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displaying your figmas?!displaying your figmas?!

chapters0chapters0Vor 2 JahrenAsk MFC
so i was recently cleaning/organizing the area where i keep my figmas and it came to me...how do you guys arrange them?

what i have done is i used the nendroid playsets combined two types and arrange them in the playset (kitchen and living room theme) the area where i store them doesnt have too much room so i cant use all the figma bases since the size of the shelf is small. and i been noticing i have more figma than space available. so more than half my figmas are bending down on their knees like they just finished a performance or something. its pretty crowded and its a bit hard to see the stuff behind them such as the kitchen appliances, etc. i was thinking about taking a few figmas out of the playset and using only a few in the playset so it doesnt look that messy but then i was like where would i put the other figmas and i dont want to put them in storage? i could just display them on a regular shelf with a pose but that would take space and i dont have much as is since that where i put my scales.

any who...so how do you organize/display your figmas?!
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I mainly collect figmas so I can devote most of my space to their setups. To save space, I use the di:stages to connect multiple arms to one base. Having some chairs helps too so the space is not too cluttered by the stands. I have them displayed in roughly 6 setups on wall ledges and shelves:

1) Madoka girls
2) break dancing android girls
3) concert
4) outdoor party
5) science lab
6) good vs. evil battle

I really enjoy coming up with a storyline for each theme, then setting everything up accordingly. I never leave the characters standing in rows, they are always part of some scenario and 'engaging' with other figmas.
Vor 2 Jahren
If they can be perfectly fine without the figma base, it's space-efficient to only use the arm stand. I have only 6 figma, but I like leaving them in dynamic poses while on display. I play with their poses and parts often when I take photos of them, and whichever pose I last photographed goes into my display cabinet. I'd like to have more figma, enough to warrant a figma-only shelf ^^
Vor 2 Jahren
I don't have that many Figmas left so I have two displayed on a shelf on the main bookshelf in the corner of the room where I have scaled figures,gashapons,and busou shinki. The only others I have are scattered about on the other side of the room.
Vor 2 Jahren
I've done both. I made some risers for shelves out of cardboard and painted it and it worked really nice. It gave me twice as much space. I've also made an entire bookcase into rooms for dioramas. Then I at my old house I used spice racks as risers and wall shelves.




Vor 2 Jahren
I place a bunch of them in a display rack with 1/12 model kit furnitures and create various scenes with them. I also don't use their stands when I display them too since they can just stand without them.

Here are some pics of my figma display:
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Vor 2 Jahren
Agree v I liked playing with them more than displaying. I would just set them where ever im done playing with them
Vor 2 Jahren
I used to display them on my little shelf just crammed in there in different poses. Problem, for me, is that I spend up to an hour setting them up, getting the poses right, looked at them for about five seconds and went "bored now"! After that they lay on my floor and bed for weeks on end as I constantly played with them. So I keep them in a bin now since my urge to play outweighs my urge to display.

But when I did display is was just in a tiny shelf space.
Vor 2 Jahren
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