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iTheShirtiTheShirtVor 8 Jahren
After taking a good look at my collection so far, comparing it to what is being released, my refined standards and tastes, sentimental and market value, I have come to another bump in the road as a collector.

Do I want figures that go down in both market
and personal value (both myself and others who've bought)?

My http://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/61510.jpg figure's hand is damaged due to me being unable to read the instructions in Japanese. (I "twisted" her hand off instead of pulling gently. Derp.) I think about selling her every day but when I get down to it I notice that her current selling price is half that of her Retail Value. My heart sank when I realized I paid was robbed blind of 150.00 USD and can't even sell her for $20. A figure that you like with a lot of For Sale signs around it makes you feel like there's something wrong with it.


Now knowing that I bought a figure that only goes DOWN in value with each passing day is a bit of a let-down and unappealing. The figure is adorable and I love Ika-chan but this thought bothers me greatly. I do not wish to purchase any figures that will go down in value [both personal sentimental value and market] in the future. This greatly changes/shapes many of my current and future purchases.

Imagine you bought that Godoka or Momohime figure and then a year later it was available for $15- at most $30 (Brand New). How would you feel? (This is an exaggeration of course because those two figures are holy grails but just roll with it.)

Do any of you own figures that fall into this situation?
What did you do about it?

View spoilerHide spoilerWell.. seeing this made me feel better about Ika-chan..
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m60vlqEYUQ1r49jjvo1_500.jpg
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First off I just wanna say thanks for all of the input from the MFC members. You all have a very synonymous opinion on the matter and I don't regret asking about it one bit. All in all, my Ika Musume isn't to be thought less of until I completely break it because of my failure and then at that point, I'd feel like I should buy a new one because she deserves to be displayed with both arms.

Picked up a few things.

  • I'm happy with the figures I own. They all have a story when I think back to them.
  • Try to fix it yourself. You will either enjoy the result and process or just screw up and learn a lesson.
  • Don't buy to sell. That's heartless and this isn't for business in my book. It's for self pleasure.
  • A figure going down in market value doesn't matter if it is worth the amount you paid for it at the time when you first got it.
  • Don't sell Momohimes. :1
Vor 8 Jahren
If all my figures dropped to 1 penny each, I wouldn't feel anything. I own them for my own happiness, not for reselling. There's only 2-3 figures in my collection that I'm not happy with and would consider selling.

For your situation, think about it. How many things in life do you own that goes down in valve? Well, pretty much almost everything. Does that mean you hate everything you own? I hope not, it wouldn't make much sense.
Vor 8 Jahren
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
xcupidxstuntxVor 8 Jahren#1069494I don't buy to sell so it doesn't really bother me. Yeah, if the figure was suddenly 80% cheaper I might be a tad annoyed, but if I was willing to pay the full price for them, then whatever, I got a figure I wanted and I'm happy.

This so much. If a figure is initially available for $80 and you purchase it that's basically you saying 'I think this piece of plastic is worth this amount of money.' Now if the figure goes into the bargain bin or whatever, it shouldn't really be a problem, because you thought it was worth the initial price.
Vor 8 Jahren
I don't buy to sell so it doesn't really bother me. Yeah, if the figure was suddenly 80% cheaper I might be a tad annoyed, but if I was willing to pay the full price for them, then whatever, I got a figure I wanted and I'm happy. Things rarely keep their value (except houses, apparently) - cars, figures, technology, etc, it just happens. Things become obsolete, or demand for that figure wanes, or the market is over-saturated and the figure's value and demand for it declines. You shouldn't let the market value bother you. A figure keeping its value doesn't make it better than another one that doesn't, it just means that there is current demand for it. Give it a few years and you might find that those figures are suddenly cheaply available.

Maybe you'll get lucky and someone will be willing to pay more for her, but if yours is out of the box and has damage, no matter how small, these will devalue her, I'm afraid =/
Vor 8 Jahren
You're selling Momohime?! Tsk tsk tsk.
Vor 8 Jahren
And thanks for posting that pic of the Ika Musume cosplayer...I don't know anything about the game or anime that she's from, and, quite frankly, don't like any of the figures I've seen of her, but this girl looks so adorable as her that I'm almost willing to change my mind just based upon her interpretation of this character. :]
Vor 8 Jahren
iTheShirtVor 8 Jahren#1068970

I was thinking about selling my Momohime but I kind of have a bond with it at this point. The original is well... the original in my book. I'm happy to own her. Glad I'm not the only one who gets a little bothered by the price fluctuations.

Didn't you mention in another post that you received this as a gift? I'm sure that whoever got this for you put a lot of thought and effort into picking this out for you, and also surprising you with this...not to mention that you received it before the re-release was announced, which means it probably was pretty expensive. Imagine how that person would feel if you got rid of such a precious gift? Ouch...I'm burning for that person at just the thought of it. -_-
Vor 8 Jahren
Get over it. You bought the figure because you liked it. If you are desperate to have your market-value rise, you should focus on buying figures where you are sure of the will have higher values in a couple of years.
Vor 8 Jahren
I'm happy I don't have your problem. Sure that thought occures sometimes but than I think: Whatever. I don't want to sell the figure and still like it very much.
Vor 8 Jahren
Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I've had a couple of figures that have almost halved in value straight after I bought them but I don't care in the slightest, why? Because I was happy with whatever amount I paid for them and they were worth that money to me. How other people value my collection is their business and doesn't impact on my opinion of their worth (monetary or sentimental) at all.

I have never really been in a situation where I have grown out of love with a figure so I can't really speak for what I would do if the sentimental value was lost.
Vor 8 Jahren
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