November/December 2018 LootNovember/December 2018 LootLoot

Hoho5000Hoho5000Vor 1 Jahr
I know this is just a little late, but I finally got some time to write this up and organize all my pictures.

As usual, sorry for the sometimes poor picture and lighting quality.

During the months of November and December, I spent a lot of time away from home. When I got back, this massive assortment of boxes was waiting for me!


There were actually a couple more that came after I took this picture. I may have gone a little crazy here.

Let's see what's inside...

Warning, this post is picture heavy!

KanColle Stuff

First up, Yamato Kai (ITEM #198336).


I've opted to display her in the water, but I like that she can be displayed without. I got this second hand from AmiAmi. At the time that I got her, she was the most expensive figure I had purchased, though not by much. The detail on her is really nice. I kind of wish she was standing though so that you could see a bit more details.

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Up next is Murakumo (ITEM #464600).


I'm not a huge fan of her original/kai design, but I love her Kai Ni version. The detail on this figure is amazing. I got it used from AmiAmi and I heard that some of these had QC issues so I was a little worried about that. Thankfully, mine was without problems.

My only complaint with this one is that her superstructure peg didn't fit into her back. After spending way too much time trying to get it to fit, I finally decided to sand off a little bit of one side of the peg and finally got it to fit.

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Next we have Ro 500 (ITEM #331575).


I knew she was going to be small from reading all the comments on here. I don't really mind the size, but she was a little expensive for how small she is.

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Here's all of them on the same shelf.


That's it for the KanColle figures. Up next are some large Shikishi of various characters. These are pretty cheap and I've found that these make good backgrounds for Detolf shelves or figures (as seen above).


This is a rather boring picture I know, but here are the boxes for four more Shiratsuyu swimsuit garage kits. Who knows when I'll have the time to put these together. That or find someone to do it for me (^_-).

These are from right to left: Yamakaze (ITEM #604856), Harusame (ITEM #547006), Kawakaze Kai Ni (ITEM #604857), and Umikaze (ITEM #771084).


To round out the KanColle section, we have the long tapestries. I was able to add four more to my growing collection. These things are awesome, but my only complaint is that I don't have enough space to put them all up. These things are as tall as I am. I was able to find Iowa, Unryuu, Naka, and Amatsukaze.

Unryuu (ITEM #271210) and Iowa (ITEM #788867):

Amatsukaze (ITEM #271208) and Naka (ITEM #413949):

Moving on, we reach the Miku section!


First up is Racing Miku 2017 (ITEM #549644).


I really like the Racing Miku figures (and Miku in general). While this isn't my favorite design, it still ranks fairly high on my list. Though I have to say 2016 and 2015 are probably my favorite designs so far.

This happens a lot, but seeing pictures of these figures really don't do justice to how they actually look in person. I especially like how her hair flows here.

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Now unfortunately, I have the problem where I have too many figures and not enough space to put them all. As such, I haven't unboxed my Harvest Moon Miku (ITEM #604409) yet. This was actually the first figure I preordered way back when I started collecting. If you're not aware, that was actually only back in 2017, so not that long ago... Anyways, I don't have any pictures of this one yet. Once I get a couple more Detolfs I'll have a chance to unbox her and get some pictures.

Back in November of 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the Miku Symphony performance in Tokyo. While there, I braved the frigid weather by the sea for several hours to stand in line to be able to buy a couple of items.

These included a tie:


And a couple of wall scrolls:



All the scrolls together:

To finish of the Miku section, here are some Racing wall scrolls and shikishi. There are a lot, so they're behind spoiler tags.

Racing Miku StuffRacing Miku Stuff








Now, we're pretty far in, but would you believe there are still 5 figures left to go? (Someone help me!)

Fate Figures

Three Fate figures came in this haul.

First up is the swimsuit version Artoria Pendragon (ITEM #549405).


I wasn't really into swimsuit figures before I came across this one. Even then, I spent a lot of time thinking about whether I really wanted this figure. In the end I decided to pull the trigger and wow she looks great. The base is a nice touch.

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After that is another racing figure, Kuro! (ITEM #604009)


If you can't tell, I'm a fan of racing figures. That started with the Miku, but it spread to the few others that exist as they start to expand to other franchises.

She also goes pretty well with her counterpart, Illya (ITEM #549080). You can just barely squeeze them together on the same base. They don't have any pegs, they just sit on a plastic disk.


More PicsMore Pics




The last of the Fate figures is Ishtar (ITEM #549624).


Her bow is pretty large to say the least. It could fit in a Detolf, but I have her on top of one to try and save space at the moment. This is a really nice looking figure. Ishtar does like to fall of her seat though. I fixed that with a little tack and now she's secure.

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Now for the last two figures.

We have Matsuura Kanan (ITEM #645454) from Love Live! Sunshine!!

