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Figures Made of Stone

Hello China plates, and welcome to a new article. This is a mini-article dedicated to an idea I don’t have a lot to say about, but I’d like to hear figure ideas you can come up with in about a minute through you commenting.

This idea occurred to me when looking at unpainted prototypes. (I saw gray and thought “rocks. Bolders. Stone.” Yes, I know, I’m a genius.) Anyways, despite how this is near-impossible and can’t even register as an “anything is possible” candidate, the idea is good enough to write about for me.

Figures made to appear like they’re made out of stone: covered in water, lichen, moss, flowers, sunlight, shadows. This would be very fitting for characters who are stoic, iron-fisted, or stuck on the past. Roguish characters could have sharp parts to their stone-figure, and kinder ones could have smooth surfaces. This would have a meta narrative in a way; disconnecting from the pop, to darkness, to moe many figures have, and going back to times when sculptures were exclusively, in remote areas, made from sheer rock, in nature. (Lol, nature?! Be sure to throw your PVC plastic anime figures into the ocean. To turtles and nature: omae wa mou shindeiru.)

All dark, nonsensical, and forced jokes aside, I think a plastic figure imitating an aged and practical stone statue would be interesting, even though this is just my self-indulgence. It’d be special and the strangeness could always be a good selling point and justification for a “limited + exclusive tag.”

The figures in this scenario would have shading and meticulous sculpting to define the face, eyes, and body, so as to pull it all off. Expression would be incredibly important, as would be bases.

Another idea could be figures made to
resemble jade,
which is of cultural significance to Japan. Or figures made to look like they’re composed of clay, a call back to the beginning of Japanese sculpting.

I’ll leave this as a short and simple article:

What materials do you think figures could be made to appear to be composed of? What character could a figure as described be of and their pose? What would the theme of it be? Setting? (Town square, shrine.) Would the style of the figure change to be less anime-like? Why does this sound like an English assignment? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z. Bloody hell.
To base answers off of if you’d like:

Thanks for reading! Have a good one!
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Not anime related but there's a stone sculpture that looks pretty epic (that's been under construction for a looong time) and they're trying to sculpt this on a mountain called Crazy Horse in the Black Hills.

Here's the model:

Annnd here's where they're at currently:
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I would love to own a Gun Buster stone figure or any mecha stone figure would look good. I think stone people look creepy so I wouldn't get myself a stone figure or anything like that of a human character. The only ones that would look cool are somemeone like Goku or All Might
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We need a figure made of Flex Seal already.

Come on Phil, get with it!

I am very sleep deprived.
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I think this could be a unique effect on the right character. I picked up ITEM #619315 solely because it looks like a wood carving. The Table Museum figmas also have a stone texture on the statues.
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I've used to have this thought of having stone statues depicting anime characters in my own backyard. I think this idea could sell well, depending on the target audience. Maybe using popular franchises like Pokemon would be a great starting point.

Speaking of unique materials, I've seen anime figures made out porcelain in the database. (ENTRY #23458) My favorite example are Gui's creations. (ENTRY #162737) They remind of the Precious Moments statues.
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SolarstormflareVor 1 Jahr#68294550Three words: Dr Stone figures

I'm glad you said this because I totally thought of Dr. Stone while reading this! It would be cool to get some "stone" figures from that anime.
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Three words: Dr Stone figures
View spoilerHide spoilerall jokes aside, what an interesting idea! Thanks for sharing :)
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