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Jun./Jul. Loot ~Best Girls Destroy My Wallet + a Manga Haul!?~Jun./Jul. Loot ~Best Girls Destroy My Wallet + a Manga Haul!?~

Majikaru-RinMajikaru-RinVor 6 MonatenLoot
June/July Loot
~ Best Girls Destroy My Wallet + a Manga Haul!? ~

A rather belated loot post this time. I just started my Masters of Information Studies at University so that’s kept me really busy recently, but I finally had time to post my loot from the last two months.
June’s top feature: best girls destroy my wallet. It was fun while it lasted money :’)
My modest Color Recipe collection finally gets some new additions and July’s arrivals mean the Victuri shrine gets updated with more Nendoroids!
There’s also a lot of Padparadscha arrivals. Too absolutely nobodies surprise.
Also: a wild new fandom appears!?
On to June and July’s loot!
We begin with an order I was really excited to receive.
Houseki no Kuni DVD volume 6!
Plus bonus box to house all the other DVDs (which I have no intention of buying).

The box is really nice, so instead of it going to waste I’m thinking of putting the Houseki no Kuni manga volumes in it instead XD I don’t have them yet but at least I’ll be able to use it!
Why did I buy one singular series DVD volume?
It may or may not have something to do with the illustration cover…
You’re damn right I bought it for the Padparadscha/Rutile cover illustration.
My OTP being gorgeous and dramatic in the rain~ <3
Okay so this wasn’t the only reason I bought the DVD.
Another Padparadscha for the shrine. This has since been framed; of course.
One of the things I was most excited for was the production art that came with it.

I desperately wanted to see the production designs for these two. It also helps as a drawing reference.
I mean just look at Padparadscha’s fabulous hair.
This was also really interesting as well. It’s the story board for the beginning of episode 12 aka Padparadscha’s dramatic (or not) introduction. I didn’t photograph every page but I liked seeing that some of the panels directly referenced illustrations in the manga for that specific scene.
Another week into June and two parcels showed up from OtakuRepublic and GoodsRepublic respectively.
Starting with OR.
You best believe as soon as I saw these I ordered them.
I’m making it my mission to buy as many PapaRuchi doujinshi’s as I can. Since they seem to be few and far between I pounce when I can. Especially ones that were event limited.
Moving along to the GR goods.
One of the last items for my Cinnabar ItaBag. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to find this being sold separately; I was stalking OtaMart and Y!JA for ages with no luck so I was quite surprised to see it on GoodsRepublic.
Yet another Greed pair badge XD
I’ve mentioned before in a previous loot post but this is one of my favourite official illustrations of Licht and Lawless.
I had no idea there was a badge featuring it so I had to buy it when I saw it. Yet another addition to the now full Greed pair ItaBag. I might have to start making another one for these two at this rate XD
Towards the end of the month a package from FromJapan finally arrived via cheap shipping for the poor aka regular small packet air mail.
Aw yis. New Color Recipe volumes.
I technically didn’t need to buy the one with Shoukichi on the front since it’s just a re-release version of the first volume I already have but I couldn’t have Fukusuke gazing at nothing.
Also, I won it on Y!JA with a couple of store bonuses…

I mostly wanted the Fukusuke card but the other one is more than welcome!
The second volume I ordered was the limited one that included this lovely-
My psychopathic baby~ T u T
It’s much bigger than I thought it would be.
Also on the agenda:
I was a bit too amused by the fact that Fukusuke looked like he was terrorising poor Shou even while they were still trapped in their packaging.
A crowning achievement in my modest Color Recipe collection. I was so happy when they announced these guys. I’m still working on obtaining the limited ones from the Color Recipe café.
My little Color Recipe shrine has gotten a bit bigger.
The final badge for the Cinnabar ItaBag was also in this order.
It’s smaller than I thought it would be which ended up being a good thing! It fitted perfectly in the place I’d saved for it in the ItaBag.
Moving on to the item I was most excited to receive in this package.
What will be the last item on the Padparadscha ItaBag for a while until more merchandise is made of them.
This illustration is amazingly gorgeous. Seriously.
Fangirling over Padparadscha aside the last item in the box is yet another PapaRuchi doujinshi.

