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May 2017 Loot and Birthday Loot -- AND A GRAILMay 2017 Loot and Birthday Loot -- AND A GRAIL

agentmozellagentmozellVor 9 MonatenLoot
Hey MFC, what's up? This is a very late May loot post haha I almost had half the mind to not do it, but in the end I wanted to make one to bring a sense of normalcy in my life (since right now it is not normal at all.

May was full of great goodies for all! A lot of it was released later on in the month which was hell for my poor paycheck weeps. But I somehow managed!

I'm going to be doing something different with this loot post, I usually like to show off everything from figure to goods, but this time I'm going to stick with the figure side of it. Mostly because I'm having to sell a lot of my "goods" in order to help with my family financially..and to fund my car repair costs. Just in general May and the beginning of June were not good for me. But hopefully it'll get better!!

Now to the figure galore.


I think I'll start with the items I had preordered this month. ♥ These were some that I was very excited to get that didn't get delayed (for once).

First up! The two figures that were released on/around my birthday.

♦ Stronger Hanairogoromo Kaito and Meiko ( ITEM #394593 & ITEM #394594 )



Back when Miku was first announced I was hesitant to preorder her because I didn't want to collect anymore Vocaloid figures unless I knew the full set was going to be completed (Senbonzakura, I'm looking at you!) So when I discovered that Kaito and Meiko were going to be made as well I immediately preordered all three at once. I also have Luka on preorder and I'm (im)patiently waiting for protos of Rin and Len. For me this will be the first complete Vocaloid set I have and I was really excited to see they had gone with the two underrated Vocaloids after Miku rather than skipping to Rin/Len or Luka.

This set is gorgeous and Kaito and Meiko def do not disappoint me. In fact, I think I may love them more than Miku. ♥ My one complaint about this series though is that they don't seem very stable on their bases. Meiko, for instance, wobbles a lot despite being fully secure on her base. I feel it would be better of both feet had pegs for this series. One minor complaint about Kaito I have is that I kinda wish he had some greenery too. I know his illustration doesn't show any, but I think just a little would've been a nice touch for him.

♦ GoodSmile Compnay Orange Rouge Touken Ranbu Mikazuki Munechika Co-De Awakened Version ( ITEM #451829 )



So for this one I participated in a GSC group order with Yokikana. I was a little nervous since it was my first group order with figures involved, but she was super polite and professional the entire time and I look forward to getting the Yuri K nendo when he releases!

As for the co-de itself, he's super cute. ♥ I don't think he's worth the price point, but at the same time I didn't want to chance the aftermarket since a lot of people wanted him. I did find he was a little awkward to place on the stand to pose correctly, but after I got it he looks amazing. Especially next to his Uchiban co-de. I kinda hope they do other TR co-des in the future since there are a lot of sword boys and my poor nendo box collection just keeps growing @@ My poor room.

♦ GoodSmile Company Orange Rouge Touken Ranbu Sayo Samongi Nendoroid ( ITEM #451828 )



And here comes the last of the preordered figures I had for May. When I first saw him (before I watched the anime) I thought his design was weird and I couldn't figure out why people wanted him over, say, Mutsunokami or Yasuda. Then I finished the anime and I just knew I had to have him and thankfully, preordered him just before Hobby Search closed preorders. He's adorable and makes the perfect addition to my TR collection. ♥

I will say that his tomato should have a peg to attach to his hand because right now the slightest touch will make it fall. And its weird trying to balance his hat on his head without a magnet (like they have for Chuuya or the other nendos with hats), but otherwise, I love him and I'm so happy I managed to snag a preorder.

♦ GoodSmile Company Bungo Stray Dogs Chuuya Nakahara and Dazai Osamu Nendoroids ( ITEM #463240 & ITEM #396850 )



While Sayo was the last preorder I had for May, I took over XxHaruMakoxX preorders for both Dazai and Chuuya. I was super happy to find someone giving up their preorders since I discovered BSD right before both were released (or even announced for rerelease) and there was no way in heck that I was shelling out 120 USD each for nendoroids from places that were jacking up the preorder prices. I kinda debated putting them in April's loot post, but since they didn't get to me until May I decided I'd put them in here instead haha

So thank you XxHaruMakoxX! I sincerely love them both. ♥

♦ GoodSmile Company Love Live Kotori Minami Opening Nendoroid ( ITEM #218634 )



So this nendoroid I actually use to have but then had to sell a long time ago. I missed her greatly and decided to buy her again as a birthday gift. I found her on here for a very reasonable price, unfortunately I lost the name of the user that sold her to me. ;; I'm so sorry! Thank you still if you happen to read this!!

