Nov - Dec 2016 Loot (DMMd and THE CHiRAL NIGHT Haul)Nov - Dec 2016 Loot (DMMd and THE CHiRAL NIGHT Haul)Loot

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Hello, MFC!

It's finally end of the year~! \(^0^)/ Omg it's so hard to believe that I've been here for almost a year already. Feels like it was just yesterday when I first joined as a newbie (well, technically I’m still a newbie X'D). I remembered I started with Goods (0) because I've only collected mostly illustration books and some figures before. Never knew there were sooo many different types of goods lmao I still have a lot more to learn from this wonderful hobby~

Now, let's get started! This covers both my November and December loots so it will be yet another picture heavy and long post. Early November there were two awesome events held in Japan that I could only dream of going; THE CHiRAL NIGHT 10TH ANNIVERSARY and Animate Girls Festival 2016 (AGF 2016). I was really looking forward to N+C 10th Anniversary merchandises and I'm so glad they were later available for PO at Nitro+ Online Store *tears up* There were also tons of awesome goodies lined up for AGF 2016. Gah, I want everything from Libre! Here's some of my favourite news from AGF~

Gimme more boys!Free boys for all XD

MakoHaru ITEM #464652 I have mixed feelings about this figure. I mean I absolutely adored it when it was unpainted but somehow I'm just not feeling those...rather dull colours. I was expecting more of a pastel-like colours but I'll get it regardless since MakoHaru is my OTP. ^^ The water effects are really awesome though!


Makoto ITEM #460017 and Haru-chan ITEM #460018 now this totally blew my mind! Makoto is so freaking hot and Haru-chan looks really, really, really sexy~~ ♡q♡ Like hot dayum would you look at that midriff!


Sousuke ITEM #512119, Nagisa ITEM #512117 and Rei ITEM #512115 o.0 What a surprise from Hobby Stock and Alter! Fans have been dying for a figure of them and after such a long time, they finally announced these boys!



Oh. My. God. O.O The one that takes the cake though is Mink ITEM #512154 no doubt about it. How the heck did GSC and N+C managed to keep mum about him?? Not only did they announce Mink but they actually made a prototype of him. A coloured prototype! Ah~ God bless all these wonderful people who made these boys happen :')

P.S. Gimme the rest of the DMMd (Togainu, Lamento and sweet pool) boys and you'll have all my money!


November was a really slow month for me since I cracked my phone's screen (my stupidity caused me almost 150 USD >A<) and some figures got delayed like Native's Aoba got delayed to January and Naki to December so that leaves me with just FFXV and some miscellaneous POs.


I received Sakyou Aya's illustration book ITEM #502283 around middle of the month and boy, was it filled with tons of delicious sexy cat boys~♡

During the recent Hobby Search's sale, I got the remaining DMMd Kigurumi keychains for 50% off! Used RSAL to save even more money :P


Aoba ITEM #258064 Ren ITEM #258065 Clear ITEM #258067 Koujaku ITEM #258068 Mink ITEM #258069 Virus ITEM #258070 and Trip ITEM #258071

And that’s it for November. Yeah, it was a really slow month :'D Let’s move on to December~!


After ten long years, Final Fantasy XV was finally released on the 29th of November...man, there’s so much emotions with this game. It was announced way back in 2006 (I still remember seeing promotional posters for it during my first visit in Japan when it went by the name Final Fantasy Versus XIII) and the main reason I got a PS3 back then :'D

Well, it’s finally here now so that’s all that matters. Better late than never yeah? I got my copy of FFXV Deluxe Edition ITEM #417460 over the weekend and my parents even got me a PS4 as an early Christmas gift~

I really enjoyed the game a lot like one thing that really stood out was how relatable and endearing the characters were. For once, they feel idk...real? I mean they sneeze during the rain, enjoy eating together, take pictures, chase each other on the beach, the list goes on. It is these little details that I love so much. Oh, and I simply love the silly antics of these boys especially:

This seriously made my day.

I was looking at some random news when I came across an interesting article and found this. I never would’ve thought that Hanamichi’s prank could be found here. And I learned something new: it’s called kancho.

