"A new year full of goodies" loot (January to April)"A new year full of goodies" loot (January to April)Loot

OmegaWerrierOmegaWerrierVor 3 Jahren
Hey, there guys and gals. Hope you're all doing well.

I've been doing ok, though with quite a bit of change lately. Lost 2 of my partner coworkers in 2 months (though I'm thankful for the first one being gone) and now my work hours passed from 20 to 40 hours a week (though temporarily, until they bring another guy from another store, I think...). And I'm sorry if I sound whiny, that's not the case. I'm actually happy in a way, though I'll have a whole lot more work and stress (being in charge of restocking a department of one of the most successful supermarkets in the whole country is quite stressful at times), the fact that my bosses are giving me this chance instead of placing someone from another department with me, means that they recognize I work well and could stay there past the end of my temporary contracts.

Anyhow, you're not here to listen me talk about my life. So, without any further ado, let's get rooooooght in my loot.

Obvious heavy picture blog warning is obvious.


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I don't know about you guys, but I sure love Pokémon Sun & Moon, I think they are really good entries to the series. Even though I liked the 6ºgeneration games, I didn't love them per se, they were lacking in many aspects, sun and moon fixed almost all of them (they're not perfect either though). So when I found out the Japanese Pokémon center would have an exclusive artbook of the games I had to get it. I found one on Ebay, and it's pretty cool, just kinda wish there were a few more pages.


From Ebay I also got a few other goodies - 2 figures (ITEM #440643,ITEM #72684), a clock (ITEM #62149) and a poster/cd set (ITEM #155714,ITEM #155713). These were my first prize figures, and I'm pretty happy with them, they look pretty good for their price, and Asuka is really big and heavy.



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After a few months without building any gunpla, and really enjoying the second season of Iron-Blooded Orphans, I decided to get a few more (ITEM #459652,ITEM #529207). I love Flauros design so much, I had to get him, and while at it, I got the equivalent of the Gunpla Nendoroid of Barbatos Lupus.


While browsing through Mandarake (which is pretty unusual for me), I came across ITEM #26961 for only 16€, so while ignoring wallet-chan, I ordered her. Thankfully customs didn't charge her even with her outrageous shipping cost (don't get me wrong, her box is HUGE).


She's beautiful, now I understand when people say Alter is the best in the market.


After pre-ordering her 6 months earlier, I finally received ITEM #396886. She's adorable beyond words... and a pain to pose like Sheeda.



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And then there were two... 2 Packages arrived in the same day (in fact they came in the same plane), one from Mandarake and one from HLJ.


The one from Mandarake was from my winnings at the urban auction (ITEM #34393,ITEM #401081) and ITEM #186886 which I got for cheap. I was especially happy about getting Nanoha for 1 yen, 1 FREAKING YEN! She DID have some color transfer from the golden parts to the dress, but I was able to clean it up and it looks ok, besides, she goes pretty good next to Fate.


From HLJ I received another Gunpla package, with a whole bunch of hobby supplies and ITEM #538799.


"He" was pretty fun to build, I took a weekend to assemble, panel line and do a bit of weathering to it.


My desk was a mess that weekend...


And the finished product:


In February I was looking at Japanese sweets sub boxes and came across Umai crate, a Japan sub box of noodles. I love noodles, so I figured I'd try it out. I can say, from what I've tasted, it's pretty good. (I know this isn't collecting related, but I figured I'd share since it is from japan :P)



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After what felt like an eternity in customs hell, two packages arrived at the end of the month - ITEM #41248 and ITEM #225343.


Kurumi is super adorable and badass, I love her ^_^
I've been busy with work, so I can't build Omnimon yet, but I'll show him off in the next loot.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you found it somewhat enjoyable.
By the way, I wanted to thank all of you who read and left kind comments on my Room tour blog BLOG #32443.
Until next time, OmegaWerrier out.

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okami34Vor 3 Jahren#20455290Out of all the pictures and items you had in them, I couldn't tear my eyes away from that Simpsons mousepad. XDAHAH XD I think this thing is almost as old as I am, but I still use it.
Vor 3 Jahren
Out of all the pictures and items you had in them, I couldn't tear my eyes away from that Simpsons mousepad. XD
Vor 3 Jahren
skaisnotdeadVor 3 Jahren#20346744I keep thinking I should do something like this where I keep track of what I buy month to month. I buy a lot through Big Bad Toy Store and use their "pile of loot service" to save on shipping. I have a box on the way to me from them now, but it's what I've bought from January t through this month.Keeping track of your monthly spendings and purchases is defiantly a good move, even though I've been kinda lazy with my tracking lately...
Vor 3 Jahren
I keep thinking I should do something like this where I keep track of what I buy month to month. I buy a lot through Big Bad Toy Store and use their "pile of loot service" to save on shipping. I have a box on the way to me from them now, but it's what I've bought from January t through this month.
Vor 3 Jahren
Rajke Ca Fanatic
OmegaWerrierVor 3 Jahren#20312428Thanks, I actually started Pokémon with Ruby (around 2009 I think) that a friend showed me through a emulator, dropped it for a few years a came back for Black and White in 2011.
The Pkmn Red cartridge you see (along with the GameBoy Pocket in the same photo) belonged to my cousin, which I got from him around the time I played Ruby.
I've must have played so many times with that cartridge, but it still works to this day (unlike the Game boy), and I still prefer playing through the Kanto region with it.

It brings back a lot of good memories. Started with Blue and i played every generation till Sun and Moon. And i still enjoy the franchise.
Vor 3 Jahren
OmegaWerrierVor 3 Jahren#20312428
Thanks (^_^)/ I may be a fellow collector, but I've never actually wathed Nanoha XD I've never got around to watching it. But I've admired Fate's figures ever sice I got into collecting.
And to let a beutifull Fate figure from Alter that goes for only 16€ pass you by... I'm not that brokeless. XD (Get it? Normaly it'd be heartless, but since it's collecting and you spend money, ahah...ah... I'll see myself out now...)

I only enjoyed the first two seasons, it hough the latest series (vivid) seems to be getting okay reception. She does always look so cool I agree. Though I often find them too glossy or of her adult self, which I don't enjoy.
I did just get in a nendoroid of her and nanoha in their school uniforms - so sweet!
Vor 3 Jahren
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I like the gundam model kit and the Code Geass princess. Euphemia looking robust as always lol
Vor 3 Jahren
Oh wow, I didn't even know Pokémon had artbooks since I've never seen them mentioned anywhere haha! The promo images I've seen of the Alola region are really gorgeous; I love seeing a lot of different Pokémon in one image that shows the variety of their environment. So that artbook cover is perfect!
Vor 3 Jahren
BlackSwordsman09Vor 3 Jahren#20323634Wow that gundam model kit looks amazing great job and that asuka figure is awesome as well. I noticed your pikachu plush, I have a big one that I found in the flea market a while ago for $1 and the cheeks light up red if you press the hand.Thanks ^_^ Mine doesn't do anything, but I've always had him, so he's special.
Vor 3 Jahren
MauxjediVor 3 Jahren#20313996I have actually! I'm still working on getting everything right, and taking pictures, but I'll be doing a mini-room tour soon I think. (mini because my room is tiny).
I look forward to seeing the finished model! I like how they look sort of used, and more like actual battle machines rather than the shiny perfect ones I see other people paint.
I'll look forward to your room tour then ^^
Vor 3 Jahren
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