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Kirigaya Suguha - Sword Art Online - 1/8 Alter - REVIEWKirigaya Suguha - Sword Art Online - 1/8 Alter - REVIEW


Hello MFC
Today I will be presenting you all a small review of a figure that came out back in 2014 – The 1/8 scale “Kirigaya Suguha” from the popular series “Sword Art Online”; the figure is manufactured by figure company ALTER. Suguha is one of my favourite characters from the SAO series, and while her Virtual reality counterpart “LEAFA” has a plethora of figures, there are only a small handful of Suguha figures currently in the market that portray her in “Human” form.

So without further ado, let’s take off our Nerve gear head set for a moment and start the review!


Let’s start things off by taking a look at the gorgeous looking box. Straight off the bat ALTER have done a fantastic job in creating a wonderful atmosphere for our dear Suguha with a calm and soothing box design. While different from most standard figure boxes, this particular one is completely clear on all sides – which gives the buyer a fantastic view of the figure from all angles. Along the bottom half of the box is the series title, which is surrounded by a beautiful shade of greenery to help set the scene of the figure inside.

The plants and leaves are a striking choice for the box art and contrasts really well with the colours of the figure on the inside. It instantly creates this outside garden atmosphere aesthetic to the figure. The sides feature the character’s name and a little “pop up” cut out image of the figure.
The back of the box features a really nice silhouette of “Leafa” spouting the same calm and soothing green colour like the rest of the box.


Once you have opened up the clear box we are greeted with the blister. All of the figures contents are contained inside the one blister, inside you should find:
.Kirigaya Suguha Complete figure
.Figure Base
.Plate accessory
.Muffin accessory X2
.Juice box Accessory


You’ll also find at the bottom of the box a small set of instructions. While the figure itself features very little in the forms of setting up – It’s helpful to always have some instructions, especially because the box is clear and doesn’t have any full scale photos of how the figure should look when completely constructed. We will go through this process step by step.


Before we have a look at Suguha herself, let’s take the time to have an in-depth look at the base before we start the construction process. As you may have noticed from the box/blister, the base takes up quite a large portion of what makes up this figure, and I personally think it’s a really nice diorama set piece. I always appreciate figures with large complicated bases, and while this one is rather simple, it does a fantastic job of recreating a scene and breaking away from the standard basic “round/flat “base.

So what this base is supposed to recreate is the outside decking area out the back of Suguha’s house. We have the main deck (the planks of wood on top), the two support beams underneath and at the bottom towards the back is basically the wall under the house with a little vent. ALTER have done a great job in recreating all the textures, the wood has a realistic wood grain texture to it, especially on the support poles and slates underneath the floor planks. The back of the wall also has a nice bumpy texture to recreate that “concrete” texture.


Things do not look so great from the back, which is understandable since the base really isn’t meant to be viewed from this angle. Here you can tell how all the pieces plug together, and despite the thin wall offering most of the back support – the base is incredibly sturdy.
But this is where my first nit-pick comes in – while I really do love this base, what would of really made this diorama base 10/10 would have been the inclusion of a grass base for this to attach to. The green surrounding the box art is gorgeous, it instantly sets the garden scene and really makes the reds and blues of the figure stand out so well. Once the base is out of the box, that illusion of a lush garden is diminished. Considering this figure is by ALTER, they are well known for their terrific quality – and while the base IS solid quality, the inclusion of some grass ( of even a plant ) would of brought this figure much more to life instantly.


Here is a close up of underneath the base so you can get a better look at the metal vent featured in the concrete wall. You can even see bits of rust forming around certain parts on the metal vent! Great attention to detail there.


Now that we have had a look at the base, the next step is to connect Suguha to the base.
Easily one of the niftiest features from this figure is that Suguha connects to the base via Magnets! How awesome is that!? You can see on the underside of the figure (basically Suguha’s Botox) you can see two completely flat surfaces – these are the two magnets planted inside the figure. The entire top part of the wood planks are magnetic, so this allows you to connect/set up Suguha in any part of the decking that you like.
This is a really clever design on ALTER’s part, allowing you to create a few different dynamic angles and sitting positions. But as a pre-warning though, the magnet itself is not very strong. While it does connect the figure to the base with ease - because of the way Suguha is posed with her legs sticking out so far, she can easily tip back or forward if moved around or bumped. So take special care when moving the entire figure around as you don’t want her to come tumbling down from a high location.