The pictures Prompto took and the camping meals cooked by Ignis are one of my favourite features of the game. Some of the photographs are just so cute~! And Ignis totally melted my heart when he explained why he enjoys cooking so much *swoons*


Toraware no Palm Musuem Exhibition was held from December 03, 2016 to December 11, 2016 at Animate Ikebukuro and I wanna go so badly! Look at all the exhibits and goods~ Especially this tapestry of my favourite illustration ITEM #516420 I NEED THIS!! I’m still kicking myself for missing the pre-orders...he sold out so quickly T^T

Ah, I just can’t get enough of BL~ The following week, I got Ten Count’s Vol.5 Toranoana bonus can badge folder ITEM #472999 , a manga and a bunch of clear files to be added to my collection. The Hidoku Shinaide clear file ITEM #439642 is too adorable to resist~ ^^


Kurose-kun~ ♡.♡

I think I'm beginning to have an addiction to clear files...I have too many clear files than I know what to do with but I can't help it when they’re so damn attractive!


I’m so glad I managed to get these clear files. Love these illustrations of Pink to Mameshiba ITEM #497960 and Caste Heaven ITEM #497956

Here’s the front:


But this is what I’m really looking for, lmao:


The Etranger series have one of the sweetest art I’ve ever seen and I simply had to get these clear files ITEM #522465 when I randomly found them one day.


What a cute stamp! ^^

These clear files were from PARCO x on BLUE event that commemorated on BLUE’s 5th anniversary event held at Kichijoji Parco.




Omg I need an artbook of Kanna-sensei’s works ;A; These are so gorgeous~

I absolutely love Saezuru and I’m always looking for BL with similar vibes and one day, I came across Natsume Kazuki-sensei’s Mods. While it may not be as good as Saezuru, the scenes between Shigure and Shiro tugged at my heartstrings and Shiro’s past really reminded me of Yashiro’s though the feelings are much stronger with Yashiro (I nearly cried at the latest chapter of Saezuru). I also liked how everything links together in the end like why the term cracks were used instead of chapters and the meaning behind the title M.O.D.S.

Hence, I got ITEM #469805 It’s a tiny wish of mine to one day have all the physical copies of the BL manga that I enjoyed reading but it’s not easy as most of the books are quite old already so I’ll try to take one step at a time :P



The next day, I finally received my long-awaited parcel and I’m really excited for one particular item (it’s pretty obvious which one lmao) but let’s start with Makoto :D


Makoto’s birthday clear files! ITEM #467065 and ITEM #467075





With this, my OTP is reunited~ Time to hunt for Makoto's birthday rubber strap! (^0^)9



I gotta admit that I got this magazine only for Haruto's poster X’D




The back of it is Yuri!!! on Ice poster. Too bad it's not Victor and Yuuri but Phichit is cute so I'm not complaining ^^

I was thrilled to be able to get THE CHiRAL NIGHT Nitro+ premium box ITEM #178387 for less than half of its retail price. I really wanted this because not only it bundled both THE CHiRAL NIGHT – Dive into DMMd – V1.1 and V2.0 concerts but it also comes with this lovely three-way box illustrated by Honyarara-sensei~


I won’t be able to attend THE CHiRAL NIGHT live concert anytime soon so this’ll do...for now X’D

Gah, such a beautifully designed box~



Here’s a close-up of the lovely illustration:



Now, let’s take all the contents out!



Apart from the Blu-rays and DVDs, there’s also a bonus Material Disc and a booklet with Naitou-kun which was illustrated by Yamada Uiro-sensei.




I really like the little icon designs on the discs ^^


Seriously, this boy needs more merch and a scale figure, pronto.

Up next is Nakigitsune ITEM #331503 I see AmiAmi's getting into the Christmas mood already eh? :D


I have no idea why Naki needs this warning whereas Kogi had more fragile hair parts lmao


I got too excited and completely forgot to take pictures of Naki’s box XP


Naki’s menpou is painted perfectly and I really love how we get a little peak at his lips~



I simply can't get enough of his cute pose!




Jiji came out to play with the foxes.




Naki kinda looks like a love child of Kogi and Jiji with just the three of them >.<


This next parcel makes it my first forwarded parcel as it was my first time ordering directly from Animate and using forwarding services. It looks a little daunting at first but it wasn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. Really wished I’d try it out a lot sooner.

The funny thing was how perfect the timing was when it got delivered to me. I used RSAL and I assumed it would take a longer time to arrive but it took only like two weeks lmao. My family and I were preparing to head out to the airport that day for our trip and the delivery guy arrived just minutes before we were leaving. Talk about coincidence! XD

And so off we went to Bangkok, Thailand~! Ah, the City of Angels. It’s been years since I last visited like in 1999 I think idk I can’t really remember :'D We went from 15/12/2016 till 19/12/2016 and it was a really nice trip overall though my feet were killing me from all that walking.