I didn’t know it sparkled XD Nice touch~ I wasn’t expecting Padparadscha to be on the back either so that was a pleasant surprise too.
With this my little PapaRuchi doujinshi collection is now 4 books strong, haha~
July came around and my June AmiAmi pre-orders were the first to arrive!
This was easily the biggest box I’ve received from them yet! (Not including the big long one I got a few years back when I ordered the massive Yuri!!! On Ice tapestries) No wonder shipping was so expensive!
Sonico’s box obviously took up most of the space XD
I haven’t received this many figures at once for quite a long time so I was pretty excited :D
I just had to open Sonico first.

Her box is really pretty. I particularly like the window effect on the back, looks just like a chapel.
I won’t rant too much but I got so mad when assembling her. Everything would have been fine if it wasn’t for her garter belt strap on her left leg having no hope in hell of reaching and fitting into the hole in her leg!! >:(
Getting her foot into the base was also a challenge. You had to have just the right angle and even then it was hard to due to excess PVC being inside not allowing a smooth fit.
I didn’t end up taking photos of her (or the rest of my opened figures) until quite a number of days later.
Without further ado, here she is!
I finally got her set up (wardrobe malfunction with the garter belt be damned!) and she is gorgeous~ Definitely a stand out in the Sonico collection that’s for sure.
I also finally managed to get her left garter belt strap relatively in the hole on her leg :D It took a lot of pulling to the point I thought I was going to snap it but it worked out in the end! It still periodically pops out when it tries to go back to its original length/shape.
Le sigh~
She’s beautiful though~ :D


There are so many details on her it’s hard to talk about all of them without rambling; the pretty pearlescent shading on the underside of skirt, the sculpting and painting of her hair, the shape of the ribbon on her bouquet. It’s all just so well executed it makes up for the garter not fitting properly :D Mostly...
~ More Photos Under The Spoiler ~
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Majikaru-Rin1533551778.png





Moving on from Sonico I decided to open Alter’s Scathach next.
My beautiful dream~ she turned out so lovely. Though the pegs on her base make her quite flimsy, I wouldn’t want to bump into her that’s for sure. I do love the fluffy base though, she looks so comfortable and relaxed.



~ More Photos Under The Spoiler ~
View spoilerHide spoiler https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Majikaru-Rin1533551818.png




FuRyu’s 3rd ascension Scathach was next to be freed from her box.

Once again like the other FuRyu Scathach’s I think she’s really nice quality for a prize figure. Though for some reason mine was leaning and almost didn’t fit into the extra support pole behind her. Some careful manoeuvring later and I managed to get her leg safely supported.
Last, but certainly not least is of course this cutie-
Coach Victor Nendoroid. Times two, of course.
I’m so glad to finally have him at long last. His coat is just too cute.
That surprised face is just perfection.
I think his other smiling faceplate has a gentle feel about it compared to the original Victor’s. Perhaps proud might even be a better word; like he’s watching Yuuri skating.
So where is the other Victor you may ask? Well...
Who else did you think I bought those Nendoroid More parts for?
They look ridiculously cute and a bit silly with these on. I love it, adds a bit of fun to the Victuri shrine.
The last FromJapan parcel of the month arrived in the last week of July; pretty good considering a chose a cheap shipping method again.
I was extremely excited to receive this little parcel too!
More PapaRuchi doujinshi~ <3



Plus these extra little cards. I actually got two of the first one and yes, I absolutely will be framing one XD
These two doujins are ones I was really looking forward to getting; both for different reasons. The one on the right is the first R18 PapaRuchi doujinshi I’ve managed to acquire and the one on the left is big anthology.
The one on the left, ‘Gemmy Beans’ was my ‘holy grail’ as far as PapaRuchi doujinshi goes. When I first discovered it I was too late and orders for it had stopped. I’d resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t be able to get it but still kept hoping I might find it second hand. Yeah. No chance.
So imagine my surprise when the circle put it back up for sale on Booth. Needless to say after some initial squealing like a madwoman I ordered it faster than you could blink.