This is one of those series that I hope GSC makes co-des for because there are so many outfits for Love Live and I would love to collect some of my favorites (like No Brand Girls or Snow Halation) in co-de form! They're smaller than scales so they wouldn't take up much room at all. But ah, that must be a dream now with Aquors.

♦ Tsume HQS Fairy Tail Gray Fullbuster and GoodSmile Company Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru ( ITEM #202346 and ITEM #287702 )



I don't know how I managed this one in May to be honest, but when I saw that Mltms was selling Gray I just knew deep down that I had to get him then, otherwise there wouldn't be another chance. I did some serious budgeting and after going back and forth with Mltms a couple times we came to an agreement that would get me both Gray and Kogi for a very fair deal. They even allowed me to pay in two parts!

Gray is very cool, dynamic, and heavy, I was so afraid to display him at first because I didn't want him to fall. But eventually I found a good, and safe place to display him in all his glory. In my opinion, he's way better than the GSC one just for his pose! I have the Tsume Genos on preorder and I def look forward to his release in November. Anyone else looking forward to him? Hopefully by then I'll have a display figured out haha Otherwise he may be living in his box a bit.

Kogi was also very cute! I was really happy that Mltms noticed I was looking for him and offered to sell him along with Gray. I have to admit that I love the unique way you put him on the base. But what I didn't like was that his fox didn't really want to display on his own. I tried for about ten minutes to get him to stand with no success. Eventually I just settled for balancing him on Kogi's head. Maybe I'll make a little something later for him. Who knows.

♦ empty Fire Emblem Awakening Chrom Chara Forme ( ITEM #236424 )



So this was a grail of mine that I had been looking for for a very, very long time. It was something that I had the chance to buy at one point, but passed it up, not knowing that he would later be 200 USD or more. There was another seller here, that I won't name, that I had asked for a shipping quote on. I told them that I didn't care about the international prices because I really wanted him. They said they would get me the quote and then hours later said "oh hey I sold him to someone else I guess he's really popular lol good luck!" (okay, maybe not those exact words, but def along the lines)

I was pissed. I had messaged them immediately when they listed the ad and I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find him for a good price (they were selling him for 35 pounds or something). My friend tried to comfort me and say that we could find him in Japan, but I was losing hope since everywhere he was ridiculously overpriced and I refused to pay 200-500 bucks on something barely bigger than a nendoroid.

That's when blitzscreig Pmed me. Since I had just sent the first payment for the Tsume Gray and I had to put aside money for my family my budget was tight but I still asked him how much Chrom would be and shipping to my zip code. To my utter shock he was only selling Chrom for 25 bucks! Shipping was only 8 more so I jumped on it right away. That was too good a deal to pass up. I did some quick budgeting and, as if the figure gods were smiling upon me, I sold something on Depop which eased my bank account even more.

I bought him right away and almost cried when the package arrived. ; v; He's proudly displayed in my display case and I vowed to never let another FE figure go unbought, because you never know what could happen in the after market.

♦ Kotobukiya Love Live kotori Minami Natsuiro egao de 1 2 Jump! Version ( ITEM #166884 )



This is one of those moment when I appreciate what great friends I have. ;; This was a birthday present from my friends Hero and J and I just about cried when they gave her to me along with other goodies. Kotori is my favorite and they always get me a prize figure of her so when I saw this I was like "THATSTOOMUCHMONEY" and freaked out a little. In my mind I can always spend my money on them, but they shouldn't spend money on me. I always feel like an awkward duck when they do, but in reality I'm so freaking happy and overwhelmed.

She sits proudly on my shelf. ♥ I'll admit that it was a little hard to position her right so her hands wouldn't cover her face, but all the same she's adorable and I love her and my friends. ;;

Some honorable mentions are ITEM #331683 bought from Mirurin and two cute kitties ( ITEM #339128 & ITEM #483581 bought from Shaerileth. ♥

Thank you to everyone that I bought things from and thank you to everyone for reading this post. I hope you all have good vibes this month!
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Wonderful loot post!
Vor 9 Monaten
This is a great loot post! ^^ Happy birthday for when your birthday was ~ I really love your Kotori scale and nendoroid as well as the Mikazuki co-de! :)
Vor 9 Monaten
Kirenisa I am a collector!
very nice loot! I want that chrom! xD
Vor 9 Monaten
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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