Who did it better? Illya's Beast CostumeWho did it better? Illya's Beast CostumeReview

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TuckerboxTuckerboxVor 3 Jahren
Ich bin über 18
Just in case there was anyone wondering which cat girl they should pick up
On the right we have Broccoli's(B), based on one of the specials and released 10/2015 for ¥9,800. on the left is Aquamarine's(A) based on s1.tsuki-board.... this art and released 04/2017 for ¥11,000.

The first major difference is the colour between the two girls. A looks so much lighter, not only her skin but her costume looks grey in parts when compared to B's much richer looking colours.


Their face's are also a little different. B's looks rounder and more embarrassed while A's has a more awkward expression, as if shes just been walked in on by a family member.



Personally I love B's hair so much more, it looks so dynamic compared to A's. Though A's has nicer details.



Lets look at some of the differences in the costumes. Starting with the fur. Again I like B's better, it looks more like real fur while A's I guess was trying to go for the fluffy look but kinda reminds me of spilt concrete.



Lets check out her tail. Now here I think A is strides ahead of B. The way A's ribbon seems to constrict the tail (like it should because its fluffy and shit) looks much nicer than B's paint.



Looking at her paws we see all 6 toe beans are present and accounted for. Though A's annoy me because they aren't actually on her toes :/ also note A doesn't have any thigh highs. So minus 1000 points for A, taking away the only high I ever want.



The real difference in the costume is it's lewdness. It looks like ruby found a pair of scissors to make some adjustments to A's costume. personally like prefer B's design though I guess A's fits better with the other girls seeing as they have their butts out as well.



I also need to mention that B come with ruby and a base (well A does have a pillow base buts is way to big and awkward for how small she is).



So all in all personally I would say Broccoli did a better job, which is pretty disappointing considering how Aquamarine had such a clear benchmark. Not that I dislike her mind you, they still look really nice together. But if you are thinking of buying one A is really the only affordable option seeing how expensive B is now, unless of course money isn't an issue.

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darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Ok.. I just unpacked my Aq. Illya figure xD and I like it (except for no thigh highs).
- skin should light. Also to contrast her already light hair color. In B's version both are a bit darker.
- feet paw: it's just a cosplay paw. I actually don't like the B's version.
- no mention of the white cushion base in this article.
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Stalking Loli hunter
I think it's an easy win for Aquamarine. Although I like what Broccoli was going for, the strong colors and the roundness of her face seem cheap to me.

The delicate face sculpt in Aquamarine, plus her bodyline and soft coloring takes the cake.
I DO have a bias for kneeling figures though, but I've seen both in person and I rather have Aquamarine's all the way.

Thanks for the comparison!
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
They both have their strong features. The Aquamarine has the nice face expression, pale skin coloring and the nicer post. Broccoli has the Better hair sculp, nicer ribbons, outfit and tail. Ehhh Both are nice in their own way. The way Illya looks is almost the opposite from each other but both are showing the character nicely.
Vor 3 Jahren
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
I prefer Broccoli's even though I think Aquamarine's is cleaner.
I think it's more bang for a buck since she looks nice and dynamic, but that's not to say Aquamarine's is nice too. I haven't a clue about this character but I think if she was stoic a lot of the time, I might actually prefer Aquamarine's since I also like the "true to character" factor!
Vor 3 Jahren
Definitely prefer Broccoli's and also I'd be annoyed if they removed such a big element of one of my favorite character's outfit. I do think they are both really nice figures though.It's so nice to have variety!
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MC707 Rage your dream
I'm also a thighhigh lover but Aquamarine really did an amazing job with Ilya's sculpt. I also like the pose much better, and the fact that I could buy her without cringing too hard about the price. The base on Broccoli's looks really really good, but Aquamarine's doesn't technically even need one so it's all good.
Vor 3 Jahren
Aquamarine without hesitation all day every day. Ilya looks like some kind of albino, so pale skin suits her better.
Vor 3 Jahren
I think I favor the Broccoli one slightly more only because of the thigh-highs... That's a big thing to me. 3:
The colors on the Aquamarine one are SO much better though so it's almost a tie... But I have both so my heart will survive.
Vor 3 Jahren
Aquamarine did better for sure

better colors, better details, prettier eyes
Vor 3 Jahren
Thank god I bought both on their pre order release
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