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starberry699starberry699Vor 1 Jahr
I wanted to ask everyone's opinions regarding paying for a pre-order before the item is actually released. I am referring to sites where you pay in full right away or place a deposit. I used to prefer this method because it allowed me to better predict how much I would be spending a month due to figure delays. But after the incidents with MH toy shop and Anime island where users lost money for pre-orders past their paypal coverage window, I am skeptical.

Do you avoid pre-pay websites entirely for pay on release sites? Would you choose the former if it offered excellent discounts even if there is a risk of losing paypal protection?
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I'm pretty new to anime figure collecting, so I haven't really decided yet. What I can say is that blindly paying my first preorder in full wasn't an easy decision. On the plus side, having to make full payments can really help determine which figures are most important to your collection.
Vor 1 Jahr
I wish I could pay upfront all the time, but sadly a lot of the figures I want don't end up my favourite sites that offer upfront payment + can ship to NZ for a reasonable price e.g. TOM so I have to pre-order through AmiAmi instead :c I do love AmiAmi but I really do wish they would add an upfront payment option!! especially for the more expensive figures.
Vor 1 Jahr
I also prefer to pay as soon as possible. It is nice to not have to worry about it later.
Vor 1 Jahr
I almost always prefer to pay immediately. It means my side of the transaction is over and done with, and I just get to sit back and wait for things to arrive.

The exception to this is when I'm buying from a place I've never used before, that has mixed reviews or a reputation for bad customer service, and the release date is quite a few months out. In that situation, making sure PayPal protection doesn't expire is a priority.
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I go back and forth over whether I like prepaying on orders or not.

In most cases, I like being able to put an order down now and pay when the item comes out; it gives me time to save up for more expensive figures, or spread my purchases out if a lot of figures I want go up for preorder in the same short period. I can budget around it and know when the pricey months are going to be beforehand. However, if the time comes to pay and I've had an unexpected expense that month, or if some of my figures all get delayed to the same month, it can be a little unfortunate.

I typically don't like paying upfront; I've had some frustrations in cases where I pay upfront and then the item is delayed longer than expected--especially if the release date is given vaguely. (I once put in an order on something with an expected delivery of "Autumn 2018" and didn't receive my item until December.) I am also intimidated by the prospect of paying a lot of money for something upfront, rather than having the time to save up for it. Buying a figure is a much bigger decision when I have to put the money down right away, haha!

However, in some cases paying upfront can give me some peace of mind. I decided to do a box split of some Granblue beans ENTRY #170870, and because Aitai Kuji had me pay upfront (including estimated shipping costs) I was able to give the people I was splitting with an exact amount for what they owed, right when I put the order in. I was also able to ask for the money upfront, protecting me from buyers who would claim a bean and then flake/fall out of contact when the beans arrived. (Now, I just have to hold up my half of the bargain!) The other half of this is that June is about to be a VERY expensive month for me, with some unexpected life changes--so it's nice that I won't have to spend an additional $90 getting the beans home, haha.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
If the company is reputable, I'd rather pay upfront.

It's just easier to manage my money that way, and I don't have to worry about currency conversion changes.

I'm glad both options exist, though.
Vor 1 Jahr
I was one of those who lost money when MH Toyshop went out of business, so I'm usually skeptical.

I have a few preorders through TOM, Rightstuf, and Fakku though which both seem to be doing okay as companies.

I'll use Lunar Toy Store at times but only if I'm very confident the figure is going to be shipped within 6 months, so I'll still have Paypal protection in case they go out of business.
Vor 1 Jahr
Absolutely prefere pay later option. But sometimes it doesnt helps with certain sellers... I was asked by NY in April to pay for 4 figures, because they are goig to be released soon. The day after I payed they were all delayed... And who knows for how long.

I really appreciate shops like amiami asking for payments when they are actually ready to ship.
Vor 1 Jahr
I usually use Bij. You can pay on release or when you order. When I have some money left over I shoot them an E-mail, asking them to send me an invoice for an existing pre-order. So I kinda pre-pay but only when I can. I appreciate the flexibility. And so far, I havent had any problems with them at all.
Vor 1 Jahr
Personally, I only pay for an item before release for 2 reasons.
1) The item is out of the pre-order window at my usual retailer (amiami), so I have to use a second site such as Solaris to get it.
2)It is financially in my interest to pay ahead, ie TOM having a big point back sale or coupon.
Otherwise I just buy everything through amiami to simplify things.
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