Lastly, before the figure is completely set up, we need to set up Suguha’s snacks!
Included in the blister are a small set of accessories. A plate, 2 delicious looking muffins and a drink carton (which I believe is some sort of Soy milk drink?). The muffins and the drink look super cute in 1/8 size! I love the slightly browned edges of the muffin tops, you can almost image exactly what the texture would be like if you chomped into it!


Once you have all the snacks, they simply sit next to Suguha on her left. Keep in mind that none of the accessories are magnetic like Suguha is, so they simply rest on top of the decking with no supports or pegs; which also allows you to place them anywhere you want really!


Here we have Suguha in all her adorable glory! Personally, I would say ALTER have done an absolutely perfect job in capturing everything that makes the character who she is in figure form. The best part about this figure is truly how simple it is and yet it captures so much about the character and her inner struggles/journey in SAO.


From the side we can see how much Suguha’s legs are sticking out! Considering the pose, I am surprised just how well she balances since only a small part of her is actually on the base at all, while the rest is being lifted up in the air. The pose gives of a carefree vibe, enjoying the sunshine while contemplating the finer things in life.


A shot from the back, while the back of the base itself doesn’t look to attractive from this angle – Suguha herself actually looks really great from the back! Seeing her like this gives the impression we would be standing in the door way looking out onto the backyard –this is exactly what would see.


A shot from the other side


Let’s start by taking a closer look at Suguha, starting off with the upper half. I absolutely adore her expression. ALTER have done a brilliant job on Suguha’s face, not only her wonderful green eye decals but in capturing her lovely open mouth expression. It carries a sense of innocence, but also a slight sense of vulnerability and even loneliness. Another element I love about Suguha is her short hair style, the shading and colour tones in the hair are spot on, starting off with a light purple/dark blue colour and slowly fades into a black along the bottom of the cut. There is a slight seamline along the top of the fringe but with the dark colours this blends in pretty easily with the bangs along the side.


The sculpting work on Suguha’s jacket is phenomenal, every little crease and bend is beautifully crafted really creating a great sense of realism in the material and the way Suguha is posed. Speaking of which, I just want to point out again how much I love this pose. It’s all the tiny details that really make this figure are beautiful piece. The way her shoulders are raised up and her arms coming together, added with the slight head tilt creates a really cute look for Suguha. I am also incredibly glad to see that Suguha’s body has not been sexualised in anyway, despite her large breast size they have kept the pose completely modest and true to her character.

The paint work on the white lines and silver zip are really clean as well, as smaller detailing such as that can be rather difficult sometimes to create such smooth and solid paintjobs. The dark red of the jacket contrasts beautifully with the dark purple/blue of Suguha’s hair – such a great character design!


Here we have an angle showing of Suguha’s gorgeous leg sculpt! Look at how amazing the sculpting work is on her calves and thighs! ALTER have also done a wonderful job on the shading and colour tones on her skin – looks so smooth and well looked after!


A close up of the lower area of Suguha. One element that really surprised me was how amazing her hands look, especially her fingernails! They look amazing and something as simple as “hands” are generally easily overlooked in the grand scale of a figure. But they really do look fantastic.
You can also see a cheeky glimpse of Suguha’s butt cheeks through the open part of her shorts, really nice sculpting work here, especially the way the shorts crease and sit on the bench.


Suguha’s beautiful sculpting work carries over to the back as well! All those jacket creases around the sides towards the bottom look amazing! She has such a tiny and petite body frame and the sculpting work really showcases this element along with the tightness of her jacket. The colouring on the shorts are just as great, all the white lines around the edges are smooth and solid.


