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Blog originally uploaded on the 26th of October 2017. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 23rd of August 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

There were so many subjects I wanted to put in the title, I didn't know where to start! This blog will maybe be a bit messy, because they are a lot of different experiences I had at the event Connichi 2016 that would seem a bit over the top to make as loose blogs. Yes, you read that right there. 2016. I had these pictures stored on my computer for a while, but haven't written about them yet, shame on me. Well, in good news, I can already compare it with and talk a bit about Connichi 2017 now? *cough*

I will talk about the following subjects in this huge blog (CTRL + F and searching for the subject can let you easily skip between subjects if not all are to your liking):
- Preparing getting a signature from Akio Watanabe and the rumours around T's System
- Random pictures at Connichi 2016
- T's System Garage Kit display at Connichi 2016
- Getting the figure signed by Akio Watanabe!
- T's System selling Garage Kits at the event *dies*
- Cosplayers at Connichi 2016
- My full loot of Connichi 2016

Not mandatory, but I would recommend reading my earlier report blog about Connichi 2015 BLOG #26938 before reading this one, as I will refer to it a lot. Also a warning: This blog has lots and lots of text, and is really a 'diary'.

Preparing getting a signature from Akio Watanabe and the rumours around T's System

So, when Connichi announced Akio Watanabe ENTRY #8348 as a guest I screamed. I love his illustrations and character designs! I'm especially a huge fan of Nurse Witch Komugi. He was a very last-minute guest announcement, so they didn't plan any events with him in the con programme. They did however, plan an autograph moment. I screamed again. I needed to get one of my Komugi figures signed by him! After a bit of thinking, I decided on Griffon's Komugi coldcast ITEM #5888 (see SFW picture below), as that one has an optional base that is very big, and with that: easy for signing!


I asked around at con staff what the rules for the signing were (if it cost money, if there were certain limitations to items you could bring etc.), but unfortunately they couldn't answer me as everything with this guest was so last-minute. So I decided to make a picture of the figure with me next to it as a 'proof' that I own this figure, and only took the base with me to the convention. As Connichi is an international convention with a lot of travel time, I didn't really feel like taking a huge, heavy and fragile coldcast with me... I also had no clue if they would have any pens or markers for signing that would be fitted for signing a figure base, so I also bought this way overpriced special ultra-waterproof silver marker pen to get the figure signed with. At this moment I was just hoping that it would be possible at all that Akio Watanabe would be willing (or able to) sign such an old item. He is mainly popular right now for the -gatari series of course.

In 2015 Takeshi Miyagawa ENCYCLOPEDIA #8199 was a guest (detailed story in my blog BLOG #26938 ) and he was re-announced to also appear this edition. Because of my experience with the events he was supposed to give last year, I wasn't interested in visiting those. But! They did announce that this year he would also have signing events and would possibly sell some T'S System ENCYCLOPEDIA #7731 original Garage Kits. And especially that last part is very interesting as it's always a huge hassle when it comes to licenses of Garage Kits, which makes it near impossible for them to be legally sold outside of Japanese events.

Random pictures at Connichi 2016


I remember being in the vendor's hall and looking so much at this figure from Hideyoshi ITEM #26243 . Considering his release price, the price mentioned on the box wasn't so bad, but I knew he had dropped in aftermarket value. After not getting him at this event, it was very funny to find the exact same one in a second hand stand the year after (price sticker from the store still on it!), discounted to 20 euros. The box was a bit more beat up, but the figure still sealed. For 20 euros I couldn't say no, so I grabbed him with the speed of light! I still need to unbox him, but I can already say his face looks way cuter IRL than what it seems like from the prototype pictures and the box shots!


So, one of the German locals gave me this and said it's very famous and good 'fake' beer. I thought the taste was a bit...strange. Was I getting trolled or am I missing German tastebuds?


With the low price and very cute look, I was so tempted to pick this one ITEM #1147 (or one of her color variants) up! But I withheld myself, as I am downsizing my collection. Good job, Maakie!

T's System Garage Kit display at Connichi 2016

Just like previous edition, Takeshi Miyagawa had his own information table and glass display cabinets. When I came to look, there wasn't anyone attending his table and only flyers were laid out. So I decided to give my focus on the display cabinets!