Her box is clear plastic, and you get a good view of the figure without having to open it. Of course, opening it gets you an even better view (^_-).



Not having seen or known much about Love Live!, I wasn't aware of this figure until it was almost released. By that time preorders were closed on most sites. Thankfully though, it was still available on AmiAmi. Of course, after deciding to go down the swimsuit road with my earlier Artoria preorder, it was an easy decision to preorder this.

This is a really nice looking figure, which is part of the reason I bought it even without knowing the source material (I'll get around to watching it one of these days). The pose and the detail are both really great. The deep blue of the wetsuit is quite alluring in my opinion.

More PicsMore Pics





Matsuura Kanan tie!Matsuura Kanan tie!



And finally for the last figure, we have Bionic Joshikousei (ITEM #517118).


The source of this particular figure is from some illustrations by Fukai Ryosuke. There aren't many good figures with guns, but this is definitely one of them.

You may notice that she's holding air up to her ear instead of her cellphone. That's because I couldn't get the phone to stay between her fingers naturally so I'll have to stick some tack there once I get some more.

More PicsMore Pics







I know I said there were only 5 more figures a while back but there actually is one more. Alas, it couldn't be unboxed due to space constraints. That is Aquamarine's Sinon (ITEM #198579). I got her as part of the 2018 rerun, but since I already have a Sinon on display, I elected to leave her boxed for now.

To wrap things up, just a few more things.


Some CDs


Brave Neptunia (ITEM #720442)


And AmiAmi exclusive wall scroll (ITEM #796168)

Slightly NSFWSlightly NSFW

And finally, here's some pictures of everything together!





Well, that's everything. Maybe I'll be able to get my next post out sometime this month. There're still quite a few figures and goods that have arrived since January.

Until next time...
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Hoho5000Vor 1 Jahr#58493145Seeing as I haven't done any GKs yet...
I don't know that I'm going to have sufficient time between now and October, but I would really like to put one of these together.

Everyone starts somewhere. :) As I think (but correct me if I'm wrong) the kits you picked up are quite rare/expensive, I would recommend you to pick up some cheap GK's from a site like Suruga-Ya for practice first. There are lots of older kits from franchises/characters people have forgotten by now and you can pick up Gk's from 1/6-1/8 scale for under 2000 yen. Even if you're a very artistic person, painting a GK is something completely different than painting a canvas or any other medium, so I really recommend some practice first. Good luck with your project! :)
Vor 1 Jahr
MaakieVor 1 Jahr#58421512Nice loot! Especially those GK's! I hope you have time for them soon and will post the end result here. :)

Seeing as I haven't done any GKs yet...

I don't know that I'm going to have sufficient time between now and October, but I would really like to put one of these together.
Vor 1 Jahr
Nice loot! Especially those GK's! I hope you have time for them soon and will post the end result here. :)
Vor 1 Jahr
Hoho5000Vor 1 Jahr#56428211
Thanks! I love Chico with Honeyworks. I've been to 4 of their concerts since November and am looking forward to their summer tour.

Ohhh that’s awesome! I hope you have fun at their summer concert!!
Vor 1 Jahr
migurVor 1 Jahr#56346305awesome loot :)


victorviperVor 1 Jahr#56349570ITEM #517118 is quite a neat figure; I'm sort of regretting not picking that one up. Hopefully you'll find a solution to the cell phone problem, since the combination of the cell phone and the huge rifle is one of the more interesting features of that figure.

Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem with a little tack. I just somehow misplaced my existing bar of tack so I need to get some more. I had to use what little I had to keep Ishtar in her seat.

kishitaniVor 1 Jahr#56354859Nice haul!!! I see some Chico with Honeyworks CDs <3

Thanks! I love Chico with Honeyworks. I've been to 4 of their concerts since November and am looking forward to their summer tour.

evenstar88Vor 1 Jahr#56358256Fantastic loot! I don't do Fate figures, but the swimsuit one has the most realistic beachsand base I have ever seen!

I don't think I've seen any others with sand, but it really does look realistic. I'm not hugely invested in Fate, but I like a lot of the character designs, and of course, Saber. I'm trying not to go overboard there. I already have too many Sabers, haha.
Vor 1 Jahr
Fantastic loot! I don't do Fate figures, but the swimsuit one has the most realistic beachsand base I have ever seen!
Vor 1 Jahr
Nice haul!!! I see some Chico with Honeyworks CDs <3
Vor 1 Jahr
ITEM #517118 is quite a neat figure; I'm sort of regretting not picking that one up. Hopefully you'll find a solution to the cell phone problem, since the combination of the cell phone and the huge rifle is one of the more interesting features of that figure.
Vor 1 Jahr
awesome loot :)
Vor 1 Jahr
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