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guess who descended into fate hellguess who descended into fate hell

randomly_ren09randomly_ren09Vor 11 MonatenDiary
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Hi there! Dang, it's been ages since I last update my diary here.

Anyways, I haven't been touching MFC until a few days ago. Guess what? After almost a year lurking in this site, I finally came up to one realization.

I've presumed that my P3MC/Makoto/Minato figma that I ordered last year got lost. There goes my US$60. RIP, my boy. I hope to find a way to refund myself _(:3_< )

In the mean time, I've officially submitted myself into Fate hell. I've recently picked up the UBW anime and Fate/Zero by ufotable last December and boy, I instantly fell in love with Rin and Shirou. I've declared them as my new otp after P3MC/Fuuka, but I still love the latter thanks to the Persona Dancing hype (BRING US MINAKO/FEMC/HAMUKO YOU COWARDS).

Aside from that I also started playing US F/GO and the VNs. I know the JP version had it quicker but I want to play something in a language that I understand but I'm stanning the Rin and Shirou clones from the sidelines of JP FGO. Though tbh I wasn't that invested with the characters of FGO.

Ahh yes, the visual novels (read them for full mainline Fate experience). I must say they're worth reading because the anime just give you the slight bits and none of the Fate fans that I know recommend me the DEEN version of F/sn (though I must say the music from the original anime is good tbh). After reading thru the visual novel, I can safely say that in the order of story, Heaven's Feel>UBW>Fate, chara development: UBW>HF>Fate and pairing (my opinion) Rin/Shirou>Saber/Shirou>Sakura/Shirou.

I might pick up Hollow but I might only start playing it either after I completed my Danganronpa 2 playthru or play it after Ramadan (bcos I have a rule that during the fasting month I must refrain from viewing nsfw content even tho I heard you can play it with the H-mode off :^) )

Speaking of which even though I enjoyed most of Fate stuff, I think I might not enjoy Extra bcos uhhh idk haha. I mean, I've watched the Last Encore anime from last winter; so sad that it stopped at 10 episodes T_T but I heard u need to play Fate/Extra and CCC for full experience so, I'm gonna let that slide.

On the other hand I might try watching Apocrypha bcos I heard it's quite good, save for the bland protag and A-1P's quality drop in the later episodes.

I also get to watch P5A. I haven't seen the latest episode yet but yeah, it kinda suffers some pacing and *cough cough* animation quality issues bcos dang, A-1P aren't just working on one anime this season, as always. But I hope they get to fix it in the bluray release, though that's a tall order i guess. But yeah, other than that, I think I have no other problems bcos hey, it's not easy to crunch an 80-hour gameplay into a two-cour anime.

Anyways, I haven't been collecting much recently because money is hella tight, but I just want to know that I love Rin and Shirou so much. I can't stop drawing these sweet adorable dorks and I can't stop talking about them on twitter.

Here's a bunch of Rin/Shirous that I drew recently:


(ps: I'm opening art commissions! Check it out on my tumblr for more details)

I think that's it for now. I'm more active on twitter these days so catch me talk about rinshirou, FGO and art dumping there.
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My RL work is based around creating video games involving events of history and the famous/mythical characters. With characters like Alexander the Great and Semiramis I was easily suckered in. The whole gender swapping thing with a few of the characters is a little weird but I can look past that.

In Apocrypha I have to say I found Jeanne d'Arc pretty underwhelming :( On a positive side Amakusa Shiro was a character I had not previously heard of and enjoyed looking at the historic background behind this child saint.
Vor 11 Monaten
Welcome to this hell. XD I also recently got back into Fate when I started plaiying FGONA sometime December. I both regret and love my decision. On one hand my poor wallet, on the other hand Cu <3 Solomon <3 Romani <3 XD Glad to find another lover of Rin though. She's my best girl
Vor 11 Monaten
Welcome to our nightmare. I think you're gonna like it; I think you're gonna feel you belong.

A person that likes Carrot top-kun and Tsuntails-chan (and even draws them) is a person of good taste.

Remember, enjoy your stay!
Vor 11 Monaten
looks like another comrade has accepted fate.

(i apologise for the horrible pun)
Vor 11 Monaten
Welcome to Fate hell.
I've officially gone down the hole as well after seeing my boyfriend play Fate/Grand Order every friggin' day and wouldn't let it go.

I really liked it from when Fate/Zero came out years ago, but it hit me back like a brick after I started playing...Fate/Grand Order. u_u Along way, I also got interested in Apocrypha and decided to give it a shot, but it wasn't my cup of tea due to the extremely bland protag who also happened to deal the final blow to my favourite servant.

I know it's just a phase...I know...but yes, I'm spending a lot of money on Fate merch, hahahaha... at least it's not for 2D pixels.
Vor 11 Monaten
I've only been visiting Fate hell myself, sticking primarily to the Extra 'line' (though I've yet the watch Last Encore, and CCC/Foxtail are a complete mystery to me on account of no localisation--). I would have to agree on the protagonist of Apocrypha being bland (assuming we're talking Sieg here), although honestly I think it suffers from having too many characters to really give one much satisfaction... Mordred perhaps gets a reasonable focus of the-- three single characters in whom I'm invested, but that's hardly surprising when he's the foremost Servant, aha.

Anyway ahaha all this is ultimately to say that I've actually yet to watch Stay Night myself but oh my goodness your RinShirou art is so adorable it's pushing me towards finally watching it ; v ;
Vor 11 Monaten
Fate hell is brutal! I descended a few years ago now because of UBW, even though I originally started into it from liking Zero.

I'm with you all the way on Rin + Shirou! They clicked with me more than I expected and now their figmas are the centerpiece of my collection and usually what I take pictures of or find excuses to take pictures of :)

I wish I had the skill to draw well. Your fanart is nice! Pics of my figures are all I stumble around to do...
Vor 11 Monaten
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