July 2019 & Early August LootJuly 2019 & Early August LootLoot

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Today i will be writing my first monthly Loot haul now that SAL has been continued i went a little overboard these 2 months

Warning Picture Text and Figure heavy


Part 1 of my Loot with lots of Sega Prize figures LLS Chika from Furyu and i found the Bulma figure cheap on Amiami so i bought that one out of pure nostalgia
and found the Fairy Tail Carla Funko Pop very cheap at a local store so i decided to buy it and take it home.


After deciding which color i should get i finally settled on the SP color or manga color Bulma since i like the jacket a bit more on this one then the other one Its my 1st Glitters & Glamours figure and i was shocked how big she was, she could easily be a 1/6 scale figure very happy with my purchase.


After i got Bokura Hanamaru i decided to complete this set because i love the outfits and they a really big size for prizes and i found them for very cheap prices
except for You she was a little more expensive i only need the remaining 4 to arrive next week.


I always wanted the Oni Tenshi Rem LPM figure but i thought the shipping was too high with Airmail but now that SAL is back i bought her in a heartbeat she has a black spot on 1 of her wings but is easy to fix.


The Dangan Rompa Miku was an impulse buy since its one of my favorite modules and im not dissapointed at all, Miku is huge and i love her hair.


I was saving up my Amiami points until i saw that i could get the school uniform Hanamaru by Sega and i decided to spend my points, i like the base and that the figure
comes with 2 loose shells to put on the base.


One of my 1st pre-order figures in a very long time was Hi Cheese! Chika by Furyu i might complete this set as well since they take up very little space because they do not appear to have a base.


Part 2 of my loot is random Nendoroid stuff with the Nendoroid Playset 06 , some faces i bought at random, 4 gashapon miniature machines(3 are already assembled)
a Nendoroid Easter kitty cape 4 2 sides Scenery boards for figures and a bean bag kitty chair :D

I wanted the Nendoroid Playset for a very long time but i did not know which one so i decided to buy the B one for now it was a little tricky to assemble since it did not fit at all the 1st time but i managed to get it eventually.

I was browsing auc-toysanta and saw a Nendoroid sized kitty chair i only got the yellow one because it was the last one left and some Capsule station 1/12 gashapon machines by Bandai


where you even have to assemble the tiny balls it is a lot of fun and a little stressful because you have to apply the stickers perfectly or else they will look horrible but i think i did a good job considering how small everything is, and lastly the Easter kitty cape i was always to late to get the one i liked until i saw this one.

I got the scenery boards with the help of my favorite proxy and it only 2 weeks between bidding and receiving so im very happy it was a great experience again
Thank you Treasure Japan!


They are printed on both sides just like the 1st scenery boards but now they used real pictures my favorite is the stage and concert one.

That's it for July & Early August later this month i will be receiving the 4 remaining Bokura Love Live Sunshine figures, Nendoroid Doll Alice as well as another order from auc-toy santa but due to the current holidays in Japan i will receive that in September.

As for September i will be getting the new Nintendo Switch Lite and i also have the LE from Catherine FB on pre-order so not so many figures next month.

I hope you have enjoyed my first monthly loot post and i hope you have a nice day!
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