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upside down pictures...?upside down pictures...?

tacholatacholaVor 1 JahrAsk MFC
hi, sorry if this is a problem that has already been answered, but i didn't see anyone talking about this...

i logged on today and got a comment on one of my collection pictures saying that the "MFC glitch" made it so my picture was upside down. turns out ALL my pictures have been turned upside down overnight! the thumbnails show the original pictures, but when i click on them they appear upside down!

how my pics look to me v

i have no idea what this "MFC glitch" is and i'd like to know if this is just happening with me or other users as well?? thanks!
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I had this problem in the past. It has to do with how different programs/websites interpret the exif data in your photo. MFC's update probably changed how it does this again.

Basically, when you take a picture, a little bit of metadata gets stored to say which side is up. The picture itself actually saves with the top of the sensor as up, but if you say rotated your phone in portrait mode, it could say the left edge of the sensor was up. Then the program/website is supposed to read that metadata and properly display the picture. This doesn't always happen. I got around it since I had to edit all the pictures anyway to make them an uploadable size by removing the exif data and forcing the image to save in the correct orientation.

The thumbnails appear correct because they are actually separate images generated from the picture you upload, and I'm guessing the process that generates the image is exif aware, unlike the website itself.

Of course, this is just speculation, but based on experience and logic.
Vor 1 Jahr
I didn't know MFC's surrogate servers were located in Australia.
Vor 1 Jahr
your reimu pic really sums everything up
Vor 1 Jahr
I have a similar issue, where some of my photos that were fine a few weeks ago, are now showing sideways or something. Not sure what's up, but whatever it is hopefully they hurry up and fix it. That crap is annoying.

I've also noticed "diorama" view no longer works...it instead takes you to a view of literally ALL pics on MFC versus the actual display it should show. It does the same when you click on a user's favorite pictures...instead of seeing those you go to the library of every single picture on MFC.

Also a super annoying bug that i hope they fix ASAP.
Vor 1 Jahr
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
While we're here - it would be great if this new layout which is supposedly so mobile friendly would actually allow you to just upload frickin' photos from your phone without screwing them up (sideways, wrong size, etc. etc.)
Vor 1 Jahr
MFC got drunk.
Vor 1 Jahr
I've seen a lot of images have normal thumbnails, but you go to them and they are turned. It's been a problem for about a week now I think.
Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
Vor 1 Jahr
I guess MFC got drunk last night.
Vor 1 Jahr
All my pictures are okay, hopefully glitch will be fixed.
Vor 1 Jahr
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