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mirberrymirberryVor 1 Jahr
I know I'm not the only one here with the constant struggle of "How do I hang this tapestry/blanket/dakimakura/towel on my wall without damaging it". I have accumulated a box of what I call "cloth goods" that, while gorgeous and very beloved, are surely wasting away unseen, begging to be displayed and loved as they were intended to be.

While preparing for my next "room expansion" (a.k.a. let's see how much more IKEA furniture I can get in here so that I can rearrange everything, again), I stumbled upon something new to me--these poster hangers, from H&M.

They hold them up in between two wooden pieces with magnets. How nifty is that!?

And what do you know-- IKEA has them too!

I would imagine that they could probably hold the weight of a sports towel pretty well, and that's what I'm buying some for.

Has anyone else come across things like this before? Do you have experience using them? If so, how did it turn out?
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Ooo that's cool! Currently i'm just using washing pegs on a curtain and more pegs on a hook at the top left and right to hold up my towel thingies for display.
Vor 1 Jahr
Those hangers are a good idea. I use Command Spring Clips myself. They work great and don't damage my tapestries.
Vor 1 Jahr
damn don't have those in the uk h&m or ikea lol
hopefully we get either but i prefer h&ms personally
Vor 1 Jahr
I use the clear command damage free hooks

Vor 1 Jahr
I just recently used this from goKelvin www.amazon.com/... I was able to mount two B2 cloth posters by cutting it. The related video shorts toward the bottom are very helpful.
Vor 1 Jahr
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Huh, these are cool. I use binder clips and command hooks for cloths/tapestries and it’s not very...elegant I guess. Might go to Ikea this week but I like the H&M ones with the string cause then it just looks like a wall scroll.
Vor 1 Jahr
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
For keychains/charms I used a shadow box that I can hang. My friend sells at cons and has extra grids he uses to display his merch and has them on those. If you can get some grids you could probably hang those with command strips and then clip the cloth goods onto them.
Vor 1 Jahr
I only collect figures, but my younger sister could really use these for all her posters and tapestries.

Good that there affordable, but I wonder if the magnets might have a negative effect by causing slight hanging items damage
Vor 1 Jahr
Game changer! I've got a few (ahem) fabric goods I've been wanting to display for ages with no idea how.
Vor 1 Jahr
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