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unboxing cameras/mic?? HELP!!unboxing cameras/mic?? HELP!!

quartzfaequartzfaeVor 3 MonatenAsk MFC
so i want to start an unboxing channel, i have so many figures preordered and i want to share my thoughts and etc about figures i get!!!
ive always wanted to do something like this, ive started writing a basic script for myself but, im not sure where to go for a camcorder or a microphone!! i dont want to just use my iphone either, i want to have the best quality for the figure so people can distinctly see the details, sculpt, and color of the product!!!
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Honestly, decent lighting and a tripod/stand of some sort are more important than a fancy camera. Even cell phones can do great quality videos. But when the light is low, even expensive camera's can get grainy and nasty. And shaky-hand cam videos are pretty bad. Plus as the focus will be unboxing a figure, you REALLY want to have both hands free for that.

Another thing to think about is how you are going to do the video. Scripting can be good, but can also feel forced. Do you want to show the whole process, or do you want to say show the box, cut, then show the figure out of the box all assembled? Do you want to be in the video with the figure, or do you want the focus to be solely on the figure?

Personally, I use my Galaxy S7 for my unboxing videos. I've gotten several comments praising the quality of the image, so I wouldn't worry too much about using your phone. I wouldn't go out and buy an expensive camera just for this. Though if you plan on using it for other things as well, such as getting into photography or general video making, there's more justification then for the stand-alone cameras.
Vor 3 Monaten
If you have at least an iPhone 7, the video AND sound quality on the iPhone for recording is pretty top notch and comparable to most cams. What you really need is a good mic to attach to it for recording. Looking into a Rode mic or a lavender mic. If money is no object you would want a Zoom or Tascam hand recorder with an add on of Rode mic or a lavender to go with it.

For cams, you can go with any of the latest Canon, Sony or Nikon with a good 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 lens would be your best friend.

There are really a whole lot of options out there and your budget. Having the best of the best does not constitute good quality videos or even having the latest. Any camera, even an iPhone 5/6 can product quality videos. You need to know composition, 3 point lighting and how to record sound without echo.

I know a few people that film with iPhones and the quality are comparable and when you throw in the other stuff, its top notch.
Vor 3 Monaten
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