Loot From Late March to Early August!Loot From Late March to Early August!Loot

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I've been BUSAY. Busier than I realized when I took a picture of all the figures I've collected since my last loot.


And these are just the figures. I have a few items to show as well. Since this is definitely the biggest loot I've written about, there will be less pictures on individual items and I'll *try* to be less yappy as well. I'll be going in chronological order of when I acquired these goods, state where I brought them from, and maybe even list their price if it was exceedingly good or expensive.


Jotaro Kujo


ITEM #675840

As I pondered about in my last article, I got Jotaro! He's very nicely made and he's been on constant display since I got him. I brought him from BigBadToyStore the day they released him as he was sold out on the usual Japanese distributors I shop from. Glad you're home Jojo!



Batman: The Dark Knight Version


ITEM #235658



ITEM #549360

I started the next month strongly by finally finding an Emilia for a decent price!
I brought her from MFC user HOMOJAKU and she's beautiful. I also got my hands on The Dark Knight because screw the DC Cinematic Universe one. I directly ordered him from Amazon for the "I cant believe this won't break my bank" price of $19.45 USD. I broke his stand peg when setting him up but one of the good thing about owning multiple nendos is having multiple stands.




Princess of the Crystal


ITEM #94890

Harry Potter


ITEM #729413

Ron Weasley


ITEM #729417

Tsugumi Seishirou


ITEM #236197

I had been wanting PenguinDrum merch for a long time and decided pretty early on in my collecting journey to get this figure. I purchased her from user PANKOUJOU. She's a very lovely figure with a lot to give, and I'm surprised she doesn't cost more than she usually sells. Can't say the same for some of these newer nendoroids (looking at you Freeing's HunterxHunter nendoroids).


Harry was delayed but he arrived with his bestie Ron so it was all good. I preordered them from AmiAmi and received them with no problems. I also received Tsugumi from AmiAmi's preowned section and I'm happy to have all my fav Nisekoi girls (sorry Mari, but I don't love you enough to buy you at the price you're currently selling for). I can't for the life of me remember if I mailed all three together or not. But I probably did.


Go cringey memesssss


Izumi Konata


ITEM #864

Alphonse Elric


ITEM #549381

Len Kagamine: Harvest Moon Version


ITEM #549380

Hermoine Granger


ITEM #729416

I wrote a review for Konanta here (BLOG #43053) and I'm glad I own a figma now. She's very fun. She's from AmiAmi, unopened but labeled preowened. Alphonse comes preowned from MFC user SQUIDSSIAH for an extremely good price of $62 USD (including shipping). Very grateful since he sells for more most places. I kind of understand since not only is the series popular, Al has to be the most intricate nendoroid I currently own. Harvest Moon Len became a semi grail of mine since I had been searching for him for a whole year. I finally found him preowned on Solaris Japan. I've never ordered from the site, may have heard a few not so savory things too, but I went for it. I personally have no complaints! The last to arrive was Hermoine, who I preordered from AmiAmi. So happy to have the whole gang now!




Satoshi (and Pikachu!)


ITEM #549351



ITEM #675859

Sakura Kinomoto


ITEM #675919

Muhammad Avdol


ITEM #11114

Yuri Plisetsky


ITEM #549347

Roy Mustang


ITEM #594458

Edward Elric


ITEM #464726

Another busy, busy month of finding deals and going to Otakon! I brought Satoshi (or as I call him in the States, Ash), King, and Sakura off of BigBadToyStore again and I must say, I really like them. A decent selection, good packaging and a flat rate shipping of $4? I'm planning to use them more in the future. Satoshi's box was a little damaged but I brought him at a reduced price because of it. It's such a nice box though, kind feel bad I didn't just buy a pristine version. King and his accessories are good (plus he's so darn cute!) and Sakura's shocked face is precious.

As for Roy and Yuri, I brought them at Otakon after figuring I was getting some decent deals. Roy was $80 and while I may have found a user selling a cheaper Roy here, this one was in mint condition and not being sold for over $100. The Yuri I honestly could have waited to buy but he was only $45 USD and you know con dealer's room frenzy is a real disease.


Edward was brought from MFC user LEADERTNT and I had to jump on him QUICK. I noticed he sells very fast whenever someone sells him here. Weirdly enough, I haven't really fiddled with him as much as I would have liked. But he's worth the hype.

And now Avdol. Not gonna lie, I brought him because I'm so doubtful of him ever getting a nendo. I'm doubtful on Polnareff and old man Joseph getting one too but maybe GSC will prove me wrong. Till then the Super Action Statue Avdol will have to hold me over, which I'm cool with. Because I love Avdol. Like a lot. If there wasn't other things I wanted, I'd honestly make a mini collection featuring just him. I got him from good ole AmiAmi again for brand new!