The two main pieces of this display were sculpted and build by Takeshi Miyagawa himself. In the middle is this Chii ITEM #30033 figure, that was painted in a color palette that is a combination of this and Freya's ITEM #30034 figure. Next to it, you can see the finished figure mr. Miyagawa was working on last year at Connichi: Coroton and Tonko-chan (Maebashi prefecture mascots) ITEM #372489 .

In the back are two garage kits painted by members of the German Garage Kit builders-group called Modelkit Universe. On the left Katase Shima ITEM #138206 from Uchuu no Stellvia (I didn't know this kit came with an alternative face? Or is this a custom?). On the right Sinon ITEM #308071 from Sword Art Online II.


Close-up from Coroton and Tonko-chan. The application on the eyes is so clean and the shading everywhere so...perfect! I'm not sure if this specific copy is the official prototype you also see on the database page, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.


The second shelf had (left to right): Kinomoto Sakura (in Episode #23 Battle Costume) ITEM #26918 from Card Captor Sakura, Ymir ITEM #18553 in her Queen's Blade Rebellion outfit and Ayase Eli ITEM #396760 from Love Live! School Idol Project. I especially liked seeing the Ymir from up close, as that outfit is one of my future cosplay plans!


Left to right: Amatsukaze & Rensouhou-kun ITEM #330419 from Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~, Shimakaze and Rensouhou-chan ITEM #198781 also from Kan Colle, Haruna ITEM #330427 another Kan colle and Original Character Punk Girl ITEM #26364 .


Back, left to right (all characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Mimete ITEM #34572 , Super Sailor Mercury ITEM #34714 and Eudial ITEM #34574 .

Front, left to right: Saber in Alice dress ITEM #232592 from Fate/Stay Night and Princess of the Crystal ITEM #98849 from Mawaru Penguindrum. Wow, that Saber in an Alice in Wonderland outfit is so cute!


Back, left to right: Original Characters Chantilly ITEM #9862 and Neige ITEM #9863 (as far as I know only released as prepainted PVC, no Garage Kit), Original Character Chocolate-chan ITEM #78076 (also prepainted PVC), Kinomoto Sakura (swimsuit version) ITEM #117190 from Card Captor Sakura (No matching Tomoyo? That would have tripled the cuteness!) and Li Mei-Lin ITEM #11584 also from Card Captor Sakura.

Front, left to right: Chii ITEM #30032 from Chobits and a combination figure with Chii and Freya ITEM #13723 also from Chobits. The big Chii/Freya combination figure was also displayed last year.


Skipping the ones I already named at the previous picture.
Back, left to right: Tokitsukaze ITEM #286200 from Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ (I don't think this Garage kit is sculpted by Takeshi Miyagawa though?) and Chii ITEM #12059 from Chobits (also not sculpted by mr. Miyagawa I think, unless he uses aliases I don't know).

Front, left to right: Original Character Penguin x Chocolate ITEM #76403 (prepainted figure, only assembly needed) and Chii (Pajama Version) ITEM #13717 from Chobits.


A close-up from the again absolutely gorgeous Chii and Freya ITEM #13723 figure.

Getting the figure signed by Akio Watanabe!

Even in the con booklet there was not much information to be found about the rules for the signing session with Akio Watanabe. So just to be sure, I decided to arrive about an hour early for the sign session. I was surprised to see I was the only one there. The monogatari-series are maybe not the most popular in Europe, but they are very well known, so Akio Watanabe is not a small name to have at your event! Anyway, it took over 15 minutes before the first other person showed up in line and about 15 minutes before the signing started the line was full. I had 2 friends that just squeezed in on time with their Bakemonogatari Blu-Ray box and poster. Speaking about that, I saw the people around me holding all monogatari-items, I did not see any others with Komugi or other franchises from him. Most people were getting posters signed. I had some small talk with the person waiting behind me that wasn't holding any item, he said he was hoping mr. Watanabe would also sign blank paper (quite a gamble if you ask me, especially because the guy was also pretty early waiting in line)!

So, 5 minutes before the signing starts...phone buzzes. It's a text of one of my friends "Maakie!! You need to come over to T's System, they are selling GK's RIGHT NOW." Seriously?! At the point of almost meeting an artist I really admire being super nervous for that too, at that exact timing mr. Miyagawa starts selling his GK's?! AAAARGH! I did not want to rush the signing/meeting with mr. Watanabe, but I decided that I would try to rush off to the T's System stand as fast as I could once I was done here.

