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Hi there,

For me it was 10 years ago that I last visited this place, so I decided to return this vacation to the Yamato museum in Kure. It is a 40 minute train ride from Hiroshima, mostly on a single track along mountainous terrain, so it could easily be reached from Tokyo.

So I did.

Once arrived in Kure you had to walk via an elevated walkway (partially through a shopping mall) and about 5 minutes later, the museum came into sight:


That long grey thing on the right is actually one of the 41 cm/16 inch main guns of the battleship Mutsu.

This museum is built in commemoration of the famous battleship Yamato from WW2, of which a 1:10 scale model (26 meter long) is permanently on display in the main hall:



When I visited, there was a temporary exhibition dedicated to the sinking of both the Yamato and her sistership Musashi. Here, video footage was shown of the wreckages and several artifacts were on display that were retrieved from the wreck of the Yamato:

Fragments of powder cases for the 46 cm/18 inch main guns:

A part of a searchlight stand:

A rangefinder:

A part of an instrument board, a fragment of the wooden deck and insulator for a radar antenna:

A valve wheel, fluorescent lamp, a colored dish and a desk lamp:

And a side scuttle (small hatch):

There was also a scale model of the wreck site of the Yamato which was recreated using the actual images of the wreck site:


As you can see, the ship was virtually obliterated. As I have a scale model of the Yamato myself, I found this exposition quite interesting.

In an adjacent exposition room were several other WW2 weapons:



Like a Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero:


A midget submarine:


And various shells for 41 cm/16 inch or 46 cm/18 inch main guns, the latter weighing about 1,4 tons and had a maximum range of about 40 kilometers:


On one of the upper floor was a large showcase with many highly detailed ship models, like the battleship Yamashiro:


Heavy cruiser Takao:


And aircraft carriers Hiryu:


And Shokaku (both played a role in the Pearl Harbor attack):


As a model enthusiast, I really like those detailed ship models and I particularly like Japanese warships, so this was heaven.

Outside the Museum, there was the possibility to take a stroll and watch over Hiroshima Bay:


They also recreated a section of the deck of the Yamato with small tiles forming the silhouettes of the superstructure including the main guns, so you could get an idea of the size of the ship:


Even though it wasn’t my first visit here, I still found it mighty interesting and I was glad that I decided to revisit this museum.

In the souvenir shop, I bought this papercraft tatebanko (diorama) of the house of Houjo Suzu from “In This Corner And Other Corners Of The World” (Kono Sekai No Sarani Ikutsumo No Katasumi Ni), which is a sort of sequel to the acclaimed anime movie “In This Corner Of The World”:


Both anime movies were set in Kure and Hiroshima, so that’s why this was sold here.

When it was time to return to the train station I first went to that mall where they had some restaurants, as I was way overdue for lunch. At one of those restaurants I ordered a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, because I didn’t have one yet during my stay and I always have at least 1 when I’m in Japan.

After this tasty intermission, I was walking back to the station on the walkway when I happened to see a hobby shop close to the station called Malta Hobby:

This picture is taken from Google Maps by the way as I forgot to take one myself…

I went for a look inside and it was jam-packed with all kinds of mostly recent model kits. Very interesting and good to know that a shop like that is located here, should the need arise and you are in the area…

After a 40 minute ride, I arrived at Hiroshima station. It was still a bit early for the return trip, so I took a tram and went to Tokyu Hands as I remembered that I needed some stationary stuff (I knew where it was from my previous visit to Hiroshima). I did have some free time, so I might as well get them here.
After a while I got back at the station where I picked out a bento for the ride to Tokyo:


This time with eel.

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I can’t believe it’s been 6.5 years since I was there. The 1/10 model is worth the journey alone but the paved bit out the back of the museum really hammers home just how big she was.
Vor 8 Monaten
leithVor 8 Monaten#73619328The scale model in the main hall is really awesome O.O
Not to mention the smaller ones on the upper floor, it would be interesting if someone could recreate that showcase in their home.

That person has to have quite a big house, as there were about 17 of those ship models in that showcase, ranging from about 60 centimeters to well over 1,5 meter in length...
Vor 8 Monaten
The scale model in the main hall is really awesome O.O
Not to mention the smaller ones on the upper floor, it would be interesting if someone could recreate that showcase in their home.
Vor 8 Monaten
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