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MFC's Search engineMFC's Search engine

WordlessWordlessVor 1 JahrAsk MFC
Is it just me or does the search engine got a little wonky, not to mention that advance search got a lot more confusing to use too. even when i'm writing this the blog post's UI got left-heavy for some reason LMAO.

Edit: Got protip from josine, problem solved xD
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God bless y'all
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I just want the whole site to go back to what it was before. I just don't care for any of the changes that have been made. Except for when you hover over the name of a figure you see a full picture of it. That is the only feature I like.
Vor 1 Jahr
Definitely not just you. It's terrible.
Vor 1 Jahr
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Yeah if you go back to pages which haven't been changed yet (like your collection page or profile) you can search normally and it has the old advance search.

Just don't use it on pages with the new layout >>
Vor 1 Jahr
Its just me, or any blog saying something against MFC get deleted? Is it against some policy or we just being censured?
Vor 1 Jahr
No searching for the series, tryed to find items on Kimi no na wa and failed
Vor 1 Jahr
This sucks... How can they not see it?

You write " Sailor Moon " and only appears 4 results. What the fuck?
Vor 1 Jahr
The search engine is useless now, save for the old version mentioned below. I understand wanting to "improve" the site, but this is such a ridiculous downgrade. We can only hope they fix all the problems.
Vor 1 Jahr
For at least the time being, link to v3 search:

Vor 1 Jahr
mods gonna delete posts again, haha
Vor 1 Jahr
It just keeps getting worse. This "update" has been nothing but fail after fail.
Vor 1 Jahr
Yeah, its basically unusable in its current state. Hopefully it gets fixed or a new figure website pops up.
Vor 1 Jahr
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
The encyclopedia works a bit better than the search right now, as it still autofills for you. You can look up anything, character, artist, classification. Sucks for characters with 100s or 1000s of entries in all 3 categories, but it's a bit better than the current V4 search especially if the item has a specific classification that you know of.
Vor 1 Jahr
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