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edit: i just wanna say thank you to everyone who has posted. i am so happy with all of the responses. when i originally made this post i did not know if anyone was going to say anything at all, so seeing people who i am familiar with, and people who have been lurking, posting and introducing themselves just makes me happy. if anyone wants to send a friend request or a dm to me, please do! and don't be shy to say hi to others who you see have similar interests as you! i can't wait to respond to everyone and say hi ^_^

so since we had that post the other day that was about the community falling off a little bit, i thought i'd just make a little post that maybe would connect some people with some friends and have them feel like they knew some people in the comments a little better so everyone feels like they can participate ^_^ it's always easier to be more understanding of one another if we know a few things about each other!

so if you feel like it, introduce yourself to everyone! here's some suggestions on things you could say

name/what you like to be called
where you're from
what your first figure is
your favorite show, video game, or manga
how did you get into the hobby
what are your other hobbies
fav animal
a cool fact about you!

my answer under the spoiler, and nice to meet you all! ヾ(^-^)ノ

View spoilerHide spoilerhi hi hi. my name is gala and i'm 23 and from los angeles! i've been watching anime my whole life. my mom thought japanese cartoons were more enjoyable to her as an adult than the cartoons on tv, so that's where it all started. my absolute favorite anime of all time is yuyu hakusho, but my first figure was ITEM #78404, and i got her off of amazon. somehow i bought like 7 figures off of amazon without a single bootleg, but that was a while ago! probably like 2013. i feel like there are more bootlegs out there nowadays. i also love playing video games and i love old school video games, my dad collects atari vector machines. i love cats! and my middle name is my fav color 8) nice to meet you all!
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A quick word before I start talking about myself. I may not leave comments on most of your posts as I'm more of a lurker but I'd like you to know that your efforts to liven up this disheartened community these past weeks do not go unnoticed and I salute you for that. MFC is not as disfunctionnal as it looks, we just need posts like this one (and its comments) to remind everyone that the community is still worth engaging in.

That said, now on to little old me ^^
IRL, people call me Manu and online I go by either Captain_GroManu or Kyoshinhei (from Miyazaki's Nausicaa), I'm born and bred in France and soon to be 34.

I got into anime during high school in the early 2000s after years of being a diehard Star Wars fan and gradually falling out of love with it (specifically with the Yuuzhan Vong saga of Star Wars novels which felt to me like Lucasfilm was jumping the shark). As for my favorite animes, I've seen and liked hundreds of show from many genres so if you want details, here's my AniDB profile.

I started collecting anime figures around 2007/2008 during college and while I can't remember which one exactly was my first, I'm gonna go with ITEM #5218 as it was my first import, first preorder and... first encounter with European customs (*ouch* ^^;).

Aside from anime and figures I love crafting and tinkering and I play an unhealthy amount of videogames too, usually AAA titles. Lately I've been into Monster Hunter World, Start Wars Battlefront 2, Borderlands 3 and I'm feverishly waiting for my copy of Death Stranding that should come in the mail today.

As for animals, I eat them more often than I cuddle them but if I must pick any, I'm gonna go with sharks and dinosaurs because at heart I'm just a big kid ^^
I also have mild Asperger's syndrom which was only diagnosed last year and I may never have found out if it weren't for the other Aspies on MFC so I'm really grateful to this community.

Interesting fact about me, dunno... Maybe I could talk about my handlebar mustache. I don't sport it for aesthetic reasons but just because I'm too lazy to shave or trim and it's the one style that keeps me from eating my mustache whenever I bite into a hamburger...
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This is sooooooo needed <3 Thank you Galablue for bringing positivity here, especially after reading and hearing the negative side of this site ._.

It's really nice to read all these introduction from everyone here \^.^/
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190280hi kida! who’s your fav pokemon starter? it’s such a tough question but mine is probably charmandar, squirtle, or cyndaquil … yes, i just named three! too hard to pick one. i clearly like fire starters but i think that i’ll pick grookey if i get the new game. i noticed we have a lot of duck lovers here! also hospitality major is super cool, so you’re right 8)

My favourite starters are definitely Piplup, Rowlet and Cyndaquil! I mostly choose water or grass starters~ Grookey is so cute!!! I still haven’t decided which starter to choose in sword and shield yet, I’m leaning towards Sobble.
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190274
wow that game looks really fun and cute. also i love the explanation for your username! also don’t be afraid to not have a collection yet, everyone starts somewhere. that figure you preordered is absolutely beautiful and is an amazing start to a wonderful hobby. also i love hamtaro i was literally reading the lyrics to the theme song with my mom in the car ride before writing this response lol! haha i remember doing an assignment like that for school. i chose the “aye aye” lemurs … and made my title “aye aye captain” (very funny, i know).

Aww thanks! And your school project title is fun and unique!
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190279
woot woot amaterasu! welcome to not lurking in the community! i’m gonna guess GTA is greater toronto area, but if i’m wrong correct me, i just know that because i live in toronto part year 8) i just checked out your instagram and you have some amazing merch from sailor moon!

