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Hey everyone, back with a new review!
This time around we'll be dabbling in alchemy as I review Revoltech
Alphonse Elric


The second release in Revoltech's Full Metal Alchemist line, the younger brother of the two Elric siblings takes center stage, coming packaged in typical Revoltech fashion, with a plastic tray to hold all of his accessories contained in a stylized box with plastic display window.




Like his brother Edward, Alphonse is a fully plastic figure and utilizes the Revoltech style joint system which offers a decent amount of poseability.


Despite the limitations of Revoltech's ratcheting joint system, Alphonse is still surprisingly poseable. There's very little limitation in the movement of his limbs, and he has plenty of room to maneuver.



The paint and mold on Al are quite well done, and recreate the armor bound alchemist in great detail.


An especially nice little touch is painted detail of the alchemic rune that holds his soul on the inside rim of his armor.


As far as accessories go, Alphonse is a bit lacking, but still comes with enough to give him a good amount of options when it comes to posing. Included are three sets of hands: two fists, two flat, outstretched hands, and two with curled fingers.


A secondary head is also included, and features Alphonse's typical scared, or shocked expression. It's a fun addition, and adds lots of character to the figure.


An effect part is also included for more action oriented poses.


Lastly, Al comes with the typical Revoltech stand and storage bin. While the bin is quite a useful little extra, I find that the stand is very underwhelming, and doesn't offer much in the realm of posing or stability as say, Di:Stages or Tamashii Stages.



By far the coolest thing about Alphonse is his poseable eyes. By simply removing his face plate, you'll find small poles that can be adjusted to angle his eyes in different positions, making him much more expressive.



All in all, Alphonse is a superb stand alone figure(as I don't currently own Edward, his figure hasn't really won me over at the present moment) from the line.



If I can offer any criticism, it'd be with the joints. I feel that the system Revoltech uses is outdated, and tends to ruin an otherwise great figure. I'll admit I've never been a fan of the joints, and wonder why Revoltech continue to use them when many people, myself certainly included, prefer the smoother joint style of S.H.Figuarts and Figma.


Personal quips aside, Alphonse is still an excellent figure. Loaded with character and great details, he definitely stands out amongst his fellow figures in height and design.


While I'm not the biggest fan of Revoltech's joints, I'd still recommend Alphonse as an addition to your collection as he's different enough to be unique and certainly has plenty of charm. Of course, if you're a fan of Full Metal Alchemist, whether it be the manga or anime, I'd certainly suggest picking him up. As far as Edward goes, well, we'll just have to see, won't we?


As always, thanks so much for reading my review, I hope that it was informative, and helped you decide if you're going to give this full metal warrior a look!

"Ah, Brother! It's you!"


'Till next time!

You can find more of my reviews here!

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Awesome review! Looks like you know how to get Alphonse in some great poses, nice work. Make more Revoltech reviews!

Also, to those who also question the ratcheted joint system that Revoltech uses, it's actually the namesake of the joint system they've patented, so that's why all of them are ratcheted. If they were to go with smooth joints or any other type of joints for that matter, these would not be Revoltech anymore, but an entirely differently line of figures.
Vor 8 Jahren
Didn't know that they made Al's eyes the same as Woody's! (Woody...O_o)
This looks like a worth pick up!

If you're considering picking up Ed to go along with him DON'T! Very, very dissapointed in the job Revoltech did on him and will be making a review on him shortly...
Vor 8 Jahren
Awesome review!The end was funny too XD
And you're making me want him now!Al looks great,love all the little details that come with him.
A job well done with revoltech.
Vor 8 Jahren
Al is a wonderful figure (one of the best Revoltechs I've ever owned), but my only gripe is that one of the pupils on mine is mis-applied. Rather than being directly opposite the peg (so moving the peg left moves the pupil right, etc.), it's at an angle, so if the pegs are parallel, he's cross-eyed. I have to use pliers to manually rotate the peg so that it'll still fit in the head-cavity. Oh, Kaiyodo~
Vor 8 Jahren
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
wingman13Wow I didn't know you could move the eyes! That's a pretty nice touch.
Neither did I, and agreed :D Can't wait to get my own Al!

Though the large ball joints aren't very attractive, I prefer Revoltech's jointing system to just about all others. The ratcheting means a pose can be held reliably, which is especially important for the action/shounen characters the series is best at. The range of motion is also incredible, at least compared to the figma I own.
Vor 8 Jahren
My Alphonse just showed up this morning, and I haven't opened him yet. Really the only thing that disappoints me about him is that he doesn't come with a cat, but other than that he's golden.
Vor 8 Jahren
Great review!
Vor 8 Jahren
Wow I didn't know you could move the eyes! That's a pretty nice touch.

For the joints, I think they choose to have the racheted joints so that they keep their pose better. With smooth joints they can sag with weight.
Vor 8 Jahren
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