It is time. One of the staff members explains the rules for us: Everyone gets a freebie item, you can get one item signed per person (choose for freebie or own item) and most important: No pictures of mr. Watanabe. Now that last thing is quite common from Japanese artists, but can be a bit weird for a lot of European and US fans because they are used to snapping a lot of pictures from famous celebrities.

Okay, so I am first and awkwardly wiggle into the room. I get the freebies from one of his assistants (a tote bag, a button and a flyer). Then waddle up to mr. Watanabe himself, who looks so...normal! I did not expect him to have super special looks, but wow, you would just walk right by him if you saw him in public! Which is a good thing for such a famous artist of course. I walk up to him and I try my best on small talk in Japanese, where he laughed a lot (probably a 'he liked that I tried, but my Japanese was bad' lol). I give him the figure's base and show him the picture on my phone of me and the figure "Ah! Komugi in her swimsuit!" he goes. My Japanese was not good enough for further questions, but I guess it's also rare for him nowadays to see Komugi items. Before I have my own pen ready, he was already super fast in grabbing one of his own permanent markers and he very generously sized makes his super elaborate signing on the base. I carefully grab the base with wet paint and excitedly and awkwardly waddle out of the room again. I'm really a nervous wreck when it comes to meeting celebrities.


After the signing I made a quick picture of the items, before I rushed of to the stand of T's System! As you can see the marker has smudged a bit, because it was still wet, funny thing it was mr. Miyagawa smuding it himself, so it just makes it extra special for me! With the freebies, you might recognize the characters from earlier in this blog: They are the mascots from Maebashi in Akio Watanabe's style! I guess mr. Miyagawa and mr. Watanabe know eachother, or it's a huge coincidence, but for the next year promotion it was mr. Watanabe's version of the characters. I especially like the tote bag, but the button is also very nice. I think they made a special run of the bag just for this event, considering the lettering is German. It reads 'Come to Maebashi!'.

T's System selling Garage Kits at the event *dies*

I can't remember much from my travels to the T's System stand, except for me being very excited and rushing like a madman. When I arrived there, it was quite busy with onlookers. I did see some shifty eyes from staff, so it felt to me like there were maybe already some licensing issues ahead or the time was very limited to buy.

So I did a quick browse (did not have time to make pictures in the chaos that was there) and mainly saw kits from Kantai Collection, Chobits and Card Captor Sakura. And then all the way in the back there was a small box with...Komugi ITEM #26281 !!!! I couldn't believe I just saw such a rare Komugi figure, just after my signing session with mr. Watanabe! I can't remember the price I paid for this kit, but uhm it was quite high, haha. No regrets though! I never expected to get my hands on an original run of this figure! I also picked up this loose Rensouhou-chan ITEM #631163 of which later I was told by a staff member that it was a special run for multiple European conventions, because mr. Miyagawa also wanted something small and cheap for sale too. If I remember correctly it was only 6-7 euros (about $7-8). I was happy to see that my purchases were put in anoter of Akio Watanabe's tote bags. Now I have one I can use and one to keep pristine for my collection, like the crazy collector I am! Detailed pictures of my kits I did not make at the convention, so you will find them below in the loot-chapter!

After my quick purchases I tried to browse a bit more calmly, but the table was still very crowded and the staff was trying to close the stand. Later I heard some rumors that the sale itself was not allowed at all (licenseholder-wise), which is why the selling went very hush-hush without any official announcements of the sales opening. I'm not sure if that is true, but I am very glad I managed to get a quick look at the kits and could purchase a figure from one of my favorite characters!

Cosplayers at Connichi 2016

Because I was mainly walking around in (semi)casual J-Fashion at this event, I told myself: "I will photograph a lot of cosplayers!". I was so busy at the convention that in the end I only made two pictures, but I'll still gladly share them with you guys!


I am always happy to see Resident Evil cosplayers! It is hard to see on the pictures, but all their protective parts were made from actual leather, it looked very nice up close. Something my phone camera can't quite capture in a badly lit hallway.


And this guy, just wow! Had a small talk with him and he loves working with electronics, he build (and designed? not sure) this costume of Miku completely himself. All the colors were shifting around the whole time and it looked super impressive!

As for the edition of 2017 I was less busy than in 2016, but I actually really felt like an old lady there. There were not much costumes I recognized and I could not attend the convention much on Sunday (the day the cosplay competitions take place and people walk around in the most impressive costumes).

My full loot of Connichi 2016

After my return trip home, it was time to more closely admire all the loot!


