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I currently own 25 nendoroids. For some, that might seem like a lot, and for others it might seem like nothing. It's a lot for me to keep up with and enjoy, so I've taken a break from buying anymore. I absolutely love the ones I currently own, and there is no nendo of mine that I would consider selling. I remember whenever I had only two nendoroids (I can't believe a time like that ever existed), and I would repose them about every other day--maybe twice in the same day. After getting a few more, I'd still pose them often, but I'd only switch up the poses of them on the weekends or a free weekday. Now that I have 25, I rarely switch out their faceplates and poses. I did yesterday, and I realized I hadn't moved them in about 6 months, and reposing 25 figures took me around 2 hours. Keep in mind that I don't ignore them; I look at them every single day and I enjoy how they look on my desk or in my detolf. It's just time-consuming (and sometimes meticulous) to have to switch out all of their parts and poses. I think I've also just figured out the poses I like the best and stuck with them.
What about you? How often do you repose your figures (not just nendoroids, but also figma, etc.) and why? Are you honestly too busy to do it or do you only like one pose? I'm curious to see what other users do with their collection.
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How often do you pose your collection

23%I initally try out the different poses and then stick with my favorite
0%Nearly everyday
2%About weekly
23%Every couple of months
23%Once or twice a year
20%Randomly: maybe once this week and 5 times next week
3%One and done
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I currently have 40 nendoroids and for my birthday next month my husband is going to build me another display case for my current boxed up nendos, future preordered nendos and any scales I've been eyeing recently. I can just see having to rearrange everything to my liking taking up an entire day or maybe even two eep. I am both excited a little apprehensive about it lol. I might even want to take my new nendoroids out for pictures and pose them even more! We will see :)
Vor 4 Jahren
Kirenisa I am a collector!
I have mostly nendoroids now but like you my first was changed a LOT (except it was a figma) but now i prefer nendoroids and I own.. 17 so not even close to what you own and I only change them onece or twice a year and not even all of them.. like you I just found my prefered pose. I'll change newer ones more frequently that I obtain until i find a pose I really enjoy and after that they tend to stay in that pose for along time.

Although admittedly I've thought about doing pictures before like the ones you see on the top daily photos it seems like a fun idea. (but I am a very lazy person so we'll see.) XD
Vor 4 Jahren
I'm a nendoroid collector and every time I get a new nendo I play a lot with them (almost half a day lol) until I find great poses I like (especially different to those from the box). Then, I display it like that for some months.
I clean my display and figures every month (yes all the figures I have in my display and I find this relaxing tbh) and every now and then I go ahead and change the pose of the figure, creating a new setting where it'll make me change the pose of other nendos that are "interacting" with the first one.

Sometimes, on my free time, I like to pick a nendoroid and play with it again, changing poses and accessories with others so I can find a better pose once again.

The process has changed a little since I started making dioramas for my collection. Nowadays I spend time finding 1 pose that'll suit the diorama and setting.

Yeah I'm damn crazy but I just love those damn chibis
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Usually, I try to re-pose and change out expressions when I dust my collection (every few months--I'm bad at remembering to dust haha). For some of my nendos I've already decided on a pose I like best, so I tend to stick to that. For others, I change things up every so often.

I also sometimes play around with my nendos during reviews, so that's a good chance to switch out expressions and poses (even if it's just for a picture or two).
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Just realised I have 20 nendoroids already...never thought I'd have this many tbh :'D My nendoroids are usually frozen in a particular pose for a long time unless I feel like playing with them or when I dust / clean them but for PAKs I play and re-pose them all the time as they're really fun and generally easier to deal with XD
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I play around with the parts to try and come up with a pose of my own that I like. Then I leave it in that pose forever.
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I do some randomly. i love the vocaloid ones and pose them more ofthen or be silly, same for the link figmas. the blackrock shooters and my SAO Kirito the least, but my strength (ITEM #144322) i really need to tighten the stands a bit, im loving her dont get me wrong but when you forget to tighten ehr stands those big fists (that are as big as herself) shes my least favorite to pose right now, just because shes a hassle. i keep forgetting to tighten them so its my faulth and when i do pose her shes absolutely bad ass! but i dont make funny interactions except her and Blackrock fighting, who is a bit fickle with me. as for the older kirito, when he was new his swords snapped when posing him for the first time (i heard its a common issue) we glued them but im forever terrified it'll happen again. and i dont really pose him as much as i would love to. i may try and do some things in our garden in July and get over my fear since its all fixed now (and he deserves my attention as much as the rest)

generally when i receive a new one im just dying to pose them. hahaha.
same for nendos but a bit less? i generally set them down in my favorite pose with favorite accesoiries and leave them like that for awhile.

just this month i received figma meiko (ITEM #363410) Loving her to bits <3 but i had the other 4 vocaloids i have pose several times before unpacking her really late at night and then checked, posed a bit. inspected every item she came with.. and i was SO tired. and wanted to put her in a showcase and rest so i could continue the next day right? then i saw the other 4 boxes and their parts and everything. and i couldnt go just stick them back so that was a very late night. just having them look happy together.

ps: oops i got a bit talky my bad
Vor 4 Jahren
Hmm, I don't have much room for display currently, so I take a few figmas out, and a few figuarts, play and pose, then leave them until it strikes me to play again (usually a week, unless I really like the pose... one is sitting on a couch right now and I have a little set for them so they've been like that for months). They are right by my computer so I'll reach for them more than I'd think just to tinker.

For Nendoroids, I pretty much leave them alone, for me they're not fun to play with unless I have a certain idea or scene I want to do.
Vor 4 Jahren
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Since I usually get busy I'll go with the one of my favorite defaults on the box, then after a few months I'll re-pose a few if I feel like it. There are some that never ever get changed because I adore how I set them up. ♥
Vor 4 Jahren
When I first get a Nendo, I'll go through all the poses I want to see it in, and then finally decide which to display it in at first. I'll change it again whenever I feel like it, but I particularly change my Nendos' poses when I want to relieve stress, they catch my eye and I fall in love with them all over again, or if I get more Nendos/accessories (like Re-Ment) and want to pose them together.

I've been surprised by how time-consuming posing Nendos/figmas can get too, and I only (lol) have 13. Most of the time when I change their poses now, it is for stress relief, or to take a break while studying, etc. Nendos are just so cute and sweet :D I wonder if I'll ever fall out of love with them, I enjoy the ones I have so much.
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