It’s partially holographic and it generally just has a really pretty cover.
I was expecting the doujinshi to be the last arrivals of the month but one more package arrived with a day left of July to spare!
Behold! Merchandise from my latest fandom.
I’m fairly certain half of you are sitting there right now thinking; who the hell are those guys??
These two lovely’s go by the names of Mary and Maria and are from a manga series called Bloody+Mary! I’ve recently become completely enamoured with this series and that meant, of course, searching for merchandise to buy. Which ended up being quite difficult since half the merchandise was old and exclusive stuff.
By chance I stumbled upon a listing on Mercari for a little bundle of straps and keychains and thanks to the ever reliable Goods Republic I was able to acquire them~!
Time to open these cuties up!

Starting with the pins! I’d seen these elsewhere and new I had to have them.
They’re actually made out of metal which I wasn’t expecting for some reason? They’re small but honestly that’s part of their charm.
Next up is the acrylic keychain. This was bundled with volume 4 of the manga as an exclusive Animate bonus.
Much grinning was to be had when I saw this in person, it’s so cute~! A great size for a bonus strap too.
Last and probably my most anticipated of the lot; the rubber strap set! Out of all the Bloody+Mary merchandise these were ones I wanted the most... and also ones I initially could not find anywhere.
The whole reason I bought the bundle was because of these straps. I had searched everywhere for them in the aftermarket to no avail and then all of a sudden; there they were! I was so excited!
They’re adorable and I feel pretty lucky to have found them so long after their exclusive release back in 2015 >//w//<
Bonus Section!
Monthly Manga Haul
So I’ve decided to try and get back into buying manga!
I need to catch up on buying volumes for series I’m collecting/reading so in the future if I end up with more than one or two volumes of manga they’ll be added at the end of my loot posts in the ‘Monthly Manga Haul’ section :D
A fair amount of manga I would say XD
All of these were purchased online except Servamp volumes 7 and 8 which I snagged from a comic book shop while I was on my mini holiday in June.
Servamp, as you may already know if you read my loot posts regularly, is my favourite manga and I’ve been meaning to start buying the translated volumes again for some time. I was reluctant to buy online but had resigned myself to the fact there is no bookstore or comic book shop where I live so I’ll have to. So I was quite happy to pick these two volumes up while I was away. Now to order the volumes I’m missing online~
As you can see though, most of this haul was dedicated to Bloody+Mary. I’d been wanting to read it for a while and I did actually start reading it online a few years back but stopped when life (read: university and anxiety) got in the way of most of my casual reading time. I recently decided to check it out online once again and long story short I was instantly hooked and proceeded to order all 10 volumes from Booktopia which were all in stock (except 6 and 8 which they ordered in for me).
I won’t spoil the ending for those that haven’t read it but let’s just say this is literally exactly what I did after I finished reading it:
I am not even remotely joking; just put Bloody+Mary volume 10 in Chiyo’s hands instead XD.
Moving along from my now undying love of Bloody+Mary (Servamp now has a challenger for the title of favourite manga!?)...
When I saw Yen Press release a license with the translated title A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School! I thought it sounded like one of the lamest things I’d ever heard. The more I thought about it though the more I got curious so I googled it and discovered it’s called Youkai Gakkou no Sensei Hajimemashita! (I Started Being a Teacher for a Youkai School!), a much less silly sounding title. So I thought; I’ll read a chapter online and find out what it’s like and...
...It’s actually really quite funny and interesting!? The characters so far have all proven to be very loveable and unique. I ordered the available volumes from Book Depository as they were in stock (Booktopia had no stock at all and they would have taken too long to get here).
That’s all for June and July’s arrivals at last.
Until next loot post guys!
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pacificrimming (Vor 6 Monaten) #38640128great loot! your hnk pins are awesome!!
Thanks! I'm really happy to add them to my HnK collection :D
Panda_Chan (Vor 6 Monaten) #38638758Awesome and big loot!!
Also me when I saw straps from Bloody+Mary: WOW SOMEONE KNOWS IT TOO!!! :D I read it a few months ago (3 volumes maybe), i definietly should read more! :3

