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AbicionAbicionVor 16 TagenDiary
They should make an isekai anime based on Three Hearts and Three Lions. The Blu-Rays would sell like 80 bajillion yen and D&D nerds would totally be geeking out over it. Kotobukiya could release 50 different figures for the swanmay waifu.
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Taralen Elf Hoarder
Lmfao this is hilarious. You're completely right though: Three Hearts and Three Lions is 100% isekai just an old school one. XDD
Vor 15 Tagen
i love hatsune miku so fucking much god
Vor 15 Tagen
Doesn't sound too interesting, quiet honestly. It might have been quiet good at the time it was released, but given the state of the genre now with the stories that have been told, it feels very underwhelming.
Vor 15 Tagen
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Jesus people just use Wikipedia or something.
Vor 15 Tagen
I hate to say this, but I love isekai...
Vor 15 Tagen
Personally I’d love it if one light novel writer took a look at Warhammer Fantasy (or Age of Sigmar) for inspiration. Yeah it’ll be generic fantasy fucking Europe again, but least we could then move on to other countries. Also the ability to use Skaven-like villains for once as opposed to another demon lord and his lackey. Sure they might be plotting something but sorry I couldn’t pay attention, I’m being attacked by four-foot rats that want to eat me!

But if they want to go the blandest D&D route for settings why not pick something that isn’t Forgotten Realms? Dark Sun for depressing desert fun (yes I know Here and Now did something similar), Ravenloft for Gothic fun, Spelljammer cause why not?
Vor 16 Tagen
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