Also SAS's paint jobs are so pretty??? Like wow, giving me iconic tease right here. Almost tempted to buy another Jojo character or two from the line (was considering bestboi Mista but they just announced his nendo!). I'm good for now though.


Yotsuba Koiwai

ITEM #780987


Kougami Shinya: DX Version


ITEM #795477

And finally for the duo who arrived just yesterday! I instantly preordered Yotsuba on AmiAmi when I saw she came with a sitting piece, cute accessories and not two, not three, but FIVE faceplates! What a rarity for the modern nendo.


Kougami was ordered on the site on his release date. Like the dude is just so stinking cool. And that shirtless torso...yeah, I had to get him.


Items *Mostly from June and July*

As mentioned earlier, I got non-figure goods too. The Armin and Chika items are gifts from my friend who went to Japan earlier this year.



I can't find Chika's stuff in the database which I thought I would. I also have no clue how to display the Armin shikishi and am too afraid to display the clear stands, they look so fragile. Yes, that was plural. I had a friendly guy give me another Chika stand after talking about best Love Live girls at Otakon. He rushed off before I could thank him. It was a pretty surreal experience tbh.


The Karamatsu mug is kind of surreal too? This is actually from another friend who wanted to get rid of him and seeing as he's my favorite trash Matsu, I took him off her hands. Can you imagine eating soup or drinking hot coco from this smug asshole though? Tragic. I'm tragically going to do just that.


I brought a Mystic Messenger wall scroll and the Blue Exorcist art book at Otakon as well. Anyone still play Mystic Messenger? I still need to play the newer routes. >__< The Blue Exorcist art book is GORGEOUS. Really has been a while since I brought an art book and I'm glad it was Katuo Kazue's work to make me revisit my old collecting ways.


I've also been doing some shopping on ChibiChopShop, which is a great site for nendoroid customization. Yuri's final skate number's outfit is one of the few things I brought because I didn't want to own a THIRD Yuri just to have it.


Lastly, I got this Calico Critters doll house at a thrift store (the Unique chain if any American readers are familiar with it) for just $4.99! I believe it's this item right here (labeled as a figure for some reason) ITEM #304374.


It was markered up and missing it's lights and balcony railings but that price. How could I NOT buy it? Especially seeing as Calico Critter houses sell for much, much more usually. After cleaning it up to the best of my abilities, I've been using it for a few photos I've put up on my instagram. Glad to finally own a Calico house.

(Oh look, it's got little friends inside!)

And that's it for my loot! Wow, this took forever to write. Bless you if you got all the way to the end. I'm going to try for the uptenth time to figure out how to add backgrounds to articles now. Thanks for reading and see you soon~! 川o・w・)ノ
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Moomoogirl1Vor 1 Jahr#65268717Yes, they've been my passion this past year as well as the focus of my figure collecting. y(^ヮ^)y

I'd love to get more nendos but I'm running out of space ;_; (although I did pre-order Todoroki and Midoriya XD). I'd love to get the Harry ones though!
Vor 1 Jahr
Jess-chanVor 1 Jahr#65268571OMG all those nendos!!

Yes, they've been my passion this past year as well as the focus of my figure collecting. y(^ヮ^)y
Vor 1 Jahr
OMG all those nendos!!
Vor 1 Jahr
SconesVor 1 Jahr#65254253What a loot!
Tsugumi: “Saw you in the hot springs with Chitoge yesterday.”
Raku: “Tsugumi, it’s not what you think!”
Tsugumi: “I won’t hesitate, bitch!”
Basically the entire dynamic of those three.

I legit laughed out loud reading this! You are exactly right, Tsugumi is always ready with her gun so the meme fits her perfectly.
Vor 1 Jahr
What a loot!
Tsugumi: “Saw you in the hot springs with Chitoge yesterday.”
Raku: “Tsugumi, it’s not what you think!”
Tsugumi: “I won’t hesitate, bitch!”

Basically the entire dynamic of those three.
Vor 1 Jahr
floatingcloud1Vor 1 Jahr#65236812Lovely collection, that dollhouse was so such a sweet steal!A nice place to your new nendos ^^

Thank you! I nearly did a double take when the cashier told me the price. Like, should I tell them how much these houses usually go for? The nendos won't stay in there for long, (trying to change my display setup) but they were so cozy in there I had to take a picture.
Vor 1 Jahr
Lovely collection, that dollhouse was so such a sweet steal!A nice place to your new nendos ^^
Vor 1 Jahr
LoveChopperVor 1 Jahr#65236266that is a Big Big haul!!!

That it is haha. Thanks for reading!
Vor 1 Jahr
that is a Big Big haul!!!
Vor 1 Jahr
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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