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Figma Kirito Review (ALO version)Figma Kirito Review (ALO version)

Figma #289 ALO Kirito is our third version of Kirito as a figma (though oddly enough he still has no scale). As a huge SAO (and Kirito) fan and figma fan, I'm thrilled. So onto the review (picture heavy):

I shot a few really short stop motions with him so I'll start with the unboxing:


I did get mine directly from GSC because I was so wanting that lovely ALO first season hair. I think it looks great!



Here's the unboxed Kirito with everything he comes with: Stand, bag, rack of hands, two swords, extra handle to have the sword sheathed, 3 total face plates, extra wrist joint, and a peg for Figma ALO Asuna's wings.


His mobility is pretty good, especially with his torso.


Here's a closer look at the 3 faces: a battle face, a surprised/what just happened face, and a smiling face. His battle face is my favorite. I really think these faces capture him better than the Anicrad figma Kirito's faces did.


Here's a closer look at his swords:


The hands do come off so that you can easily place Kirito's grip hand on the sword without breaking them like the poor swords from the first Kirito.


Here are the swords next to Saber's sword. Kirito's gold sword is supposed to be Exalibur from the ALO game. Saber's sword is a bit bigger than both of his. I was really sad that we didn't get Kirito's huge buster sword from the first season.


I thought it was pretty neat they included the piece for allowing Asuna to wear her wings without the stand. It was a complaint of mine (and others) when Asuna came out. They did include a peg like that with Yuuki. Kirito's wings are designed differently so that he doesn't need the peg.


Here's a picture of the wings:


Kirito has two holes in his back. One is for the wings to plug into and the other is for the figma stand.


The sheath does unhook from his back halfway to make it easier to put on the wings. The sheath and strap will not come all the way off because it is molded it on partially.


Kirito comes with 4 sets of hands open hands, gripping hands for the swords (not pictured), fists, and then two special hands. One seems to be for holding the sword on the ground, but I'm honestly not sure what the other is for. It seems to have a special use, I just have no idea so if anyone knows, let me know.


Kirito's coat tails are like previous versions. They are attached on a joint in two separate pieces that allow for decent movement and posing. The soft plastic from his torso does go down the back making that white strip. I think it's a little odd but it does work I guess. I also found that when putting Kirito on the stand, I had to pull on the lower part to line up the hole in the soft plastic with the hard plastic underneath.


The neck joint is the newer type. It's basically a shoulder joint (double ball joint with a straight side). The only issue I have is that when he looks up, it leaves a huge gap.


This does however allow for taking fun shots from above, especially since he flies and all. So it really doesn't bother me that much. It also allows the head to tilt side to side more so overall, I think it's an improvement.


Here's another spin of ALO Kirito with the regular head:


He really is a lot of fun and a great addition to the SAO figma collection. I give him an 8/10. I love the figure and the character but there were several little things I don't love - the sheath not detaching or being useable, and the coattails. The coattails drive me crazy, it really throws off his balance some. I'm really looking forward to adding Leafa to the gang. I definitely hope that we get some more characters with Season 3 and a movie coming out. Maybe Lizbeth, Silica, or even dare I say Klein??

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Amazing review.
Now to find one with the preorder bonus without being scalped...
Vor 2 Jahren
i wish there would be a SAO scale from him, with his dual swords... nice review
Vor 2 Jahren
I'm really amazed with your dedication to figmas. Your gifs were really cute! ^^
Vor 2 Jahren
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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