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reasons behind your holy grails/favorite figures!reasons behind your holy grails/favorite figures!

tacholatacholaVor 9 MonatenAsk MFC
(つω`*) hello everyone!! it's been a while since i posted on here but i've been getting back into anime/figures in general so i wanted to say hi to you all~~ now, onto the article!!

everyday more and more figures are announced, painted, and finally released. from those mountains of figures that are listed on this site there stands that one, ultimate figure that makes you so happy every time you look at it!! for some it's something like the Ultimate Madoka figure by gsc that is the #1 in popularity, but for others its a small trading figure by some obscure company for an even more obscure visual novel!!

for me it would definitely have to be Ques Q's Yuyuko Saigyouji figure ITEM #102204 ♥♥♥ touhou is one of my favorite games and yuyuko is one of my favorite characters from touhou, so it's a win win there. everything about this figure itself is just gorgeous!! the translucent butterflies, her pose, her face, the way the base connects with the butterflies..............aaaah @__@ !!! i can't stop looking at this figure! it's my favorite of all time for sure.

so, what about you guys?? whatever the figure / reason is, i'd love to hear everyone's favorite figure and why it's their favorite!

EDIT: some are wondering whether this is regarding owned/not owned. this article is for both!! go wild and talk about whatever figure it is that makes you love this hobby!
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I just recently purchased ITEM #113679 and it has to be my ultimate favorite figure. She isn't a fancy or super expensive one, but I've always felt that she was made really well! From her pose, to the little details in her clothing, I'm always blown away.

Whenever I take the time to look at her, she looks like she's truly a cute magical girl and I feel like I'll turn into one too!!
Vor 9 Monaten
I haven't collected much but I guess from the figures I own, my holy grail is item/331624#tab.... When I saw a Klaus figma was announced during a Wonfes, I didn't know who the character was but wanted any figure of him that already existed. So I looked through the database and was mostly interested in this figure by Kotobukiya. But before I brought this figure, I watched the anime, which only made me love this character even more. Once I ordered him, I was scared because the first website I ordered him from apparently emailed me saying they didn't have him in stock anymore. There was only one website left that had him at the time so I brought him for $77 after shipping. I feel like I jumped the gun on him since I now see him for 4000 Yen on mandarake, but I'm okay with that because I love him regardless. c:

My second owned holy grail is Dollfie Dream Haruka ITEM #98510. I only have her head for now, but plan of saving up for a body soon. I've known about dollfie dreams for some time now, but they're so expensive I feel like I'm probably gonna have to wait a few years until I can really dive into buying or collecting them. Out of all of them, Haruka looked the cutest to me, but her fullset is extremely expensive so I thought to only look for her set (head, wig, outfit) in parts. After graduating from high school, I received a bunch of gift money and saw someone was selling her head for a fair price so I brought and am glad that I did. c:

As for un-owned holy grails, I guess ITEM #198600 and ITEM #589806. I like Maou because there's hardly any figures of girls wearing overalls. Also, she's holding a basket of potatoes, and who wouldn't love that. I don't know much about the character, but love the whole farm girl concept of the figure. As for the other figure, Yu gi oh GX is my favorite of all the yu gi oh series. I never expected a figure of this character and can't wait to see it painted. ^-^
Vor 9 Monaten
Stalking Loli hunter
My most favorite figure of my whole collection is ITEM #19059 without a doubt.
She doesn't have the highest quality or the most intricate pose/details, but she just melts my heart. She is so simple and adorable... There is no cutest figure in existence. I love her to bits and always will :D
Vor 9 Monaten
My collection is still nothing in comparison to most on here but ITEM #264423 is one of my grails because I saw him before I began collecting these types of figures and thought "ah, I wish I could have something like that." I had just gotten back into (I should say had the time for) watching anime and Tokyo Ghoul was 1 of the 2 I really loved. Gangsta was the other, so ITEM #394471 was my other grail. I'm over the moon to own them and thankful I can afford this hobby. They kind of remind me where I was before and where I am now in life. ITEM #73738 and Sideshow's Premimum Arkham Asylum Joker are my current "dream grails."
Vor 9 Monaten
Holy grails are items you do not own, but dying to get.

My first grail was Spawn i95. But we're talking about jap stuff here so...
ITEM #22611 then ITEM #39597
I was hunting both for months, they always sold out in the last second.
trying to get these atm:
ITEM #42109 too expensive, waiting for a rerelease
ITEM #195660 too expensive, waiting for a rerelease
ITEM #177594 completely gone.
ITEM #29450 can't justify buying it.
Vor 9 Monaten
Rajke Ca fanatic
The figure i own that i see as my grail was ITEM #205515 till i found ITEM #5780 . This figure was the reason i started with collecting. And after a long search it is and i think it stays my #1 holy grail.

