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MillyParisMillyParisVor 3 Jahren
I was wondering what the biggest figure letdown you've ever had was, and when you received it, you were disappointed by it, or downright angry you'd spent your money on it. Either the painting was off, the quality was bad, etc.

For me it's ITEM #522641 this one. :/ Her boxes weren't crushed, but inside she was broken. It was a limited run figure too... Sigh. I've heard this is the case often with Pulchra...

So what about for you guys? Prize figure or PVC!
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She came with a broken wing. Not that she's bad but i manage to fix her and the the rest (in terms of) quality's good as expexcted. So i just thought that maybe i ran out of luck that day. XD
Vor 6 Monaten
Am mostly statisfied with mine except for these two that evoke mixed feelings when I see them

Griffon's Uesugi Kenshin (which now am not so sure since she'd prolly be a relic now after reading your other article on Griffon)

ITEM #774


Orchid Seed Ignis just a bit
ITEM #290
Vor 2 Jahren
I have to say all the Banpresto Madoka figures :\

ITEM #99588
My fiance got me this Mami (the first figure she ever bought for me). She is very unstable, just dusting her lightly would cause her to wobble and her gun to fall, Otherwise, she is definitely the best out of the others listed. Her paint job is done rather well and she's important to us as a couple so not the ultimate worst, we agreed. lol

ITEM #101422
This one was an Xmas gift to us. We really appreciate it and really wanted this one as I love her pose and the fact she has her bow. However, her mid section does not connect all the way which leaves a HUGE gap. She also suffers from Wobble Syndrome as we could barely dust her without her falling over. Her paint job is REAALLLYYY bad too, smudges all over and the red on her dress bleeds off its patterns and onto the white/pink parts.

ITEM #183134
ITEM #183133
These two were the saddest of all. My fiance and I got them together as cute couple thing between us since they are supposed to have their hands touching. They don't do that at all. Homura's hand and Madoka's hands are at completely different angles to where they don't match up whatsoever. They don't wobble, but again, their paint jobs are atrocious.

It's weird because Banpresto's prize figures are usually pretty decent (I own lots of their Sonicos). They just fell flat and hard with Madoka for some reason, which sucks.
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CarouselVor 3 Jahren#24542339
Otherwise I've been disappointed with everything I've ordered from Kotobukiya, which includes ITEM #361396, ITEM #415011, and ITEM #331724. I don't know why this company is adored so much by the MFC community, but every figure I own from them has quality control issues. All the Pokemon one have bleeding paint and the 7th Dragon one has a huge gash at the bottom of her skirt as well as just plain Not Good sculpt work on her finer details.

I honestly think that's just bad luck. I have ITEM #9635 , ITEM #966 , and ITEM #396942 , and they are ALL gorgeous and up to quality, I think. My friend also has multiple Pokemon Kotobukiya figures and there are literally zero flaws on them. Kotobukiya is lovely and experiments with posing and new characters, and that's partly why it's so beloved.
Vor 2 Jahren
i got a sakura miku figure about a few months back. not only did it take forever to get here, but when she did eventually come, her box was crushed, she had many paint errors, and she was a bootleg! bad turn of events, but i guess it was partly my fault for trusting bad sellers ^^;
Vor 3 Jahren
ITEM #329180

just the way her extended arm bends....... its unnatural. the more you look at it, the more you notice
Vor 3 Jahren
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
The worst figures I've ever received are from my yearly income summaries.
Vor 3 Jahren
ITEM #396938 Something went wrong during the creation... Only Mimi can hold the flower proberbly in her hands. Other people told me, that the flowerleaf was damaged, because they tried, that both are holding the flower in the hands.
Vor 3 Jahren
ITEM #53956 Her hand blocks her face and her legs both got broken from not matching the position of holes on the base. Ended up in the "garbage" box.
ITEM #109774 Nothing wrong with the figure itself but I bought ITEM #99621 and got the other instead. Now she is the only one not wearing a white tiara.
ITEM #78643 Her hair is a mess, she isn't holding her scroll properly, and was far too expensive for that to happen. (No, anything over 3k yen is far too expensive to have any flaws, I'm not rich.)
ITEM #36813 Leaning...made me not buy FuRyu figures for years after that, fortunately they got better eventually and I could buy again...
Vor 3 Jahren
For me, it has to be ITEM #489588. It arrived with a black splotch of paint on her cheek, of all places. Also, the "bed" that came with it is just a piece of foam covered haphazardly with fabric.
Considering the price, I expected a bit more...
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