It was already very late by the time we reached the Suvarnabhumi International Airport so the first day was pretty much just travelling lmao. The next day, we visited the Grand Palace which apparently is a must-visit when you’re in Bangkok. I can see why because it is such a stunning place. The architecture is beautiful and simply amazing. Do take note that if you're visiting, they are rather strict on dress code when you enter the palace grounds and temples (no shorts and sleeveless tops for both men and women).


The highlight of the Grand Palace ought to be Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) for its beauty. I was awed by the design of the entire structure that was made up of thousands (if not millions) of mosaics and tiles and stepping into the hall itself was simply breathtaking. No pictures were allowed inside the hall so I took the hallway outside instead.


The Chakri Maha Prasat building.

After that, we went straight to MBK Center to have our lunch and oh, the tom yum soup at the food court was delicious! But of course I did not come here just to eat~ ;D It was to visit Animate Bangkok Store!

Animate is located on the seventh floor of MBK Center and is within walking distance from the National Stadium train station and other shopping malls such as Siam Center and Siam Paragon so it’s really easy to get there.

The highlight of this trip~~!! (for me at least ^^)

The Wall of Shikishi



Omg, I never expected to find Kazahaya and Rikuo here! ♡.♡


It should be a crime that Gin no Saji is not published in English yet.


Ah, the glorious rows and rows of goodies~ If only I could get everything T^T








I was waiting to pay for my items and I was stunned when I saw the prizes for Dakaretai Ani Kuji all lined up neatly at the wall behind the cash registers. The first to grab my attention was Takato's smexy face *q*

Omg I want these lovely towels!

I've seen several YAJ listings for these towels before but they were going for quite a lot so I kinda gave up getting them. There ain't no way imma pay 20,000 JPY for these as much as I want them. But since I'm here, why not try my luck?

And I won the Prize A towels on my first try!! --

-- if only that was the punch line lmfao

Nah, I won the Prize D can badges instead. And they were blind packages laid out in a basket for me to choose. No surprise though since I never had any luck in these things (gashapons, lucky draws, blind boxes etc) OTL

I got these on my first visit:


A Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth clear file ITEM #356716 , an adorable Dakaretai clear file ITEM #510718 (I panicked a little when my mum asked are those two actually guys and commented that they looked so loving together X'D) and a pack of Dakaretai pashacollet ITEM #511158

Oh and the can badge turned out to be ITEM #510715

During my second visit to Animate before flying home on Monday, I got:


Shinji and Kaworu clear files ITEM #529273 ITEM #533903 and Dakaretai notebooks ITEM #510910

Not wanting to give up on the Dakaretai Ani Kuji just yet, I took another shot at it but my heart sanked when I saw that Takato was gone and only Junta was left. Someone must've won him over the weekend or something ;A; 

While I was lost in thought about Takato, I absent-mindedly drew two slots and the lady cashier said "Oh, I'm sorry" sadly when she saw that both slots were for D prizes. The can badges were ITEM #510716 and ITEM #510717


Overall Thailand trip loot

Let's see my latest addiction the clear files first!



This one immediately caught my attention with its bright bold colours.





There were tons of Kaworu goodies at the Evangelion Store but I couldn't go over my budget since I had more crap than I thought for December T^T



Oh, they look so lovely together~~♡






*drools* Takato~ ♡q♡

Up next is the pashacollet.



I really regretted not pre-ordering the whole box when I had the chance! >A<

One packet of pashacollet contains three photos.



I didn't really have a good look at them when I was in Thailand but upon closer inspection, they're really tiny lmao


Well, at least I have all three types of can badges without duplicates. That in itself is rather cool yeah? ;D And Takato looks so delicious *q*

My lovely Dakaretai loot ^^


Remember the parcel that arrived right before my trip? Well, I uh- got even more clear files but this is special! Finally I got me some proper official merch of Toraware no Palm. Well, not to say the brochures and posters don't count but they were more like extras / bonuses rather than goods so yeah :'D

Haruto clear files ITEM #480831 , ITEM #480832



And Aoi clear files ITEM #500654 , ITEM #500655




Another parcel arrived the next day we came back which was awesome because it brings home my copy of FFXV Complete Official Guide Collector's Edition bundled with a very cool lithograph ITEM #524681



My mini FFXV collection thus far ^^




The boys seemed very excited for the guide book :D

A day after Boxing Day, I finally received my Christmas present from myself X'D

Overall loot for the day.




So freaking adorable!! Nyanko-sensei ITEM #468620 is so soft and fluffy~~ I initially wanted the bigger one but in the end, I decided to get the medium sized one instead.

YES!! Finally my Nitro+ Online Shop orders have arrived. Ah, I can barely contain my excitement as I opened it~♡






THE CHiRAL NIGHT 10th Anniversary goodies!!!

