Looking for Second Hand Game Shop In Sappora and TokyoLooking for Second Hand Game Shop In Sappora and TokyoAsk MFC

KiseKimikoKiseKimikoVor 3 Jahren
Hi i am planning my trip to Japan and how and wanted to visit some second hand shop in both Sapporo and Tokyo.

I mainly want to visit there was to buy a japanese 3ds console and some Japanese 3ds games(Ace attorney Series) I was wondering which shop is a better place to visit ? Thank you
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
In Akiba, Surugaya is a great shop. They have 3 separate shops in the area and one is dedicated to second hand games.
Vor 3 Jahren
Super Potato was a pretty great store, not sure about their range of newer games, but they stocked a whole bunch of old games! www.superpotato...
Definitely worth a visit for unique games.

Yodabashi Camera has a whole bunch of different electronics and they do have quite a few 3DS games, consoles and accessories as well! www.yodobashi.c...
Hope I helped a bit!
Vor 3 Jahren
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
I bought my secondhand ps4 from Gamers in Akihabara, which was an awesome store, has a lot of new things too though.
Vor 3 Jahren
Book Off is a decent shop - there are plenty around at least in Tokyo and it's hard to miss them. I can't speak for other shops but there are also plenty others selling used video games and consoles like Trader #2 etc.
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