Unboxing of Widowmaker Statue from Blizzard Premium CollectiblesUnboxing of Widowmaker Statue from Blizzard Premium CollectiblesReview

PaddyPaddyVor 3 Jahren
She's really gourgeous.

Here is a photo I took :

And here are more photos of the overall look : imgur.com/galle...

She has a very striking pose, her long blueish dark hair add a touch of mouvement. My favourite part of her is her face, it's so well modeled you can grasp her attitude when she looks at you. The suit is a little shiny, the choice of materials are spot on. The tattoo is very well done aswell. There are some very small paint imperfections if we are really really picky, but you barely see them. My only complaints would possible be that I regret that her rifle isn't in sniper form. The weapon is bigger and looks way cooler in sniper mode imgo. A part from that, she's a killer statue, one of the best I own ! Thank you Blizzard !

For those interested here is the unboxing video and adding her to the collection : youtu.be/6j5GTa...
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XorasVor 3 Jahren#26457017She look good, nice loot !!!
Thank you for the unboxing video on youtube ;)

You're welcome ! Happy that it could be of use to someone.
Vor 3 Jahren
She look good, nice loot !!!
Thank you for the unboxing video on youtube ;)
Vor 3 Jahren
BubblepuffVor 3 Jahren#26428413Wow awesome looking statues!

I agree that the painting work isn't the best, for the price it should be premium quality.
Vor 3 Jahren
Wow awesome looking statues!
Vor 3 Jahren
Have Tracer and Reaper myself. I feel like the paint work is really sub par. I expected better.
Vor 3 Jahren
Super awesome statues. I feel even more hype for the arrival of my Widowmaker statue now. :D
Vor 3 Jahren
AllieMarie Zero Two
I love this statue. She came in yesterday on my birthday (totally unexpected!!) and I couldn't be happier. I knew she was gonna be huge but I didn't realize how massive 13.5in is till I got her all set up. I feel like the $150 on her is really well spent. The size and quality of seeing her up close makes me feel like she'd be worth more. My wallets glad she wasn't more but..damn. Now all I can hope for is that they make a Mercy or a Sombra.:') I'd like the D.Va but the size on her is RIDICULOUS cuz of the Meka and I just can't swing $450 even though the price is pretty justified for the size/weight/etc. I mean, she's HUGE - Widow is huge and D.Va's significantly bigger. Maybe Blizz will at one point make a D.Va statue that's just her without the Meka for those that want her but can't quite swing the price or space. *crosses fingers*
Vor 3 Jahren
solluxcaptorVor 3 Jahren#26408575Wow, she is beautiful!

Yeah, she really has presence once you put her on a shelf !
Vor 3 Jahren
Wow, she is beautiful!
Vor 3 Jahren
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