Everything looks so awesome. I don’t even know where to start! *heavy breathing*

I’ll start with the keyholders then and since I’m trash for Nitro+CHiRAL, it goes without saying that I got all of them.

Akira ITEM #500306

Konoe ITEM #500294

Youji ITEM #500295

Aoba ITEM #500292

Naitou-kun ITEM #500293

They’re all so fucking adorable and oh, gotta love those crazy eyes! I know its Yupon’s signature eyes but damn, these look crazier than usual and I LOVE it!





I had to get two sets of these gorgeous clear files ITEM #500290


Such a stunning visual.

This pamphlet ITEM #500258 is worth every yen I paid imho. The cover is really shiny with some sort of glossy metallic finish to it and I really enjoyed the contents from the commentaries to the illustrations (so colourful and vibrant).


Aww...how cute.


Yamada Uiro-sensei’s sexy Naitou-kun!



These are some of my favourite illustrations. Onitsuka Seiji-sensei’s art is so captivating~♡

Next are the CHiRAL NIGHT 10th Anniversary trading badges.

They somehow look like...condoms


There are a total of 10 designs (five character portraits and five chibis) and since these are blind packaged again, I really hope that I can have at least both designs of Aoba (please!).

Okay, here goes nothing!


As you can see, this was exactly how I opened them from the extreme right working towards the left:

Chibi Akira ITEM #500307

Chibi Konoe ITEM #500308

Youji ITEM #500314

Konoe ITEM #500316

Naitou-kun ITEM #500312

While I was opening them up one-by-one, I started getting restless as I still have not gotten any Aoba can badges even after opening half of the lot (I got 10 units which was the maximum allowable quantity per person). Honestly if it weren’t for that limit, I would’ve gotten at least 20 to further boost my chances of getting Aoba and perhaps a complete set (>A<)

Moving on, I got:


Chibi Naitou-kun ITEM #500311

Chibi Youji ITEM #500309

Naitou-kun?! Well, there goes my hope of getting a complete set...

Chibi Youji??!! NOOO!!! Where’s my Aoba? Don’t tell me I didn’t get a single Aoba at all?! *cries*

I frantically opened the last blind package and--

Chibi Aoba ITEM #500310

Sigh~ At least I have a Chibi Aoba.



That means I have the complete chibi badges but I am missing the portrait badges of Akira ITEM #500315 and Aoba ITEM #500313 OTL


And the last parcel to end the year ^^ With my recent addiction to clear files, I've been wanting some clear file folders so I can browse through my collection easily and luckily I found these UtaPri folders ITEM #504978 and ITEM #504982






I have a soft spot for characters with heterochromia iridium idk why =ω= 

Last but definitely not least, Genos ITEM #370230 the naive Demon Cyborg from One Punch Man.






Oh, look at the little apron and broom. So cute~



He's really fun to pose and the joints are a lot easier to handle than Raiden.


The flame effects look like pom-poms from this angle.

Fight-o, sensei!

And that's all for December. It was supposed to be a small loot for this month but somehow, I kept spamming the "Add to Cart" icon and it just felt so right to be wrong especially with the festive season when its so damn easy to overspend lmao

Native Aoba finally has a confirmed release date (D-Day is January 18th, 2017 people!) and its just three weeks away! OMFG I can't wait to have him!!! Come to me, Aoba~ ♡.♡

Thank you very much for reading as always. Till next time, MFC. Take care :D

Wishing everyone at MFC Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~♡



29 Dec 2016
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SekhmetVor 3 Jahren#17228773Such a good haul, I can't believe I missed this! Where to start? All this lovely merch. So much BL! That Kuroneko Kareshi book is quite lovely! They're practically naked in it lololol. I had no idea Thailand had so much anime merch, looks like you had fun and hand quite the eyeful! I'm really surprised to see BL items there, but what a nice surprise! I see Super Lovers merch in there too ;) And the clear files you got! Ooohhh I love Sick by Kurahashi, everything she writes seems to be filled with cuteness and beauty T_T And Naki looks great! I still gotta get him, I've decided not to PO the TR figures anymore, will wait for release to get them. And my oh my! The Toraware no Palm merch! Are those clear files still available anymore? Just too beautiful~ Who is that guy in all black holding the apple in the pic with the Girls Style mag? Kinda looks like Cecil lol
And wow. I wish I was in Noct's place in that happy holidays pic. Gimme gimme more Gladi <3

