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Why did I buy this?Why did I buy this?

Tiamat26Tiamat26Vor 9 MonatenDiary
Why did I buy this?

There are those times when you may ask yourself “Why did I buy that figurine” This will most likely happen to people that have the tendency to buy impulsively. But have you ever stopped and thought about that question.

For the past few days I have re-watching several anime series from 2012-2014. The one that I am currently watching is the World God only Knows. I remember watching this when I started to watch anime and like the hell out of this. Now I never bought Elisa or any of the other characters that may have been fabricated but I do remember wanting to buy them when I first watched this.


Today if you asked me if I still wanted to buy any figurines from that series I would have to say no. The re-watch was fun but in no way did it stir any type of emotions as to needing to purchase a figurine from it.

I remember watching Shuffle! and I actually bought a few of prize figurines from that series.





Once again this was back when I was only starting to collect. I have gone by my Detolf oh so many times and not even noticed this figurines anymore. They may have inspired me back when I watched the anime but they do not tickle my fancy what so ever at this point. I wonder if re-watching the anime series would rekindle the love that I did once have for these figurines. Or would I come to the realization that these figurines even though cheap to buy was an error. When you are starting out it is so easy to get tempted by inexpensive figurine.

I guess time will tell when I give the anime a whirl. Have any of you bought figurines that you considered that you absolutely needed and then when you got them felt like

“ why did I buy this”

I can see some people commenting

Well sell them off if you do not like them.

Why not it’s a valid point but you have to come to the reality that most figurines you buy will drop in price. Thus selling at a loss will always leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Oh the joys of this hobby.

How about you the reader; tell me your story in comments of figurines that you may or may not have had a love loss for. If it’s the contrary and you wish to put a positive spin on the thread then please go ahead.

For me the one purchase that I made that I do not regret was Belldandy from Ah my goddess.


She is downright beautiful; I have her in the last Detolf before I leave the house. I always say goodbye to her as I leave. Now I really wish that they had made Urd as she would be a welcome addition to my harem.


She would look stunning beside Belldandy

But enough about me in this article,

I look forward to reading comments from you the readers.


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Have you ever rekindled your love for a figurine by re-watching the anime?

  • 52%Yes
  • 16%No
  • 17%Only for a short while
  • 4%No matter what I will not love that figurine again
  • 12%Sell it and be done with it.
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For me it's really a lot of the itty bitty trading figures and candy toys of mine where I have buyer's regret. I have my series that I enjoy and collect from but I also have a huge amount of impulse buys from when I first started.
Vor 9 Monaten
I used to own a Nero Bride nendo and till this day I still wonder what made me push that pre-order button. Main suspects are pretty design, low exchange rate back then and the newcomer excitement.
At least I sold her off quickly.
Vor 9 Monaten
Micchan (Vor 9 Monaten) #36142562Native's Aoba. The pictures of the final result really disappointed me and it feels so awkward to own him that I haven't even opened him yet.

Ahh and here I am still dreaming of owning this fig T__T
- - - - -
I once bought a Kotori (of LL) figma and I have honestly no clue why XD I have never even watched one second of LoveLive and don't really care for idols in general but back in that moment I just wanted to own more figmas and since there were so few characters I really liked I just ordered her cause she was cute at least ^^;;; I sold her off immediately XD
Vor 9 Monaten
Native's Aoba. The pictures of the final result really disappointed me and it feels so awkward to own him that I haven't even opened him yet.

And the Love Live nendoroids, I like LL, but it's not like I LOVE the series, and when I think about how much money I spent to get both the LL and LL Sunshine sets.. ouch.
Vor 9 Monaten
It usually takes me so long to buy anything on my figure wish list that I end up losing interest in buying them and delete them from my list. I also have to be really tight with money and I'm very picky. Furthermore, I want to avoid buying anything unless I'm sure I really want it and won't want to sell it anytime soon.

Since I first showed interest in collecting figures, my standards have greatly improved, and I have a much better idea of what I like and why. It frightens me to imagine what my figure collection would look like if I was able to purchase figures freely 5 years ago. Back then, I was mainly interested in the really mainstream stuff, like Haruhi, Miku, and Type-Moon.

Back then, the idea of owning any anime figure really excited me. That excitement has worn off since then, as with anything to do with anime in general. That said, I still like figures and anime a lot, but in a slightly different way. I think now I judge them more as works of art, especially since I've been drawing regularly for the past 2 or 3 years.
Vor 9 Monaten
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I have a strong disposition against selling my stuff — no one lives close to me and worldwide shipping is too bitchy.

So I don't let myself dislike my figures or regret anything. Every one reminds me of a certain period of life, I've lived long enough for that :3

Still most treasured are my garage kits. It's kinda obvious because each and every one of them is a reflection of my soul and skill at a certain point of time. I mean, my last one (didn't post it here yet) feels like I gave birth to a baby, it was that much work and stress >.<
Vor 9 Monaten
I feel that the only purchases I regret are most of my nendoroids purchases. When I first started, they were the affordable way to show my fandom side, however, through recent years I have started to regret buying some of them especially when finding that they don't last through the years as well as figures. Some of the nendoroid joints are of the worst plastic quality and will eventually yellow/harden terribly and break even with careful storage. What's worse is that some of these joints are only a certain color that only that character uses and are not replaceable. For this very reason I have stopped adding them to my wishlist and been trying to sell some of them slowly.

As for figures, I still own some figures that have been with me since I started collecting (back in 2007) that I have yet to wonder why I bought them. While most of them tend to be attached to old fandoms now... some of them I bought them for display reasons even though I have never watched the anime or played the game haha. I like the appeal and how they can enhance the decoration in my room. I do admit I have limited my figure collecting to figures I really have to think about before PO/buying but this is to due adult responsibilities, running out of space, and also to pursue other hobbies.
Vor 9 Monaten
For prize figures I have pretty much just taken a lose, and gave them away, with the taker just paying shipping. I want them to go to someone who will love them like I did when I first started
Vor 9 Monaten
SolidTitania (Vor 9 Monaten) #36086769I started like 8 months ago when i discovered there were figures for final fantasy viii and i got those small trading figures which has no place for display, so I do feel regrets. because I now mainly buy scales.

Thats pretty crazy, about a year ago I started collecting figures, and the FF8 set was the first ones I got too. FF8 has always been one of my favorite FF games. I intended to finish the collection when I first started collecting, but then I bought some prize figures from some other series, and then finally moved on to scales and now the FF8 figures just aren't a priority anymore. I don't necessarily regret buying them, but even next to some prize figures, they look pretty bad.
Vor 9 Monaten
Thank you all for the comments
Vor 9 Monaten
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