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emotional over figures?emotional over figures?

tacholatacholaVor 1 JahrAsk MFC

hello everyone!! im here today to ask another question of you all (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

(first, some context... i am a very emotional person!! many people think im strange but im really just over emotional. for example, i cry when i see dogs because i love them so much. it's quite embarrassing. i just wanted to give a reason to my reactions that im about to list in case most people think it's weird ;;)

so it's no secret after looking at part of my collection thats completely dedicated to a single character that i am a huge fan of madoka kaname from madoka magica. she's one of my favorite characters ever and i love her to death!! although my collection is in no way big, i hope to collect a ton of merch for her one day ;w;

i fear i've gone too deep into this hobby though...sometimes i'll stare at ITEM #78404 for a little bit and ill start tearing up because it's just such a happy little figure! she just looks like she's ready to go off on a journey with her friends and save people...and i love her pose, it looks like she's skipping happily through life...and her face is just so happy!! it looks like the face of a real angel...whoa, i got a little crazy. sorry, i just love madoka to death!! she's definitely one of my fave characters ever. (´。• ω •。`)

but getting back on topic...crying over a figure?!?!


so, i wanted to ask you guys, has a figure ever evoked a certain emotion in you?

for example, ITEM #107539 always makes me feel like my breathing has been cut short, probably because it's so breath-taking! whenever i look at this figure i always have to do double-takes of it because i just can't get over how pretty it is ♥__♥

then we have ITEM #287683 which always makes me feel really inadequate or something ☆o(><;)○ saber looks like she's saying "oh, it's you? this will be easy" or "you're no match for me", or something cool along those lines (´• ω •`)

even something as small as ITEM #47625 makes me want to cry tears of happiness! suika looks so adorable here. it's like she's welcoming you back saying "everything will be alright!! don't worry! just smile!"

so yeah! i hope im not alone in getting all emotional and worked up looking at figures otherwise this entry will be really embarrassing (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) i look forward to hearing from you guys!! see you later!!

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Yeah I cry everytime I look at my collection thinking about all the money I spent on it.
Vor 1 Jahr
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awww you're so pure... that's adorable! i wish i reacted that way to my figures. maybe someday when i get one of my holy grail figures! :'D
Vor 1 Jahr
tachola (Vor 1 Jahr) #22572439i love you
we're gonna have to plan the wedding now! jk jk
I know how it is to be mocked for loving something and crying really easily and at some point I just stopped caring about it: I'd rather be ''overly'' emotional than not being able to experience these amazing feelings so deeply. It really gives an extra dimension to how I experience the world.
It is a good trait, trust me <3
Vor 1 Jahr
tachola loves you!!
SliceofCake (Vor 1 Jahr) #22572038You are such an adorable and pure person omg
Don't let anybody make you feel bad about the emotions you experience, if it's something you deeply care about (as you do) then it's never over the top or embarrassing. I wish more people could be able to express themselves so freely and be truly passionate about something.

i love you
Vor 1 Jahr
You are such an adorable and pure person omg
Don't let anybody make you feel bad about the emotions you experience, if it's something you deeply care about (as you do) then it's never over the top or embarrassing. I wish more people could be able to express themselves so freely and be truly passionate about something.
Vor 1 Jahr
I've never cried but I remember squealing with joy and bouncing in my seat when the Yuuri Katsuki nendoroid was announced. I Had such a happy experience with my friends watching the series together. It was the first Anime that I had to wait (impatiently) for each new episode since I usually get into a series wayyy after its finished. So when out of nowhere they announced him I was so incredibly happy! Especially since the series wasn't even over yet when he was announced. I almost exploded with joy when they announced Victor and Yurio.
Vor 1 Jahr
I get sad when i think of my favorite figure, my mind always goes to thinking about loosing her to a fire or breaking her somehow... thats one less of my favorite figure in the world, and many other that have been broken, only used copies would remain. I want her to be pristine forever :/ but i also want to play with her
Vor 1 Jahr
Interesting subject.
I personally sometimes have moments where I have many different emotions. It can be joy from opening a new package, sadness from missing out on a figure/item or anything else. The worse feeling is probably when an item I wanted is sold out, then it will be stuck in my head for a while, even with the fact that I might not find it again (soon).

The only time when I get emotional over the figures/items I own is mostly nostalgia (flashbacks).
My account and collection is mostly based on Dead Or Alive and preferably the character Kasumi. My personality matches hers too. But when I think back of the "good times" from DOA around 2001, I can get emotional. Kind of the same with the Tekken series actually, but slightly less.
Another one is Hatsune Miku, when I grew up with it since about 2009. Listening the music and watching concerts online, I remember I was so excited and it even makes me think of all the other things of that time and how nice it was. It even was the era of my favorite animes like K-On!, BRS, Fate, etc. It triggered my figure collecting too.

When I look at items specifically, then they are the items I bought on my vacation trips.
I have a lot of items I bought in Japan last year 2016, but ITEM #186113 was special to me. I've been to a lot of shops in Akihabara to find it and it was a fun journey too. In the end, out all all the shops only 2 were selling this figure and I was really happy to get it after all. I have some items with a similar feeling like that from Hong Kong and Indonesia from the past years too.
My Dollfie Dream dolls (like ITEM #172745) mean a lot to me too, since I have a bigger love for them than figures, they feel very special to me and it was a literal journey in Japan and journey online to be able to get them, financially it was hard to, since they're not cheap at all.
Of course it are not just the figure and merchandise that give emotions, it's also the life situation from the past, animes I watched, old MFC times, friends and more that put up the entire picture translated into feelings. Emotions that are still there, but memories that are only left. Luckily the future will still bring good times.
Vor 1 Jahr
It's interesting topic :D And hello there another fellow Madoka enthusiast! <3
Tbh I've never cried over figure but when I look at my collection it makes me feel happy and satisfied. Especially ITEM #80278 - she's my favourite since I got her~ She's small and cute and always brings me joy when I look at her :3
Vor 1 Jahr
I had a situation where I fell over a step stool and that caused my to break my Clank on my Gaming Heads Ratchet and Clank statue. That has been a top favorite of mine for a long time. I actually got so upset I started hitting my knee and grabbed my hair. But after I vented out that frustration, I proceeded to repair it as best I could. Life is suffering. Life is pain. But it is only through pain we come to understand what pleasure is. Embrace the darkness so you can see the light. Something something deep meaningful quote things.
Vor 1 Jahr
when it comes to figures ive only ever cried when i broke a figure i was sentimental about LOL but your comment about crying over seeing a dog - i do that all the time omg i just start tearing up for no reason :<
Vor 1 Jahr
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