I was really surprised myself! It was completely different from my last visit but then again, it was more than ten years ago so yeah haha and I had a great time there. Will definitely visit again if I had the chance ^^ I won't be PO'ing them too (Jiji's massive price drop still hurts till this day T^T) Haruto is still available at E-Capcom www.e-capcom.co... and Aoi is still available at Animate www.animate-onl... There are some listings in YAJ and Surugaya too www.suruga-ya.j... www.suruga-ya.j... Haha I have no idea who is that as well but he looks kinda cool XD OMG FFXV is such a blast to play! The things they randomly say can be so hilarious like when we visited one particular place, Prompto was commenting what a romantic place it is and Gladio replied "Yeah and you get to enjoy with us guys". And here comes the best part - "The three of us." said Ignis lmfao I love these boys :')
Vor 3 Jahren
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Such a good haul, I can't believe I missed this! Where to start? All this lovely merch. So much BL! That Kuroneko Kareshi book is quite lovely! They're practically naked in it lololol. I had no idea Thailand had so much anime merch, looks like you had fun and hand quite the eyeful! I'm really surprised to see BL items there, but what a nice surprise! I see Super Lovers merch in there too ;) And the clear files you got! Ooohhh I love Sick by Kurahashi, everything she writes seems to be filled with cuteness and beauty T_T And Naki looks great! I still gotta get him, I've decided not to PO the TR figures anymore, will wait for release to get them. And my oh my! The Toraware no Palm merch! Are those clear files still available anymore? Just too beautiful~ Who is that guy in all black holding the apple in the pic with the Girls Style mag? Kinda looks like Cecil lol

And wow. I wish I was in Noct's place in that happy holidays pic. Gimme gimme more Gladi <3
Vor 3 Jahren
yuuichisanVor 3 Jahren#17164415This post kill me. ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL BOYS I CAN'T HANDLE IT ALLLLL
Especially those Nitro Chiral 10th anniversary OMG
I want it. I need it.
and that Kurose. MMMMMMMMMMM
and here I am looking at the store....
may I ask how much was your shipping? :'D

Sexy boys will always be the death of me alongside yaoi and BL :'D
Did you mean Nitro+ Online Store? For the International store, they only ship using EMS and the flat shipping rates differ by country. You can refer here nitroplus-globa... Although I sometimes order from the Japanese store since they offer free domestic shipping for purchases above 5000 JPY or if I just want to order a few stuff. Feel free to ask me anything!
Vor 3 Jahren
TigerChanVor 3 Jahren#17150342You have some much great stuff there *-*
That is the first time I've seen the kancho animation, but I also really enjoyed the interactions between the characters. But Ignis' "That's it!" sometimes felt a little bit... tactless :'D It's not my favorite FF but it is still a nice addition.
How is the quality of the play arts? imo the faces often look rather off

Me too! I laughed way too hard at that XD While it may not be my favourite FF series too, I really enjoyed it a lot (I adore their subtle interactions and friendship ^^)
I think the quality can be a hit and miss sometimes imho. Like while Prompto and Ignis were done rather nicely, the same cannot be said for Noctis and Gladio. They're not horrible per se, but it could've been better (the weapons are super detailed though). I still love my boys since they're so much fun to play with.

GingerPandaVor 3 Jahren#17153062omg I love your loot <3 ahh those yaois *_*
No yaoi, no life ;)

CrimsonPumpkinVor 3 Jahren#17158032SUPERB HAUL!!!!! (*o*) These are the type of loots I really like, thank you for sharing! <3
Thank you so much~ Glad you enjoyed it. It makes me really happy :D

iced_wineVor 3 Jahren#17162603you have excellent taste XD amazing haul!!!
Gosh you're making me blush *^_^* Thanks!
Vor 3 Jahren
Especially those Nitro Chiral 10th anniversary OMG

I want it. I need it.

and that Kurose. MMMMMMMMMMM

and here I am looking at the store....
may I ask how much was your shipping? :'D
Vor 3 Jahren
you have excellent taste XD amazing haul!!!
Vor 3 Jahren
SUPERB HAUL!!!!! (*o*) These are the type of loots I really like, thank you for sharing! <3
Vor 3 Jahren
GingerPanda Smol Panda~
omg I love your loot <3 ahh those yaois *_*
Vor 3 Jahren
You have some much great stuff there *-*
That is the first time I've seen the kancho animation, but I also really enjoyed the interactions between the characters. But Ignis' "That's it!" sometimes felt a little bit... tactless :'D It's not my favorite FF but it is still a nice addition.
How is the quality of the play arts? imo the faces often look rather off
Vor 3 Jahren
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