The grail that i don't know was more difficult. First thing in mind is ITEM #440179 but that is for now a very big (not to be confused with huge or impossible) dream. If you can't dream big there is no chance you can accomplish it. But to be more realistic ITEM #42129 . It is a somewhat older figure with a great expression. The shocking intimidating and cute appearance is what i like about this figure.
Vor 9 Monaten
I don't have many figures yet... But if I had to choose, it'd be ITEM #93921 for a kinda sentimental reason. Four years ago, I discovered and binge-watched HxH 2011 and I loved Killua to death. Some months after that, I had to have a back surgery for a severe scoliosis. It hurt like hell to be honest, I was tired of it all and I had to spend some more time in the hospital due to complications. One day, my mom came in with a package and said it was from my brother; when I opened it, it was this figure right there (and I literally cried). I think I will never sell him or ever give him away because there's just too much meaning right there aaaah

Other than that, I really like ITEM #166616. She's just too pretty and there's something about her expression and pose I never get tired of, each time I look at her. I also hope I'll be able to afford ITEM #455586 one day because I think I'm in love.
Vor 9 Monaten
Korlax (Vor 9 Monaten) #22296899ITEM #5780 i first read ros+vamp when i was 6 i think and i loved it so much like i had fanart covering my walls for years, fetus me would punch me so hard if she knew i didnt own it.
second is my other childhood love ITEM #119376 i found out about him mid 2015 and i wanted him so bad but he was just sold out everywhere, and then i missed his re release which im still upset over. I think if i ever where to find him for a decent price i would actually cry i want him so bad.
oh also tsume ace ITEM #486535, when he got revealed i honestly cried, over both his price and just because im a emotional wreck about him

Regarding Bakura, he's on Solaris Japan for a great price, not much more than his release price! He's only $106 brand new and he's $94 pre-owned!

Vor 9 Monaten
My first true grail was ITEM #146 and I searched at least 3 years before I ended up buying it. I first saw it when I had watched the anime and fell in love with it and desperately trying to find merch for it (there's almost nothing that isn't insanely hard to find) so I saw this figure on Amazon for just over £100. I wasn't collecting figures at the time so as much as I loved it, I couldn't justify spending that much on a plastic figure. little did I know I'd be selling my soul to them and spending much more years later To be honest, the idea of getting a brand new one for around £100 is pretty amazing these days but I found one in good condition on Mandarake for 10k and snapped it up.

My second grail became ITEM #326325 after I watched the anime and was incredibly touched by it and fell in love with that series too. The character of Joe became really special to me and when I saw this figure I was amazed by the high quality sculpt and I really liked this version because it seemed to bring Joe's fight to life. It became a grail because it was incredibly hard to find, seriously this thing was impossible to track down on any retail stores online, Mandarake only had records of selling it a very long time ago (when it came out, I presume) and I stalked YAJ for months every day for it. I ended up finding an auction there and bid hastily for it, I was willing to pay quite a lot for it but in the end I got it for under retail price and in perfect condition!

My final grail ITEM #506758 was a grail before it even existed, because it was a dream of mine to own a Dark Souls 1 figure and especially Artorias. It was a dream I never imagined would become a reality because at the time Dark Souls had only one figure for the second game as part of the collectors set and DS1 is getting old although the fans are still dedicated. There was almost no merch for the series in general so I didn't get my hopes up. But out of nowhere, the floodgates opened and suddenly Soulborne figures everywhere, opening up first of all with this beyond beautifully sculpted and impressive Artorias. I jumped on the pre-orders the day he went up and I couldn't have wished for anything better.
Vor 9 Monaten
All of my figures are Holy Grails, kinda; but some probably are more than others.

ITEM #109879 was the first. Iskandar is my favorite male Servant and favorite Servant overall, on equal terms with the Holy Maiden. I immediately liked him when I first read the LN's translations. His badass über-manly high-octane testosterone-fueled design to the opposite of what his historical counterpart looked like, his awesome NP, his father/son-like relation with Waver and the fact he turned him from a meek wimp into a man. I was more than happy whgen the anime was announced and aired, and even more when I saw Megahouse's figure. My only complaints would be that he is a little too static and that his face is a little off, otherwise he kicks metric tons of ass.

ITEM #4507 and ITEM #4508 were the second. I really like the Precure franchise series, some more than others (the only two I loathe are Heartcatch and Happiness Charge, who coincidently have an annoying spastic little gremlin with an ear-grating voice as the blue Cure; the jury hasn't delivered its verdict on Kirakira à la mode) and one of my favorite on equal terms with Go! Princess is the first one, Futari wa. I wanted the OG Cures and not their Max Heart selves because Nagisa was so much more cool with a bare midriff. My only real complaints would be (other than their age showing) that White doesn't stand well with only one peg in a foot and nothing more. When you see that she leans a little backwards due to her pose, the person that thought it was OK was a total moron and should have been fired no questions asked.

ITEM #298185 is the third. Jeanne is my favorite female Serant and favorite Servant overall, on equal terms with the King of Conquerors. When I first heard of the Apocrypha project, I "fell in love" with her design. So when it was axed and became a LN, I enjoyed reading the translations. To say that I'm hyped for the anime to air soon is an understatement.

Those are the ones I already have. Now, on the topic of those I don't.

ITEM #109859 and ITEM #464829, mainly because I want Rider to have his Master and that I love dark personae/evil counterpart stuff so the alter ego of Ruler is must-have for me.

Finally, the ones that are on my wishlist are also all Holy Grails, most being figures I really want and that I will try to have one day or another. I would like to talk about them but I'm afraid it'd make my post twice or thrice as long, so I think this will be my final sentence for this post.
Vor 9 Monaten
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