmare of trying to do the custom process through the hard way just to save some money I had to give up and go for the easier but more expensive option. And it was surprisingly quick despite all the negative comments I heard about it (but the lost money still hurts) and considering this took place during the state of alarm because of Coronavirus.

Speaking of which (and getting more serious) confinement has been extended until the end of April, more than 130.000 people have been infected, hospitals are crowed and I'm going to stop because I don't want to give more depressing information.
I try not to constantly think about all that its going on right now while I stay in home but not to the point of forgetting about it, because this isn´t something one should forget about, and I guess it allows us to rethink a lot of things.

On a more positive note, at least I don’t have to worry about collecting since my last package is finally in my possession, so my worries about losing it are gone, and any preorder with a release date before July is getting canceled (by me).

And here they are, my latest acquisitions and the last ones for a while...

I´m so happy to finally be able to have these two together. Raphtalia spent way too much time without Naofumi.

Rias has joined Asia and I must say, I really like how they look together.

And my autobot team finally has an Ironhide, this figure is out of stock everywhere in the West market and second hand prices are incredible high, and it was cheaper to buy it from japan alongside the other figures (although considering the taxes and fees I had to pay it may not have been that cheap).

So that´s it for now. I hope everyone is safe and secure.

Thank you everyone for your attention!

Until next time!
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A lot of variety in that loot! I can see why you were eager to get it!
Vor 5 Monaten
pictures of Ironhide?
Vor 5 Monaten