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  • galablueVor 8 Monaten#73019176happy 2019! this was a really fun haul post. congrats on reaching 100 items! hope 2020 is even better for you

    Thank you so much galablue~! Hope 2020 goes well for you too.

    dandybabyVor 8 Monaten#73019431-snip-

    I know Kakyoin is so beautiful! And I wish I loved Girono from the get go. I foolishly thought he might be boring. Shame on me.

    And yeah, loot articles are super fun even from a personal level. They make you reflect on your collection and how you felt buying them at the time. Definitely would recommend writing them. Have a good New Year as well!

    SconesVor 8 Monaten#73019617-snip-

    I would take your time with Jojo because I've realized it's not going any where. And you're Bakugo take made me literally lmao because yeah, I used to dislike him for that reason (my thoughts have drastically changed). Ochaco is definitely waifu material though, you can't go wrong with any bnha girl tbh.

    And honestly, yeah be happy you got Holo before the rest of us! I didn't mention it in the article, but it was hard to wait for her, especially when I noticed her price drop.

    Thank you for commenting!
    Vor 8 Monaten
    Those JoJo’s Nendoroids slap, but I’ve never seen or read JoJo’s. Despite the fact that the art style is amazing, the genre supernatural, and the changing protagonist narrative, all which appeal to me, the size of it makes my head spin.

    I’ve only just started BNHA (long running shonen series have never appealed to me, I like them short, like Gurren Lagann, and Bakugou looked like the kind of kid who would be a dick to me in 7th grade,) but Ochaco is beyond adorable and is so sweet. Short hair + brunette + nice boobs = waifu. I don’t know a lot about her character and don’t see any development yet, I’m only a few episodes in, but so far, she’s my favorite character. Down to earth and bubbly.

    The Holo Nendoroid- she’s my personal favorite Nendoroid. My mom spent $105.00 on her on Amazon for me, despite cheaper MFC prices, and then GSC re-released her. In the long run, I’ll have had Holo for 6 months more in my lifetime than if I had gotten her second release. Optimism. XD

    Riza’s Nendoroid has such a nice smile. The Hetalia Nendoroids get very pricey very fast. Maybe since it’s a “niche” series, in terms of amount of actual interest.

    Anyways, great loot, I like your formatting and taste in series!
    Vor 8 Monaten
    This was a fun read, congrats on the both the job and your collection hitting triple digits!

    Looks like we collected a few of the same Nendos this year. The JoJo ones are literal perfection, but the one that blew me away the most in person was lil' cinnamon roll Kak. I mean, I actually said "OMG you're beautiful" out loud when I took him out of the packaging. Lucky you've got your Giorno and Uraraka already! I'm still waiting for my beautiful blonde angel. (T_T) he's one of my faves too, but for me it was a 'love at first sight' kinda thing, haha

    My 2020 plans sound similar to yours actually; I'm planning a huge collection/display makeover (finally getting some detolfs) and it's gonna be a big Nendoroid year for me too, I have a dozen on pre-order already. Running low on space sadly, need figures with a smaller footprint.

    Keen to read your upcoming articles. Might even give this loot post thing a crack myself sometime, haha. Have a good New Year! (* ^ ω ^)
    Vor 8 Monaten
    happy 2019! this was a really fun haul post. congrats on reaching 100 items! hope 2020 is even better for you
    Vor 8 Monaten
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