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What exactly is the purpose of clear files?What exactly is the purpose of clear files?

DaichukiyoDaichukiyoVor 2 JahrenDiary
Hi everyone! This is my first blog post here, so please excuse me if it looks like I have no idea what I'm doing, because I really don't. ***Please note that this post is written in a humorous tone so please do not take it too seriously, this is just a little fun to try and get to know the community.

This story began exactly one year ago when I went to Japan for the first time. This is where I first came across the illusive anime 'clear file'. I thought: what a strange object! Why are there so many different kinds and why are they absolutely everywhere? Being the anime merch junkie I am, I went ham in the anime stores and ending up buying a heap of them to take home with me without knowing what they actually were. It was when I arrived home and opened a few of them up, that I came across a problem: what the actual heck do I do with these things?

This leads to my question: What exactly is the purpose of clear files? Apart from their obvious use as a piece of stationery for storing pieces of paper, is there anything else you can actually do with them? Do you display them? Do you frame them? Do you use them as frisbees? Are they bribery to convince the otaku next door to lend you their dvd's? Do you burn them as an offering to your husbando/waifu? (Do not try this at home kids!!!) Or do you put them at the bottom of your drawer under endless piles of anime merch never to be seen again? Am I missing something? Is there some secret purpose behind them that I do not know about?

So, what do you use clear files for? I would love to hear what you guys do with them, because I have a heap that I still have no idea what to do with.

Thanks for reading! ;)
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What do you use clear files for?

  • 25%To store my pieces of paper duh!
  • 35%To display them in some way
  • 3%To burn as a sacrifice for husbando/waifu
  • 0%Other
  • 13%put them at the bottom of your drawer under endless piles of anime merch never to be seen again
  • 2%To store tacos
  • 5%The only ones I have are from TOM, and idk where they even are
  • 6%I put them in special folders for clearfiles
  • 11%Came here wondering the same and now stealing the idea for detolf backgrounds
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You pretend to buy them to store papers in and then stash them away in a drawer, of course!
Vor 2 Jahren
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i hung mine on my bed and use them to store printed song lyrics *thumbsup*
Vor 1 Jahr
I hang mine on my walls like little posters.
Vor 2 Jahren
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
I ordered a few this Month and I display them on my wall.
Vor 2 Jahren
I only have one or two, and to be honest they're lost in one of my longboxes, buried among hundreds of comics. I really like the idea for using them in D&D though!
Vor 2 Jahren
I usually hang them on my walls as if they're posters. I also put white paper inside so back of the folder doesn't show through to the front.
Vor 2 Jahren
I used them to store my papers (duh!), but now that I don't use as much paper as I used to back in high school, it's just for display.
Vor 2 Jahren
I use them as backgrounds for my figures. I just bought ITEM #167012 and have a clear file of the reference art right behind him (this one order.mandarake...). It's kind of funny, it looks like he is imitating the pose.
I also have some of pokemon clear files that sometimes come with Namie's art books (ENCYCLOPEDIA #86218) , behind my pokemon figures.
Vor 2 Jahren
Pomelo (Vor 2 Jahren) #19407328H-Have you been spying on me?

Maybe... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Vor 2 Jahren
I display them but my favorite use is as a backdrop for my detolf's since they're themed shelves....my sports shelf has Free! clear files....my UtaPri shelf has my fave Starish members & so on....
Vor 2 Jahren
DaichukiyoOr do you put them at the bottom of your drawer under endless piles of anime merch never to be seen again?

H-Have you been spying on me?
Vor 2 Jahren
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