Thank you~!
AHH~! Someone else that knows Bloody+Mary! I feel like it's under appreciated as a manga that's for sure. I definitely recommend reading more of it, the plot gets more interesting in the later volumes ^u^
Vor 6 Monaten
great loot! your hnk pins are awesome!!
Vor 6 Monaten
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
Awesome and big loot!!
Also me when I saw straps from Bloody+Mary: WOW SOMEONE KNOWS IT TOO!!! :D I read it a few months ago (3 volumes maybe), i definietly should read more! :3
Vor 6 Monaten
Surrealnebs (Vor 6 Monaten) #38636277I think it’s the pegs because I didnt feel a secure connection when I put her on the base, unlike Nero whose pegs feel satisfyingly secure.
I’ll try my best at a haul post, as long as my order comes in safe, first time shipping an order this big using a proxy (have a few fragile thing coming in as well) Thanks for the friendly encouragement :)

Now that you mention it, I don't recall that either. It almost felt like the pegs glided in and there was no 'click' or slight resistance I normally get with scales.
Ahh, that can always be a bit nerve wracking. I've yet to buy anything really fragile using a proxy yet, hopefully your things arrive to you safely. You're most welcome, I love reading peoples haul posts :D
Vor 6 Monaten
Majikaru-Rin (Vor 6 Monaten) #38634980Thanks! She did but yeah, I'd definitely be careful with how or where you display her. She wobbles around heaps, I don't know if it's to do with where they put the peg holes on her feet or just because the fluffy base gets in the way.
You should definitely make a one! No need for fancy camera work for haul posts as far as I'm concerned.

I think it’s the pegs because I didnt feel a secure connection when I put her on the base, unlike Nero whose pegs feel satisfyingly secure.
I’ll try my best at a haul post, as long as my order comes in safe, first time shipping an order this big using a proxy (have a few fragile thing coming in as well) Thanks for the friendly encouragement :)
Vor 6 Monaten
Surrealnebs (Vor 6 Monaten) #38612248Great haul, scathach turned out really nice, but I am still wary of stability on the base. I’m still waiting on a huge order from Yja, might make a haul post, but I don’t think my camera work is up to par. Look forward to your next haul :)
Thanks! She did but yeah, I'd definitely be careful with how or where you display her. She wobbles around heaps, I don't know if it's to do with where they put the peg holes on her feet or just because the fluffy base gets in the way.
You should definitely make a one! No need for fancy camera work for haul posts as far as I'm concerned.
yurirainbowz (Vor 6 Monaten) #38619921you've convinced me to get into houseki no kuni and bloody+mary now haha
fantastic loot post :)

Haha~ My work here is done. They're both really great series for completely different reasons :)
Thank you~!
Vor 6 Monaten
you've convinced me to get into houseki no kuni and bloody+mary now haha

fantastic loot post :)
Vor 6 Monaten
Great haul, scathach turned out really nice, but I am still wary of stability on the base. I’m still waiting on a huge order from Yja, might make a haul post, but I don’t think my camera work is up to par. Look forward to your next haul :)
Vor 6 Monaten
solluxcaptor (Vor 6 Monaten) #38606971Awesome loot, I want to check out Bloody+Mary now too :D
Thanks! I completely recommend checking out Bloody+Mary if you want a bit of a different take on your standard vampire stories ^u^
Vor 6 Monaten
Awesome loot, I want to check out Bloody+Mary now too :D
Vor 6 Monaten
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