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Mysterious nendoroid smell?Mysterious nendoroid smell?

Hi everyone!

I recently ordered a second hand nendoroid of ITEM #218652 from yahoo auctions and after it arrived yesterday I noticed that it smelt a bit odd? It's kind of a strong musty/chemical smell, I haven't smelt anything like it before so I can't really compare it to anything. It's bugging me because whenever I touch it the smell transfers to my hands too. It's mainly on the back of the faceplates as well as the inside the hair parts, all of the other parts are fine.

I have tried washing it with warm water and soap as well as gently scrubbing it with a hand sanitiser that supposedly kills 99% of germs. It worked for a little while however, this morning the smell is back again. >.> I have some white vinegar as well as rubbing alcohol in the cupboard, should I try those next?

If I recall correctly, the listing said that she had been displayed for a while before being put back into her box. I think maybe it's actual the plastic itself that smells weird? Maybe it will fade away with time?

Has anyone ever had a similar issue with a nendoroid smelling strange?

It makes me really sad because she is one of my favourite characters and this kind of ruins the experience of the nendoroid for me (if that makes any sense? haha...)
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Plastics can smell weird, especially if they've been in storage a long time. Most plastic stenches fade over time, if you allow it to air. It's an inorganic smell, so there's nothing to kill. If it's the plasticizer residue that's making the stink, washing it off will probably help some, but I wouldn't try washing it off with cleaners that may damage your figure.

Most of the time, my worst plastic smells come from decaying blister packaging from the 90s/00s. They can smell really bad.
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It is the smell from the plastic. When I bought a used Kirito and Asuna nendoroid, the PVC plastic smell was quite strong because it was in the box for a long time. Leave the nendoroid out in a ventilated area for a few days and it should go away.
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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