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ActActVor 4 Jahren
My ZenMarket package came! I've been waiting for this with baited breath. It shipped really fast, the problem was waiting on freaking Surugaya to get my item to the warehouse. Suru is so damned annoying.

But it's finally here! Oh man oh man.


Their logo is cute.


Everything was individually bubble-wrapped, which was nice. I forgot to take a pic before unwrapping the first box, but here's how it was sitting. I also appreciate they consolidated everything free of charge, as Surugaya has a tendency to use massive boxes for tiny items.


First up is ITEM #542 (which, incidentally -- item 542?! holy crap). This is what I was most excited about. I never, ever thought I would find this in my price range, but I scored it NIB on Y!JA for 9,551Y. This is a Grail of mine and I just like sat looking at it forever.


It's hard to see, but the next item is tucked snugly on the left.


More Rena! ITEM #91633 I've been waiting for a while for this to come back in stock on Surugaya. I don't know why, but Suru is the only place that gets items from this Ichiban Kuji set, and this one was NIB. I really only wanted Rika and Rena, but I also got Satoko last it came up, and now I feel like I kind of have to get Mion, Shion and Hanyu, too.


The bottom layer, and the reason this box was so damn heavy.


item/198265~ This one isn't rare, but it's another crazy Y!JA deal -- 5,800Y including domestic shipping and fees.

Time to open shit!


I was pretty surprised to find this was completely unopened, considering how old it is.


Sliding this peg up and down lets you display her with or without her hat.


I chose "with."


All three of them and, uh, Koedarize Sakura, who doesn't really have anywhere to go right now. I'll probably sell her.


Next up! I kind of didn't want to open this, but I couldn't help it. I didn't wait so damn long to get her just to have her sit in a box.


Three layers of blister.


Instead of using a peg like any sane figure, her hat has grooves that match her hair to stay on. This does not work. At all. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get it to sit properly. I dropped the damn thing like a billion times. The hatchet was also awkward to fit in and I kept worrying I'd break her arm off.




All together. Debating where to put Rena. I may move her down behind the chibis, since she actually fits in there. Not sure though.


Finally, Levi! This box is pretty incredible. The material it's made from is like a smooth cardstock.


It's hard to see, but the "brick" part is shiny and holographic. Just a really cool box overall. I may display the box separately.


I may also display him with the box, because the holo paper continues inside and the effect is really neat.


The top lifts off like a shoebox to reveal the figure.


The chair, and holy crap is this thing heavy. It is solid. No wonder the box was so thick.


Tiny adorable teacup. Hehehe.


The man himself!


I really love this, I'm so glad I got it. I actually like it so much I feel like I need another Levi scale >.> I usually have a one-per-character rule but damn.


I was all prepared to display him next to GSC Mikasa, but they actually don't look good together. He just doesn't take up enough space.


Syaoran isn't as themeatic, but he looks better next to her.


I flailed around for a bit not knowing where to put him and finally just put him on my bookshelf... but he actually looks great there! I love it, and I think he'll stay.


Last but not least, your cuteness tax. Thanks for reading!
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solluxcaptorVor 4 Jahren#7434396Amazing! I love the Higurashi stuff and I'm not an AoT fan at all but that Levi is gorgeous.

Yeah, I saw people in the thread being down on Union Creative but it's incredibly well-made so IDK what everyone's deal was.

maron-makaronVor 4 Jahren#7436039Great loot, congrats on your Renas!! You've given me hope to hunt Higurashi stuff again.

I wish there was more Higurashi stuff! It's basically this, the Rika in the white dress, and fanservice prize/trading figs. I did manage to find ITEM #56959 on Y!JA a couple of months ago which was pretty cool.

shiroiusagiVor 4 Jahren#7437080That Levi figure is really beautiful, I got it too and it's one of my fav :)

I loooove it. I hemmed and hawed a lot about which Levi I wanted and I'm so glad I went with this one.

GrimmbaeVor 4 Jahren#7440271Ohmigosh I love your doges!

:3 TY! They are so cute, and were so confused as to what I was doing.
Vor 4 Jahren
Ohmigosh I love your doges!
Vor 4 Jahren
That Levi figure is really beautiful, I got it too and it's one of my fav :)
Vor 4 Jahren
Great loot, congrats on your Renas!! You've given me hope to hunt Higurashi stuff again.
Vor 4 Jahren
Amazing! I love the Higurashi stuff and I'm not an AoT fan at all but that Levi is gorgeous.
Vor 4 Jahren