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Another year and another decade have come to pass, if you can believe it. So that means it’s time for my Top 5 Figures list and Anime of the Year award! So if you missed last years the awards work like so. Any figure I bought this year and was released this year can qualify. All rating and criteria are on my judgement. OK? OK. As for the anime awards I pick one that I watched in full and say if it’s the best or not. Now that the rules are out of the way, onto the actually list!

So, let’s start!

Number 5: Star Wars The Vintage Collection X-Wing Luke Skywalker


Another year, another new Star Wars movie that gets fans ready to kill each other. Isn't it great in the anime community we don't have to deal with that? Except we do... every three months. Anyhow, despite Disney trying to murder Luke off Hasbro didn’t seem to get the memo and released a slue of Luke’s this year. While one Luke in particular should have won the top prize (we’ll get onto that), the Luke that enters the list is the smallest one out there. One of the first Luke Skywalkers I had growing up was him in his pilot gear. So maybe it’s nostalgia. Or maybe because this is a fantastic figure. With articulation that can rival some imports, impressive sculpting, and actually being easy to find this may be one of the best if not the best 3.75 Lukes ever made. Only downside is the face prints are a hit or miss. Mine is great but I’ve seen some that look like Luke has the mumps.

Number 4: DAMToys SAS (both of them)


Who doesn't love delays? I ordered these two in early 2018 and it took until May of this year for them to arrive. I wrote a review of them you can read here but let’s just say for what they are, 1/12 figures trying to mimic their fancier 1/6 counterparts they do a very good job. The outfits are just right, plenty of accessories, and they’re Figma/Figuart size. They also cost less than recent Figmas and come with more stuff which I guess says something about the market. That no one apparently has to pay the SAS for their trademark! I included both in the listing because they're essentially the same and picking one over the other wasn't going anywhere.

Number 3: Nendoroid Ciri


It might because of the current Netflix series or maybe because I finally got to play Witcher 3 but Ciri makes it to the top three spot by being a really nice Nendoroid. Truthfully out of all the Nendoroids I got this year it was hard to pick the absolute "best" one but I guess Ciri wins due to Witcher Hype. And having an adorable smug face.

Number 2: Figma Mordred


The only new Figmas from this year I got were all Fate-based and Mordred takes the cake. Read more about her on my review here. Great articulation, plenty of accessories with her armor, and three wonderful face plates makes for a very solid and fantastic Figma. Only downside is parts of her armor can be fiddly. Not more else to say on the subject except fuck you Max Factory, it’s a new decade where’s my Figma Iilya.

What Was Supposed To Be Number 1: Hot Toys Deluxe Luke Skywalker


So, a bit of a rant here. I originally planned for HT Luke to take the number 1 spot on account of being Hot Toys. And Luke. But the sodding bastard decided to not show up. Seeing as flying out to Hong Kong and flying back just for him would be ridiculously expensive, Luke isn’t making this years list. Which left me with the question of who the fuck was going to win first place? Well, here’s the answer.

The Actual Number 1: Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime


Everyone’s favorite robot truck takes the number 1 spot on account of being so damn good. Especially for a retail figure and not a Masterpiece. While he isn’t 100% accurate and does have a few quirks in his transformation, the end result is an Optimus that looks both boxy like the 80s cartoon and “organic” like the Bayverse. Some might be off put by it but I personally think it’s done splendidly. When he can beat out a Masterpiece you know you have a good figure on your hand, which is what he is. A very good figure which I’m glad to have.

2019 Best Anime Of The Year: Strike Witches Butai Hasshin Shimasu


Full disclosure, I was planning on making Azur Lane the best anime of the year on the account of it doing everything I wanted (and making Belfast and Enterprise a couple), but Azur Lane is disqualified on the account the last two episodes aren’t airing until March. The studio basically wanted to “redo” the series to make it look better, a.k.a giving a taste of the Blu-Ray. With Azur Lane out of the running I was going to award Cop Craft the best anime of the year before remembering despite it being very good I never finished it. Since I can only give the reward to an anime I watched in full I came to the conclusion the only anime I watched this year, in full, was the Strike Witches Parody. What a sad life I live.

Now the show itself is fine and has that typical Japanese humor of everyone being insane. On its own merits it’s perfectly enjoyable if you don’t have a stick up your ass and aren’t whining about a parody being a parody. In the context of winning this reward, however, it’s only winning because it showed up to the races late and after Azur Lane fucked off to take a nap and after I shot all the other series with my starting pistol. So it's a prize not so much hard won than it is having the least amount of lead in you by the end of the year.

Anime Of The Decade: Brave Witches


What? I spent the last nine years talking and hyping up the 502nd as being the greatest thing ever. So of course I would pick Brave Witches to be the top anime of the decade. In also complete fairness it's one of the few animes released this decade I actually finished. Again I point out what a sad life I live. Whatever, it's my choice on the matter. The only person voting was myself. Now you might not know anything about this series if you live in the Western Hemisphere which is perfectly fine as I'm only one of seven people that watched it. It came out in 2016 which was... a packed year to say the very least. Brave Witches, however, suffered greatly as well. Completely looked over in the west, the figure industry not touching any of the characters save Hikari (which no one asked for), nothing for a second season, and really everything around it was just a mess. It's a shame because at its core Brave Witches is a very good anime. Solid, likable characters. A coherent plot that's not hard for newcomers to enjoy. Also, raising the stakes while toning down the fanservice but without going "dark" or "gritty" either. It did everything I wanted it to do and more, which is why it gets my reward for Anime of the Decade.


That does it for my list of the Top 5 of the year. Again, please remember the only voter was me so... please don't start yelling at me that a figure you like that I don't have should be on this list. Thank you, and have a great 2020!
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love your writing style, but who here doesn't? here's to a happy 2020 for you, and can't wait for luke to finally arrive ... i wonder what spot he'll take on the 2020 list?
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