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BloempjeBloempjeVor 1 Jahr
Hi everyone,

Gosh, it has been so long since i did a blog.. it makes me nervous already lol.

So what i wanted to ask...

I have certain figures in my collection that i think doesnt suit my age anymore. Yeah so you might think what does your age have to do with it? I am 31 years old right now. And some figures i ques became to childish.. or call it something else. Please dont misunderstand me i dont say it IS childish it is not but i feel it that way.

For example. item/166953#
I own her a few years already. She is cute, not flaws just a beautiful figure. But does this idol still suit my age? erm... not sure?? i would not have bought it if it came out now.
Another example: item/805458#
SO FREAKING pretty. I love the details and stuff but again, i can not see myself owning her. If i was 20-25 i would have bought her.
(it is not about idols though, i do own a few but those are more adult like)
Another example of how age does matter but in a different way.
I can not see a 12-15 year old having item/198551#

So yeah, i have more examples and am curious if there are people what that same kind of feeling.
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I'm very closeted about my interests in anime and merchandise, but it doesn't ever stop me from buying what I like most. I'm really into cutesy, magical girl things, even though I'm hitting my mid-twenties...I can't see it stopping any time soon.

You have to just buy what you love! I'm not sure if collecting anything has a specific age attached to it.
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I want to be your colleague!!!

Jokes aside OP, I think it's just your changing tastes. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
^ This. I'm an engineer in my 30s, in Texas, and I have these in my office :
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No figures will suit my / any age. Figure collecting is childish and they are all toys / expensive plastic according to my parents / friends. haha not that I care.

I will continue to indulge in my lovely figures as long as my wallet can support it
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chapters0Vor 1 Jahr#63515173Hi, I'm not OP but I struggle with expressing my love for anime as well. My rooms stays closed when distance family comes over, it is really hard to stop caring. I will have family coming over to stay at our place next year and I'm worried about what to do about my room (I made a blog about it before). So if you have any tips please share!
Sorry for a late reply, I've been pondering how to respond to you.
I know the blog you wrote, I remember it quite well and I even commented on it. You got about 60 comments on it, so let's say you had at least 30 different people probably tell you the same encouraging things, but you refused to let it get to you. I'm not sure what I can say that would be different from what everyone else already told you.

There isn't a special secret solution that works for all. What works for one person might not work for someone else. For me, I just played Undertale. I played a video game and it made me completely re-evaluate what I value in life and who I want to be, and it worked like a switch to turn on the light. I started to actively pursue things that were good and healthy for me, and that included embracing my interests which I was previously trying to repress.

I'm very sorry if what I say next will come across too harsh, but self-improvement is something I take very seriously because I've been struggling with severe anxiety for most of my life. You kept saying excuses in your replies on that blog entry, as opposed to trying to listen and overcome your struggle, and it left me with a bit of a bad taste. Not to mention that you have no idea what your family might think and whether they'd even care, but you are the one throwing assumptions around - think about that for a moment. YOU are judging THEM. Put things in a realistic perspective. Think about the most likely scenario.

There's one rule that goes for everyone; you work for your own improvement. No one else is going to make you love your own hobbies. If you keep thinking about how scared you are and you just continue pitying yourself, as opposed to trying to understand WHY you are scared and work on finding a solution for your insecurities, then you'll just stay scared and even a thousand nice people on the internet people won't be able to help you.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmmm not sure tbh.. but as i grow older i did start to be more picky and selective and doubt some figures i own if they indeed still interest me.
Funny thing is i have the opposite like most ero stuff i found interesting before, but now im often left with a meh feel.
Like with sonicos i own..

For me i grew out of prize figures for example whereas when i was young and strict budget thats what i bought plus trading figs, most dissapeared now and got sold.
Now im more of a rather buy 1 good fig than 5 meh ones.

As for really childish i dont have anything i would consider that.. aside from maybe mao swimsuit figure and taiga.
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You shouldn't feel like this, hell I'm 34 and I buy what makes me happy, I know people will call me out on it sooner or later but hey I don't care really, if I'm 50 and I still have One Piece figures and Nendoroid's I don't think I'll be too bothered honestly as this hobby makes me happy, so focus on that, it's not about age but about enjoying the figures and the characters themselves. :) If your tastes change however that's a different matter but if you love figure collecting then carry on doing it and don't feel like age has to stop you from loving what you like. :)
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For me as I get older, it's less about outgrowing the subject of the figures (unless my interests have changed) and more about outgrowing the quality of the figures. When I was a teenager, I wasn't very discerning when it came to quality. If I liked the character and it was cheap, I just bought it without looking too closely. I have a few that I spent maaaybe up to $50 on that I look at now and think "wow, no wonder that was so cheap, it's ugly." Now I spend a lot more per figure, but I'm also a lot more satisfied with my purchases. Haha, is this what we call maturing, or just having a regular paycheck to support poor spending habits...
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I agree with some of the other people that there's a difference between getting too old for something and simply having your tastes change as you age.

However, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to avoid certain things that you think are too young for you. I mean, I still like the cutesy/girly stuff that's more for kids and teens, but I also want my house to look like it belongs to an adult with sophisticated taste so I'm not going to cover everything floor-to-ceiling with Sanrio characters. So I can totally get how you could like a figure but also think it doesn't really 'fit' the image or lifestyle that you want to create for yourself.

For me, being a collector (versus just being a hoarder) means constantly curating your collection. There's nothing wrong with asking yourself what, exactly, you want your collection to look like and getting rid of stuff that just doesn't fit the image that you have in mind. Also, the world is full of so many pretty figures - we can't own them all! There's definitely a difference between liking a figure and needing to have it in your collection. I've gotten rid of plenty of figures that I liked just because I didn't think I really needed to have them.
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GonalexVor 1 Jahr#63515138.....
I Started collecting when I was 18-19 and now I'm 23 ....

Just throwing this out there. In my personal experience, and from those who I know closely, there is a larger maturing process that takes place between 25-30. There is a reason why most people settle down and have families around this time as well. Usually, around this age, you start to notice things that you ignored before about life, think long-term, and come to see reality a bit more clearly..... Granted, there are things that can impede this final stage of development, but this observation does generally hold true.
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I don't really see age effecting how much I like a figure. It's more of a taste/interest thing.

I just had to respond to this :P
"Another example of how age does matter but in a different way.
I can not see a 12-15 year old having item/198551#"

When I was 14-15 I definitely would have wanted that figure! Maybe I was "grown up" for my age though xD. Being able to afford it would have been the hard part.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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