A shot from up above; This shot really gives you a good scale of everything in comparison to the figure itself and the base.


Kirigaya Suguha is an absolutely gorgeous figure; It’s in its simplistic design that makes it a stand out in capturing everything about the character and perfectly replicating a small diorama/setting from Suguha’s character arc. The box looks amazing and spouts a unique “clear” box design with a great colour scheme and art design.
The figures base creates an amazing atmosphere for the figure and is a great change from the standard “clear/round” basic bases. While the base itself looks great and has some nice realistic textures, what would have made it just that little bit better would have been the inclusion of some grass along the floor or even some plants to help create the same atmosphere presented on the box art.

Suguha herself is beautiful – an amazing body sculpt and a cute and innocent pose that really reflects the characters personality well. Smooth line work, nice paint job, great tones and even features a magnetic connection to the base which offers a few dynamic ways to place her around.
The key highlights are definitely her expression and her pose, really impressed with how it turned out and that we at least got one decent figure of Suguha in her casual clothes.
A few little accessories are included as well which are a nice added bonus!


Before we wrap things up completely, here is a photo of my two Suguha’s together,
1/8 Alter version alongside the 1/6 Aniplex exclusive swim suit ver. It wasn’t till I put the two together did I realise how very small Suguha is! Compared to her 1/6 version of course.
I have also conducted a review on the Aniplex exclusive swimsuit Suguha as well, if you are interested you can check out that review here - blog/32092&...


I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos or different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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been eyeing up this figure for ages partly because it reminds me very much of rin tohsaka yukata ver by freeing. Same red outfit and wooden bench.

Thank you for the very thorough review, i am going to order it now from NY.
Vor 1 Jahr
Maybe it's because I love Suguha myself but I've always found this to be a very underrated figure and I have to thank you for reviewing it. I honestly can't say any part of this figure isn't perfection. The base is elaborate, the expression and pose are on point and suit the character, the shading is done to the level on Alter is able to bring. I would buy it but I only want to have the ALO versions of these characters for reasons.
Vor 1 Jahr
She's very cute and beautiful !!! :)
Vor 1 Jahr
Great review! I can really feel your love for this figure through your sentences, haha. I agree that the figure would look even better with some greenery around the base. Perhaps you could look into buying or making miniature plants to mimic a garden type scenery? :)
Vor 1 Jahr
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
lofung (Vor 1 Jahr) #26193534I didn't realize i wasn't able to have my own opinion.

It was not an opinion about the figure at all but instead an attack on my choice of writing/review and suspecting i am conducting my reviews for company approval and not for community contribution. That's just trolling. At any rate, if you chose to say something like " I do not think this figure is that great " or " Personally i think her face isn't quite right " then it wouldn't of been a problem - that's an opinion.
But there is no way i am going to have you call me names and not stand up for myself. If you have a problem with my style of writing or my own personal opinion on a figure i own then you can take that up else where.
Vor 1 Jahr
Celestrial (Vor 1 Jahr) #26193442
Take your foul and negative language else where, its not wanted here.

I didn't realize i wasn't able to have my own opinion.
Vor 1 Jahr
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
lofung (Vor 1 Jahr) #26192302doesnt even notice about the flat face issue voiced by most.
being a positivefag at an old figure will not score you money from manufacturers over advertorials.

I didn't realize i wasn't able to have my own opinion. The review is based on my personal experiences with the figure and how i believe it shapes up. I mention the cons, i mention the pros. Just because they do not add up to your opinions or the rest of the community does not make my opinion any less valid, nor does it make it correct. All reviews are Subjective.

I have been contributing to the site for years, i conduct reviews when the figure comes into my collection. A review had not been conducted on the figure at all, thus i thought id do so, does not matter how new or old it is.
No idea what you are talking about in terms of " scoring money " ? I am not supported or endorsed by any company what so ever. Nor do i plan do, if that's all you think this is about then you clearly have a poor understanding of contribution to the site/community.
Take your foul and negative language else where, its not wanted here.
Vor 1 Jahr
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