I'm gonna try to socialize a bit more on this site :) GTA is indeed Greater Toronto Area. Thanks for checking out my IG!
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galablue (Vor 7 Tagen) #70063257
hi minty! i love that scale. i don’t know where it’s from, but i’m a sucker for anything with cats in it. i’m surprised i don’t own a bunch of cat girls lol. WOW your art is so vibrant and colorful! you should make some kind of social media to post and show your progress! please continue to make art. i’m also studying japanese in my free time. rosetta stone has been very helpful to me. i want to visit japan as well but want to know the language better and also want to go with a very full wallet.

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much! Also good luck to your studies as well, maybe we can try to practice with each other some time.^^ Also definitely agree, I also want to try to do some research as well on all the transportation systems too. Don't want to get lost =v=;
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190264
hi josine! FMA was one of the first mangas i ever read, but i didn’t get very far. i really want to pick it back up but i’m not sure if i should watch it or read it. what’s your opinion? also that’s amazing that you’re interested in animal evolution and plaeontology!

I have to confess I'm not really a manga reader and I have yet to fully read the manga :# I do plan to though! I have the first 11 volumes at home. That said, I think you can't go wrong with either and it's probably a matter of if you prefer reading manga or watching anime ^^ If you go with the anime, Brotherhood is the one that follows the manga closely; the 2003 FMA has a different, anime-original ending.
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190264hehe, i think i’ll call you banana for short 8). fruity names are great. my little brother’s fav series is one piece! he still keeps up with the manga weekly and has read it about 4-5 times. i always try to get him one piece merch but he doesn’t want to advertise that he likes anime, but i managed to get him a shirt from uniqlo and he wears it every now and then!

Lol! I'm totally fine with Banana!

That's great that you were able to find your brother some merch he likes! Uniqlo has some really cool, subtle One Piece designs. That subtlety is useful when you want to be discreet about things you like :D
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190274
guten taag leike (my terrible german which i won't even spell check, and it might not even be morning there lol!) wei gehts? as i have said with several people before, please never let your english be a barrier for participating! your english is really good and it’s amazing that you are good enough to write on a forum board about a hobby you love. also it’s amazing practice. so please don’t be embarrassed! i wrote it before but i watch AoT with my dad lol… he really likes it. i used to play a ton of overwatch but stopped over the summer as i don’t have enough time to play anymore. also your art is good, you should call yourself an artist! plus you do GKs which take a lot of artistic talent. believe in yourself, leiki, you can achieve anything!! also please make loot blogs! i love reading those.

Thank you so much for your sweet words <3 It's so cool that you watch AoT with your dad. I'm already happy if my parents remember the name of my favorite chars XD
maybe I'll take some time to make my loot posts, not sure yet, but I definitely want to show my second finished GK. I hope to finish the blog in a few days :> Thank you so much again.
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190274hi paul! what made you sell most of your collection? future diary is really good and i feel like it didn’t get enough attention (*cough* yuno needs more scales, she is the 01 to 02 in darling in the franxx *cough*). i’m currently reading death note right now and it’s amazing.

Hello, I sold most of my collection and kept the figures that meant the most to be but slowly been rebuying new figures. More Yuno scales would be amazing I feel she never got a good enough figure boo :( Aww enjoy Death Note it's one of the best Manga and Animes ever.
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190268
!! you are never too late, leith. also your english is really good? if you hadn’t told me that it wasn’t your first language i would not have assumed. please be more confident because it is very good! i’m really lucky that i grew up in a family who loved games. my dad collects atari vector machines and we have like 4 gamecubes because he never wants to get rid of anything. we’ve slowed down on modern consoles though.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement :) I'm still learning though, really. It's very easy for me to make grammatical mistakes if I'm not being extra careful, like checking two/three times before posting. But I'll do my best! Btw I read your comment on another article and noticed that you're trying to learn Japanese, so as a fellow language learner (albeit a different one) I'd like to say ganbatte ne!
Wow your dad is so cool. My dad on the other hand keeps on telling me that I should go out more often instead of gluing myself to computer screen lol.
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galablue (Vor 5 Tagen) #70190265hi dd! woot woot, another familiar face i see around MFC! i like the new battlestar galactica, but i keep only getting a few episodes and then switching to the old one … and then trying the new one, it’s like an infinite loop! i should sit down and just watch it. i actually am considering minoring in religious studies but not sure yet, it depends on the religion classes offered (i’ve taken one thus far which was a religion in peace building class). also i think you’re totally remarkable, so give yourself more credit x)

Thank you for your kind words :)

About what you said about BSG, Your struggle with it sounds like the story of the show itself :D I do not want to say more because it will be a spoiler haha.
I didn’t quiet get into it the first time too. When I saw the pilot miniseries, the 3 hour movie thing, I thought it wasn’t really that great. Then a friend of mine insisted that the show only shines afterward. I gave it a go and it sucked me in. I also loved the soundtrack for the show, which had some really nice gems by the time the show ended. This is one of my favourites, I thought I’d share since that might motivate you to see it haha:-


A minor in religious studies sounds awesome! As you said, it’s definitely something you have to be sure about in regards to the particular course offered (and oftentimes, the instructor of the course) since taking the courses is a commitment and you have to put in a lot of work. In my case, my formal education is in the Applied Sciences, so I read these things as a hobby. I can just drop the book anytime I feel like it’s not that great unlike with a course haha.

P.S. I recently stumbled across the anime “Laid-back camp” on Crunchyroll and I now know the character in your profile pic :) It has been a very soothing series so far!
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