All the stuff together!


Lots of booklets, magazines and flyers this time. They were a nice read to try and practice a bit of German, haha!


The convention booklet, program and my weekend pass. I noticed quite a lot of weird looks whenever I had to go through a badge check and flashed this badge. Halfway during the convention I was told that 'ordner' means something like 'security staff' for the event (which also explains the artwork on it). Apparently con staff thought it was the most fitting badge to give to me with the bootleg checks I also had to do for Fake Is Sad over there. In 2017 they actually gave me a vendor badge. I think in 2015 I got a guest badge? I wonder what 2018 will bring!


I thought it was fun to photograph the Maebashi pamphlet as I'm pretty sure this thing will get trashed by most people, so I want some pictures saved for future generations.





Especially interesting here is the bottom right corner. It mentions the park that was used as a base for the park in the Madoka anime, is a real one in Maebashi!





I think mr. Watanabe's contribution to the mascots this year is very cute! On the 2017 edition of the convention, there was no Maebashi promotion. I also could not find any information about an European Maebashi promotion in 2017 online. I guess they have skipped on promoting in Europe this year. I am curious if there was a new artist for the mascots in 2017, though! So if someone knows more about this, I would love to hear!


I was looking for a big Worbla Black sheet in the vendors' hall, to use for the mask of my Calne costume (if you are interested, I used the Worbla to make this mask: www.cosplay.com... + www.cosplay.com... ). Worbla is also sold over here, but because the original manufacturing happens in Germany, the prices there are way cheaper!


Worbla Black is a fairly new type of Worbla, known for it's smoothness. Almost no sanding is needed when you work with it!



And now for my Artist Alley buys! Couldn't help myself to pick up this small sticker of a corgi hotdog when I saw it. I have a huge collage of Artist Alley stickers on my fridge!


This artbook is one of my favorite purchases from Artist Alleys in general. The artist is Midori Harada. Only afterward when I looked up this artist, I found out she was very famous! A lot of Pokémon card illustrations were made by her and apparently people regularly go meet her at conventions to get their cards signed. Aw man, I wish I knew about this beforehand, because I have many cards with her art on it and her art style is so cute!

Anyway, when I was browsing the Artist Alley, I fell in love with this book from her. It's about a cute little polar bear visiting his cute little polar bear friend in the city Celle (the title means translated 'Celle and the fuzzy polar bears'). There were many different books already in this franchise, but I picked up this specific one because of the German style houses. It was a nice souvenir from my trip to Germany! I am completely in love with the detailed backgrounds these cute characters are put in! Below you can find the pictures of some pages of the book.


She signed my book with a small drawing. So cute!


Already dying from cuteness here with the small polar bear with his small ticket going to the small buss with other small polar bears in it.





I noticed this book and others about the polar bears popping up on regular second hand Japanese doujinshi-websites too! They are also regularly in stock on Amazon JP, if you want to get one for your own collection!


Okay, right away getting to my most 'wrong' *cough* purchase at this event. I felt very guilty buying this after just buying (and still holding) the artbook pictured above: the probably most pure and innocent artbook existing in this world.

As a huge Yu-Gi-Oh! fan I just couldn't help myself when I saw this doujinshi. Most fanartists in Germany also print their books in German, so I was very glad this one was English! The artist was also very nice, she seemed surprised that someone got so excited about one of her older books, haha!


She signed the inside of the cover for me! Yes, I like to get my porn signed. When the artist is right in front of you it feels to me like a missed opportunity if you don't ask!

The pages I have photographed from this book are pretty tame, but they contain some partial nude body's. So to be safe I put the slightly nsfw pictures in a spoiler:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/yFNyQxF/IMG-2740.jpg

I love it when artists go through the effort of fully drawing Malik's back scars!


Unf, those expressions. <3


My favorite page of the book (which is a SFW one). I really like how the drawing style gets so close to the original manga! If it wasn't for what happens on the following pages it would be very convincing. Here followed by my most favorite NSFW part of the book:


I should submit this to Hentai Quotes knowyourmeme.co... , haha! Oh man, I laughed at loud for so long at this dialogue.


And here is a closeup of the autograph my figure's base has now! His signature is really cute! Is that a wrong thing to say about a male artist?


We have his fingerprint, we can clone him.


So cute!!! I'm actually thinking of making the tote bag a base for an itabag with Akio Watanabe and/or Komugi-specific merchandise!


