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victorvipervictorviperVor 1 Jahr
I'm about to start writing a figure review of Kotobukiya's Hikari Takanashi ITEM #534378 and I was looking through some test photos I'd taken, but I can't quite decide which one looks the best. Since there haven't been many articles posted in the last couple of days, I figured why not crowdsource the answer to my question.

Photo #1 (blue background)


This is sort of my default setup, as the blue background makes it easy to blur the background and bring the figure itself to the foreground, but it seems to me the blue background clashes with the warm color scheme of the figure (her brown skirt/socks and her blonde hair).

Photo #2 (white background)


With the white background, it seems like some of the details and sculpting on Hikari's blouse don't really stand out.

Photo #3 (black background)


I sort of like this one the best from an artistic standpoint, but it might not be the best for purposes of an informative figure review, as certain parts of the figure (Hikari's socks and her school bag) don't stand out well against the dark background. Plus, shooting on a black background is always kind of tricky.

Photo #4 (gold background)


The gold background complements the color scheme of the figure. The only problem here is that reflection off the gold background tends to introduce a little greenness into the photo, requiring some color correction during post-processing.

So, what's the verdict? Thanks in advance for the input.
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Which photo looks best (for use in a figure review)?

59%The blue background.
11%The white background.
7%The black background.
22%The gold background.
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Thanks for all the comments, as it was interesting to see the various perspectives, and it's interesting how the same photo can look very different to different people and on different devices.

I eventually tweaked the blue photo a little bit (giving it a little boost of warmth and a little extra red during editing) and I think that one ended up looking the best.

Hikari is a simple but cute figure, so now I'm looking forward to writing a review of her.
Vor 1 Jahr
The colours and features of the figure seem to stand out best in the blue background, so I'd vote that.
Good luck with your review!
Vor 1 Jahr
The blue is so cute! I love that.

For a review tho, you want something that shows all the details, what people are actually going to get so the gold.
Vor 1 Jahr
Definitely the gold. The blue is a little too strong/bright and washes away several details of the figure, like some folds and shading. The gold is not too bright nor too dark. You can see the details well and it fits the color scheme. That's my opinion.
Vor 1 Jahr
Gold background seems like the best to complement this figure IMO.
Blue (or at least that shade of blue) is too aggressive to the eyes when contrasting with the figure's color scheme; white melds too much with the white shirt, and while black isn't bad at all, it melds a bit with the dark socks.
Vor 1 Jahr
White shirt causes issues against white background, while the dark skirt and socks cause problems with the black background. The gold background doesn't appeal to me. The blue is probably the best background, though in the example it almost seems to overpower the figure. Perhaps a different shade of blue could work better?
Vor 1 Jahr
Everyone is voting for the blue background (which looks the prettiest/most artsy to me), but that background (and only that one) completely washes out the figure's coloring + details on my screen. I can't even properly see the detail lines down the center front of the shirt in that picture. I thought it might be my PC monitor, but I checked on my phone and it's the same way.

So for a banner or icon, I'd vote for the blue background. For a review or anything where you want to showcase the details of the figure, I'd vote for any other color.
Vor 1 Jahr
The blue background creates the clearest image out of the four choices. It also has the best shot since the camera was directed at her eyeline.

I found this article TOM published a while ago helpful for taking figure photos:

Vor 1 Jahr
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
The gold background compliments the figure the best in my opinion! The blue background seems to have most of everyone's vote and although it does help bring out her details the best, it does clash with her color scheme as you said. The gold background pleases the eye much more.
Vor 1 Jahr
Blue gives it the most colour and liveliness and is therefore the most fitting for Hikari, I think!
It might also look very nice with a warm overlay layer effect, if you plan on editing the photo!
Vor 1 Jahr
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