Kommentare 3 Months of Loot: Jan-Mar (Lots of Pics + Chat + JoJo)

  • PinkuoirVor 5 Monaten#77201895snip
    I know right, the colours are so electric. I'd love to stick them on the wall instead of in a folder, but I don't want to risk them getting sun-damaged. My fave is the Stone Ocean one, I'm a sucker for rainbows.

    Tracking down a grail is such an awesome feeling, Josuke is so gorgeous in person. I'd love more RAH's, particularly The World (to go with my DIO) Giorno, Bucciarati and Mista, but they're way out of my price range. My ultimate grail would be the Stone Ocean Jotaro RAH, (because his Pt.6 outfit is F I R E) but not at 85,000+ yen... eeek

    And thanks for your kind words! Wasn't too sure whether to do another loot post next quarter, but I probably will - it was fun! (◕‿◕)
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    Those clear files are so pretty! The Giorno one is my favorite.
    I'm not too familiar with the other series' but I can appreciate how nice the figures and merch are!
    I too was disappointed in the Diavolo SAS figure, his default face looks so weird to me.

    Oh my RAH Josuke looks amazing! The face is so pretty. I'm happy you finally got what you were looking for! I've had my eye on a few of the RAH figures for a while but right now I can only dream of them, haha.

    This was a great read and I look forward to reading more!
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    LoveChopperVor 5 Monaten#77159762snip
    Hey thanks!

    So do I! I'd kill for the Iruma-kun trio - really hope they get the Nendo treatment some day.

    I want a Saki Nendoroid so bad, but when GSC starts expanding the Zombie Land Saga line (maybe around the time they finally begin the second season), I can totally see them doing Ai and Junko next. They're overwhelmingly popular, but I was never that big on those two. Saki, Lily, Tae and Sakura for me (* ^ ω ^)
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    very nice loot!!! on a personal note, hope iruma and the gals from zombie saga land get the nendo treatment
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    dandybabyVor 5 Monaten#77136432
    I love the tagline on your profile... "Iggy enthusiast".
    Iggy best doggo. No other anime doggo comes close.

    'Tis true. All hail the canine king!

    Vor 5 Monaten
    dandybabyVor 5 Monaten#77135848snipThe hole is unmistakably noticeable on the ones I like, while it seems almost invisible on the ones you posted so if that's the case I probably won't buy them.. it totally ruins the composition. I don't understand why they would make that design choice.

    At this point it seems like the only way to get this picture in nice quality is to, well.. buy this ITEM #739679

    Which, needless to say, I cannot afford (or find, for that matter).
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    AstrocometVor 5 Monaten#77136295snip
    Thanks! Yeah, the RAH Josuke is hard to find for a good price. I ended up paying a bit more than his last listed price on Mandarake, but not as much as some I've seen for sale - I've seen 50-60k yen, and he'll only get more expensive with time.

    Oh nooo, your poor Jonathan! (ಥ﹏ಥ) I was gonna buy that figure for my brother, but I know I'd probably end up keeping it for myself instead (like I did with the Grandista Rohan) and having to get him another one... haha. I'll be sure to be careful with his sword if I do get my hands on him in future.

    I love the tagline on your profile... "Iggy enthusiast".
    Iggy best doggo. No other anime doggo comes close.
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Congrats on all those goodies, especially the Josuke RAH! From what I've seen, those suckers are hard to come by (for a decent price, anyway).

    Sorry to hear about the broken figure. If its any consolation, at least you aren't as much of a butterfingers as I am. I broke the sword off this one -> ITEM #121321 just getting him out of the box. Man, was I angry at myself. It was a bit of a tricky fix, too.

    Again, congrats on your collection!
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    It's probably because of the colour. These clear files have a transparent front and an opaque back - that's why they blend so well. I'll upload some pics of the front and back of them to the respective item pages later.

    EDIT: WRONG AS USUAL DANDY... I just got them out and they are indeed transparent on both sides.
    The SDC, SBR and JJL ones are more opaque than the rest though.

    Yeah, bummer. I'll keep looking, no rush. She'll pop up again eventually.

    AlienEmojiVor 5 Monaten#77135779I took no bait I just complimented your Josuke's Very Decent eyebrows :) They are Perfectly Fine eyebrows. :) They are Nice. :)
    Vor 5 Monaten
    dandybabyVor 5 Monaten#77135167snipTwo clear files I like are the 2018 exhibition ones of Jotaro and DIO, but the... hole? on the right looks much more visible on them than on the clear files you're featuring and that really bothers me because it really ruins the beautiful empty spaces of the picture :/
    Unless there's like a paper in there or something?

    Aw man, really sorry to hear about Azusa.
    I hope you can find a good deal eventually!

    I took no bait I just complimented your Josuke's Very Decent eyebrows :) They are Perfectly Fine eyebrows. :) They are Nice. :)
    Vor 5 Monaten
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