And now for what is the main purchase of this event! My Komugi ITEM #26281 Garage Kit! I was very happy that this kit came in a cute box, because it's very common for GK's to be in generic boxes with just a picture on it which kit it is. I think this has to do with Clayz being the manufacturer.


The kit comes with way more parts than I expected and the parts are big! I knew it was a 1/6 and she has a detailed outfit, but I was quite overwhelmed.



The cast of both the smaller and bigger parts looks very clean!


The Rensouhou-chan ITEM #631163 Garage Kit looked more like what you would expect from an small-run fangroup kit, haha! Just put in a ziplock bag, no pictures or instructions whatsoever. It is a separate cast of one of the Rensouhou-chan's that comes with T's System Shimakaze ITEM #198781 Garage Kit. Very clean cast, seems like almost no prepwork is needed!


A bit of a blurry picture (sorry!), but here is how I currently display both my bought signed and bought figure. GK Komugi her box is very heavy and sturdy and I don't even dare to put swimsuit Komugi back on her base again! The signed base will later on get an very special place in my collection! For the Komugi GK I plan on saving up and asking a professional in the future to paint and build her for me. As much as I love making GK's myself, this one is so rare and special, I don't even dare to try!

The pictures of this blog related to database entries I will add later today with higher resolution here: profile/Maakie/...

We have reached the end of this long blog that was a wild ride of special events! I hope you enjoyed it! My next blog will be my final (yes, you read that correctly!), grab box unboxing!
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MaakieVor 6 Monaten#82152250It was a bit of a hassle, but I just finished fixing them, haha! Enjoy! :)

thank you so so much!! what a great read
Vor 6 Monaten
worms123Vor 6 Monaten#82046587any chance u can reupload the missing images frm this blog, if it isnt too much of a hassle? tysm!!!!!!

It was a bit of a hassle, but I just finished fixing them, haha! Enjoy! :)
Vor 6 Monaten
any chance u can reupload the missing images frm this blog, if it isnt too much of a hassle? tysm!!!!!!
Vor 6 Monaten
RajkeVor 3 Jahren#27829738That signed base looks so awesome. He has indeed a cute handwriting. There are some figures i want a signature on. I guess when that time comes i can't also find the words to express myself to the artist. I also liked the cosplay photo's and the loot you posted. But that signature is really the best loot you can get. :)

Yeah, no matter how much I prepared, when I was standing in front of mr. Watanabe I really couldn't say anything useful in Japanese. ^^'' But I'm very grateful he signed the base of my figure!

Thanks for liking the blog! :)
Vor 3 Jahren
Rajke Ca Fanatic
That signed base looks so awesome. He has indeed a cute handwriting. There are some figures i want a signature on. I guess when that time comes i can't also find the words to express myself to the artist. I also liked the cosplay photo's and the loot you posted. But that signature is really the best loot you can get. :)
Vor 3 Jahren
BellareVor 3 Jahren#27747343Nice Blogpost :)
Vitamalz is really some fake beer, I got it as child when mine parents would drink beer, so I felt special :D But yes it has a strong and unique taste and you either hate it or like it I think.
So no troll ^^

Thank you! :D

I was surprised at another user also referring to it as 'kids beer', I guess you have to train early to get the acquired taste for German beer? :^D

As someone untrained: No, not for me. ;)
Vor 3 Jahren
Nice Blogpost :)

Vitamalz is really some fake beer, I got it as child when mine parents would drink beer, so I felt special :D But yes it has a strong and unique taste and you either hate it or like it I think.

So no troll ^^
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MitsunaVor 3 Jahren#27734397That is so cool to see you got to meet one of your favourite artists! Awesome loot, I really enjoyed reading :D

Thank you! :D I really enjoyed writing it, had a huge smile on my face while getting back to those memories! :3
Vor 3 Jahren
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
That is so cool to see you got to meet one of your favourite artists! Awesome loot, I really enjoyed reading :D
Vor 3 Jahren
CrowMaidenVor 3 Jahren#27690902That sounds like such a great time, and that's super neat you got the base signed! Congrats all around!

Yeah, this was probably one of my best con experiences ever! ^^ A lot of 'bigger' cons over here get international guests, but they are never figure sculptors and having character designers is also rare (over here they mostly go for musicians, voice actors, famous cosplayers etc.), so I was stoked that these guests were at an international con I could visit! ^^
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