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(NSFW-ish, this post contains pantsu and lewd outfits)

I finally got all the three fairy sisters from Tony's Heroine Collection and decided to redo photography for the whole set.

Artwork by Tony Taka. Figures made by Kotobukiya. Pictures taken using iPhone 6S Plus. Let me know if you are interested in how I did the lighting for this set!

Original artwork from the artist Tony Taka. From left to right: Daisy, Annabel, Freesia.


Here they are, perfectly captured in figurine form. These girls cost me a little bit, but the quality is totally worth it!


At 1/6 scale, these fairies are quite larger than the average anime figures. iPhone 5S for scale.


Kobukiya did an excellent job translating the illustrations into sculpture form. The details are amazing. Definitely the best anime figures I have seen so far.


Views from different angles. They are so cute!


Clothing details. The girls' outfits are barely there.


Footwear details. Gotta love their tiny little shoes.


Important details. Lewd! Lewd! Lewd!


Front & back views. There are only three of them so far. I hope they will add more fairies into this series.


The base design is rather creative, they can be taken off and flipped upside down.


You can create a little bed of flowers for the girls to stand on. I went to IKEA, grab two dozens of artificial flowers. The result is fantastic.


Beautiful. Props to whoever come up with this idea.


The fairies makes for a lovely sight on my desk. And I have never felt like such a weeb before in my life.
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I bought then sold Daisy when she first came out because I have no room (She was larger than I expected). Now you're making me regret that decision *A*

They are gorgeous as a set! and isn't there more girls coming out?
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twoduyVor 4 Jahren#9519123Just a hint of lewdness is even more erotic then outright explicit figures IMO!

Oh, I agree. I just think it's a little overstated.

While I do own a number of cast-offs, I prefer their clotbes on. It would be a waste of a cute and/or beautiful design to put the figure's clothes in storage imo. Leaves more to the imagination.
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OMG These are so cute! Lewd (especially fully nude) figures don't appeal to be but these are so adorable and I love the designs and colours. The lingerie is really cute too, and I'm glad they aren't cast-off. Maybe someday I'll consider buying them as my first and only lewd figures xD
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twoduyVor 4 Jahren#9502668I never buy lewd figures but I love their design a lot. They got just the right balance of lewd and cute!

I'm the exact same. Lewd figures aren't my cup of tea, but these 3 are among the best looking figures I know. And that flower setup just nails it. Annabel is my favorite one :)

Thanks for sharing
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weiwereVor 4 Jahren#9510902Very creative way of display!
The colour matching of the flowers is really very nicely done!

The addition of flowers makes me feel like having actual life-sized fairies on my desk!
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JosineVor 4 Jahren#9516341Ohh I like the display with the flowers! And iPhone 6+ takes that good photos?! Damn I need to upgrade my phone.

Smartphone cameras are really good these days. All you need is proper lighting!
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LyncfsVor 4 Jahren#9509974Awesome article! Your photos with the iPhone are gorgeous. Hope you do a tutorial on the lighting you used to get the photos! I also take a lot of my shots with an iPhone 6 plus as well.

Whether you use a smartphone or DSLR, it's how you light the subject that makes all the difference! For example i.imgur.com/TKD... and i.imgur.com/GwT... are both pictures taken by the same iPhone, but with bad lighting.

I will be writing a tutorial soon!
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FigyourEdVor 4 Jahren#9505663Risque perhaps but hardly lewd. It's lingerie. Bent over, legs spread in crotchless panties, leather bondage straps or a 'V' one-piece bikini would be lewd. Tony's 'Heroine Fairies' are some of his tamer artworks.
That being said, they are lovely and the photos look great.

Just a hint of lewdness is even more erotic then outright explicit figures IMO!
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LunarSkyeVor 4 Jahren#9507658Ahh I love these girls so much (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
Maybe I'm in the minority but when I see them, I never think anything close to "sexual." Whenever I see them, I just ignore the fact that they're barely wearing anything and I just think, "Wow, she's really pretty"

It's that balance between sexiness and innocence that nails it for me. The other works by Tony are either pretty tame or too explicit for my taste.
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Ohh I like the display with the flowers! And iPhone 6+ takes that good photos?! Damn I need to upgrade my phone.
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