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Figures, Merch, and OTPsFigures, Merch, and OTPs

What's your personal otp/s (one true pair, favorite ships/couples)?

Do you have any figures/merch of them?

Personally, mine are:

Kuroko x Kagami (Kuroko's Basketball)

Naruto x Gaara (Naruto/Shippuden)

Yoruichi x Soifon (Bleach)

Maya x Nemugasa (Don't be cruel)

Sato x Yoshida (His Favorite)

Shirotani x Kurose (10 Count)

Suji x Saji (Hide and Seek)

Haruka x Yuu (Sakura Trick)

I have figures of kagami and taiga, as well as naruto and gaara, and 10 Count figs ordered :)

Let me know your otps and if you collect things related to them ♡

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#1 OTPs is MakoHaru and Victuuri, closely followed by Shinji/Kaworu and Ash/Eiji--all of which have blessed me with pair scale figures. Aside from those I tend to "ship" the main relationships of series (things like EdWin/RoyRiza/AlMei etc from FMA, Risa&Otaku, Taichi&Chihaya, Yona&Hak). I don't really go into series to be able to ship characters, so I avoid a lot of the majorly popular ones...
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Never seen anyone else commenting about any of the following ships so:

Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach) -> I love these 2 characters so much that even until now they are still my ultimate bias despite the number of anime series I already watched. No words can express my feelings towards these 2 characters.
Waiting for Rukia nendoroid release so that I can finally pair them with the wedding outfits I specially bought for this!

2. Ikuto x Amu (Shugo Chara) -> sadly there isn't much figures for this series so I have to make do with merch for now.

3. Sora x Shiro (No Game No Life)

4. Riku x Shuvi (No Game No Life)

5. Zack x Rachel (Satsuriku No Tenshi)

6. Subaru x Rem (Re: zero)
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I don't think a lot about otp's but one that comes to my mind would be ENTRY #2031 and ENTRY #2038. I do have a couple of their figures and probably try for more in the future. (I think Strike Witches are full of ships tbh)
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Wow very hard question for me to answer since I ship everything!
Hmm, I currently ship Moira and Mercy from overwatch.

But my otp is probably Komahina. (Komaeda x Hinata from sdr2) I will go down with this ship.


I also grew up shippig SasuNaru, they were very special to me.
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Miku and Rin have always been my OTP at times more than others but I've always loved them together.

I could have had two cute set of figures but manufacturers where like "noooo, let's not include Rin from songs that are original MIKU AND RIN DUETS" ITEM #144429 and ITEM #78865 at least for the second one I recently got the rubber strap set which I've hunting for very long and I'm super happy :D! picture/579123&...
But I will always be forever salty about this >_>

I do have a hard time deciding which Mikus I want to buy (And potentially put next to Rin), since there's so many and I don't want her to actually overtake my collection lol But the Chirstmas Miku V1 and Rin look soooo cute together! They are a personal highlight of my collection together even when it isn't Christmas ^^

Also I guess another OTP is Pearl and Marina from Splatoon! They are adorable together and I was praying they'd make plushies of them, I made the pre-order so fast!

But apart from that not much shipping going on in my collection ^~^
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I do have a few, but most of them are hard to display for various reasons.
My main OTP is Len Kagamine x Neru Akita (Vocaloid). Of course, since Neru (as far as I am aware) only has the Nendoroid Petit for official figures, it's hard to display her and Len together (also I still need to get said Nendoroid Petit, haha). I keep hoping she'll at least get a normal Nendoroid one day.
Kirika Kure x Oriko Mikuni, from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. Neither have figures, so moving on.
Agent 3 x Agent 8 (Splatoon 2). I plan on getting the Octoling Girl Amiibo somewhat soon, and a friend of mine accidentally got me a dupe of the regular Inkling Girl Amiibo for Christmas, so I plan on turning the dupe into Agent 3. And then I'll definitely be putting them next to each other. It's not ideal, but I feel like it's the best I can do right now.
And a special mention is Chika Takami x You Watanabe (Love Live! Sunshine!!) but truthfully, I don't know if I 100% ship them or just see them as really, really close friends. But I only have one You figure, so you can guess how it goes for collecting things related to them and displaying them together.
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Ahh I have quite a few!!

Madoka x Homura (PMMM)

Kyouko x Sayaka (PMMM)

Noriko x Tokiko (Im@scg)

Camilla x f!Corrin (FE:fates)

Kureha x Ginko (Yurikuma Arashi)

Papika x Cocona (Flip Flappers)

And a bazillion Touhou ones but you get the point that I really like girls love
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I`m still dying for proper figures* of some of my OTPs, like: Shizuo and Izaya, Prussia and Hungary and Haru and Rin or a massive surprize like Keith and Lance X)
*by proper figures I mean Nendoroids or prize figures `cause I can`t afford scales -__-
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Ren x Goro (Persona 5)

Dabi x Himiko (BNHA)

Kacchan x Deku(BNHA)

Nadeshiko x Rin(Yuru Camp △)

Kokichi x Miu(DanganRonpa v3)

Kokichi x Shuichi(DanganRonpa V3)

Ishida x Nishimiya(Koe no katachi)
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OMG I ship almost everything!! TV shows, video games, anime, movies, you name it.

I'll just give some of my top faves, since making an entire list would be super long.

Bucky Barns X Steve Rogers (Marvel)
Rick Grimes X Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)
Aragorn X Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)
Darth Maul X Obi-Wan (Star Wars)
Keith Goodman X Ivan Karelin (Tiger & Bunny)
Nick X Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2)
Lawrence Gordon X Adam Stanheight (Saw. Yes, the movie Saw.)

I only have a big collection of one ship, my KeithXIvan collection. Of course having a bigger collection of the two of them is most affordable since they're anime characters and I can get their merch for pretty cheap.

For others I just have big collections of one character in the ship since they're my faves. (Darth Maul, Steve Rogers and Daryl Dixon)
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