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RyukosamaRyukosamaVor 2 Jahren
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It's been a while since my last article, but this week something very big and special finally arrived and I just have to show her to you guys!


It's the beautiful Suzuhara Misae from Mahou Shoujo, 1/4 scale figure in her sexy Bunny Outfit, made by BINDing!
I love Raita and his style of art (especially the more stacked girls hehehe), so I just had to have her!
BINDing is a new branch from Native, just like Second Axe and Rocket Boy and Misae is BINDing's third 1/4 figure released until now, so I was a bit anxious about how well she'll turn out and if she was worth her price...

Alright, enough introduction, let's have a better look at her!


As mentioned, she's 1/4 scale, measuring 33cm from top to bottom. But she feels bigger, maybe due to her proportions. I love the choice of colour for her bunny suit, the shiny purple looks great with her dark hair, and the wings and ruffles make nice highlights.

For the ones who are also interested in her box:
View spoilerHide spoilerHer box is made out of high quality cardboard and has a heavy feel to it. Its design is simple but pretty with white feathers on top and the very light blue all around. It looks very similar and works exactly like Misa-nee's box from Native's version.


She also comes with detailed instructions:


With her comes a little postcard showing the original artwork:


I love this expression! Sadly it didn't translate that well into the figure. Here are a few close-ups of her face, you can easily see the difference:


In the artwork she looks more shy and timid, maybe even a bit exhilarated and her cheeks have a sweet little blush.
The figure's face is more plain. Sadly no blush or anything. She's still beautiful, but there was lost quite a bit of emotion. The detailes are pretty amazing, I was suprised to see that she has glossy lips, really nice!

Now some more close-ups, she has a lot of well executed details. Let's start with her characteristic body-sculpt:


Big Oppai and butt and a incredible slender waist, Raita's style translated very nicely into this. You can the see her ribs through the bunny suit and the sculpt of her stomach, very well done. The way the suit nestles onto her body and wrinkles looks nice and realistic. Very nice shading troughout.

Now to the parts we're all here to see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Is there anything left to say..? :D
And for all my fellow Oppai-Lovers out there, I got'ya


She doesn't spare any of her charms. I admit, you either love or hate those exaggerated proportions.
The breast sculpt is well done, no welding or anything. The nipples are a bit light and not that heavily sculpted, but I personally prefer them a bit more plain. You can't cover her up, so it's good that they don't stand out that much.

Most bunny girls are not very detailed or have any fancy stuff on their bunny suit, but not with this one. There are lots of small details!


Nicely executed details on her collar and the wings; subtle shading in light purple and blue prevent them from looking plain.


Her large spear-like weapon shrunk down to a handy size, fixed on her garter.


The badge is a bit hidden away on her right side. It's not even shown in the artwork, but they bothered to make it anyway.
There a little cute hearts on her cuffs, you'll see them later.

Misae doesn't come fully assembled, you have to put together a few things.


All the loose parts. As metioned she comes with instructions, assembling her isn't difficult but you have to be carefull with the wings, which I'll show you in a few paragraphs.

She's leaning on a cute cartoony carrot-pillow:

Lovely little hearts!

She doesn't really need it for balance, she stands secure without it, too. It has a dent fitted for her hand. Fits well, but the carrot is still loose, no peg or click-fitting or any of the likes.

Now to the tricky part. You have to put the wings in first and then carefully put her head back on. While doing so, you have to bend one strand of hair carefully to the side:



As you can see, the strand goes between the wing and her shoulder. While bending, it feels more stiff than it is, but if you're careful it should be easy.
Her weapon is fixated with a generous peg that goes into a hole in her garter. That's where I found the only flaw on my copy. Luckily you can't see it when assembled.


Alright, I think we got a pretty good look at her and all the charming details, now some comparison pictures with other figures!


Misae standing next to two of my other bunnies, Momo Belia Deviluke ITEM #331690 and Ryuuko Matoi ITEM #396901, both from FREEing. I think she's on the bigger site of 1/4 figures. All the better :D She still easily fits into a Detolf case.


Comparison to two other, recently released Raita figures from another Native-branch, OC Mayuri ITEM #462094 and OC Kaguya ITEM #462095 from Second Axe, both 1/7 scale.


And of course Misae with Mini-Misae ITEM #95937 from Native <3

Sooooooo, in conclusion...
BINDing produced a beautiful and detailed figure, it absolutely looks like the prototype.
The execution is nearly flawless, paintjob and sculpt are really well done, the overall quality is precisely like we are used to from Native.
It's a lovely Suzuhara Misae-figure, even if her facial expression was lost along the way... The colour scheme fits her perfectly and everything looks really good together.

The only setback is the result of her being exclusive and made to order:
The enormous price tag BINDing slapped on that ass.
All in all I paid 35.707¥ for her, listed price at Native Online Shop was 27.800¥.
But I don't regret it at all. She's a gorgeous addition to every Raita collection and I can't wait to get my hands on the other two girls! Already POed Sasaki, forgive me wallet :D


Thank you so much for reading this far, I hope my writing wasn't to rusty after that long time and that you enjoyed it! :) Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions!
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Thanks for the great review! I wasn't sure, but I will definitely be getting her now. I like how she is on the larger side of 1/4 scale.
Vor 1 Jahr
Her lips are so amazingly pretty! :O The cards look a bit weird/small, tough. Thank you for sharing your review on this figure!
Vor 1 Jahr
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
her face came out so beautifully omg!! great review !!
Vor 2 Jahren
ShynkxVor 2 Jahren#38977867Really great review, now that I see all this beautiful picture and read all you say about it the wait will be really long until I receive her (I order her just a few days ago)

Thank you!
She's defintely worth the wait! :)
Vor 2 Jahren
Really great review, now that I see all this beautiful picture and read all you say about it the wait will be really long until I receive her (I order her just a few days ago)
Vor 2 Jahren
This is Good review. Pictures of the details are well taken. Thank you.

The one thing that bothers me about this figure is that she looks as if there is a malnutrition issue at her torso, considering the ribs sticking out of her dress, but has plump looking breasts, ass and thighs. It detracts from her appeal. Got to put some fluffy stuff to cover that ribs up.
Vor 2 Jahren
Great review I had to pass on her as she is is fully exposed up top. And as my wife does not like that about figurines I said no go when she hit pre-order. Large Oppai is fine as long as its not hentai.. Lewd works.

= )

Vor 2 Jahren
I don't know if you want to alter your figures but you can add blush with pastel chalks
You have to grind them with a fine sandpaper and then brush the powder with a paint brush on. It's not very durable though...
Vor 2 Jahren
Awesome review! I am hoping to get her soon. She is really gorgeous and has awesome little details!
Vor 2 Jahren
JukkaraOfficialVor 2 Jahren#38914784It's actually pretty scary how pronounced her ribs are :o
Is she eating okay?

I'm afraid all the nutrients went elsewhere... :D
Vor 2 Jahren
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