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[HEAVY Loot] Autumn ~ Winter Gets -- Happy New Year, MFC![HEAVY Loot] Autumn ~ Winter Gets -- Happy New Year, MFC!

TomoeTomoeVor 2 JahrenLoot
Happy Holidays, MFC!

I hope that all of you have been kicking it back and relaxing during the holidays. I also hope that you're all having a great time exchanging presents, keeping others and yourself in mind! <3
Here's to another fantastic year on this site with your fellow collectors!

Without further ado, I had some spare time this afternoon so I decided to share what I got these past two seasons :)


First up was my Amiami loot back in early autumn. One of the Maki and Jiji was for my best friend's birthday. Kotori, Kyubey, and Maki was for me! :)


Honorary photo of this gorgeous figurine. She was my first brand new scale, and boy am I glad that I went and bit the buck since she is drop-dead gorgeous. What a great figurine of Kotori!
I'm not too fond of the rest of my favorite girls' costume selection for the Alter line (Nico, Nozomi, and Maki), so I'm a little unsure if I'll be picking those up.


I also went to see the Love Live! movie premiere in San Francisco when it was out. Sadly they ran out of autograph boards to hand out, which I was a little disappointed over. Either way, I got my favorite characters from PMMM (even though they're all technically my "favorite cast") to make it up . I would've loved to grab a Nontan and Nico autograph board from the premiere, so I'll be keeping an eye out for the two.


Have you ever had a figurine that you sold off and regretted it afterwards? For me, it doesn't come often, but I found myself missing Sinon. So whaddya know - once I found her on MFC, I got her from another person. :) What a beautiful nendoroid. I absolutely adore the way Nendoron paints the Sword Art Online character eyes to match the way they appeared in the anime. They're so glittery that it feels like you could attract bugs with their eyes.


I saw her on Jungle JPN and opted for her right away. I never really had her in mind and it was sort of an impulse buy. I was actually planning on reselling her just enough to make back what I paid for her..


Once I really unboxed her and played with her.. Well.. easily said, she's burrowed with the rest of my Mikus right now.


Next up! Nisekoi! Simply put, I was thrilled to hear that Chitoge was getting a rerelease since I wanted her for the LONGEST time. I regretted it immediately once she was sold out and her price skyrocketed. I hadn't watched the anime back then but afterwards, I was just considering myself lucky that I had preordered Marika (my favorite girl) and was silently hoping for a rerelease of this gorgeous tsundere.
I'm not a huge fan of Onodera. It doesn't really translate to "I don't like her", but it's more of a neutral ground. But dang..


I think I would've had to apologize for saying I was even "just neutral" towards Onodera when I saw that faceplate.


These are just some clearfiles I got from Amiami for my two best girls on Nisekoi. I'm a little unsure of what people really do with clearfiles since I feel like they're just TOO pretty to use.. So I stuck them on my wall. I guess I might take them down and replace them with some actual posters one day, but today they stand as is with my previous Nisekoi clearfile loot. :)


I grabbed this little vampire when OtakuMode was having a sale on her. Which is thrilling because I actually managed to snag two of my long-time grails from OtakuMode just months apart. Thank you OtakuMode! :D
She's absolutely beautiful. I think that the Alter Shinobu ( ITEM #166937 ) is easily just as cute. I think that Alter's shinobu would probably be closer to what Miss Oshino appeared as in the anime. But I honestly like Goodsmile's more mostly for the very intricate base and the absolutely stunning details on the doughnuts and everything.


Seriously - one of my most favorite parts of this figurine was the little bite marks on her doughnut. What's not to love?


Next is another box from Amiami!


It was a rash decision to complete the Love Live! girls. I was only going to get my top 4, but you know how it is when you really want to complete one of your favorite casts.

(I jumped and got Eli and Umi too. The Homura no longer belongs to me anymore so that's out x) )

I looked.. and thought, "Oh.. you can't leave ____ alone.." Before I knew it I was almost done collecting the rest of the line.


Next up is Shimakaze! She's one of my favorite ships from Kancolle, but I'm mostly excited about Yuudachi from GSC since she's my best girl from Kancolle. I really hope I get to see her prototype (perhaps even a coloured one?) in the next month.
Either way, this is a really, really nice figurine. Right now I'd say that it pretty much bargain-binned as you can easily find it from anywhere 5.5k - 7k/8k on Amiami, depending on how new you want it. Still a gorgeous figurine for her size and from Hobbysearch, a really nicely painted and detailed figurine with a lovely expression true to Shimakaze.
I absolutely adore the white reflects on her little cheeks.

One note about the figurine is that her base is HUGE. I was able to shove Shimakaze's nendoroid on it too, so that's how the two are being displayed at the moment (together).


Annnd.. the Super Sonico x Racing Miku crossover keychain. I honestly thought I was getting something much smaller... Now I can't really use it for what I intended to use it with, but it is still really cute.

The Charlotte mug is also one of my favorite PMMM items at the moment as it fits a fairly lot! Like really, it holds around the same amount as your other mugs.




One of my most anticipated gets from an ebay auction! The Tsukiko nendoroid! I think her cat ears were a little frustrating to put on as I had to modify them or else her cat ears would be totally off-putting and sticking out at weird angles and such. To this moment I still can't get her ears just right and firmly in place, but for such a cute nendoroid for such a great deal of $35 shipped BNIB, I can't complain!


I also rebought Nagisa to go with my school-uniform Mami! They look great together.


These are some doujinshi +Pokebox+ charms that I got. They're super super adorable and of such high quality too! I buy from +Pokebox+ every time that they come out with new eeveelution items.


Hitagi! The beautiful crab queen with a last name as sharp as her cutting knife. It really is such an intricate nendoroid. I found it very fun to play with since she's one of the nendoroids that comes with more minature items (like her tiny little stapler). Her long hair is absolutely beautiful. And also.. spoiler alert, but her nendoroid panties have little school supplies on them! I was astonished to discover that. How adorable though!


The one who shares the same VA as Hitagi-san! Homura!!! With that said, I am finally done with my 1/8 set of Puella Madoka! This line really is absolutely gorgeous, and being on more of a bargain-bin zone at the moment AND the yen being so weak, why not?


Harvest Moon Miku is truly one of the most beautiful Miku nendoroids to date! ^q^ I was so thrilled to finally get her.

I also got ...


... from a trade! :D I swear my Miku nendoroid collection doubled in just a few months.. I'm happy to have both of them in my collection. They're so gorgeous and I just love how creative people can get to creating new fun costumes for Miku!


My second grail I got from OtakuMode! She came so randomly, and I just HAD to get one. That afternoon I had forgotten to link my card to my paypal so I had no way of buying her during class since I didn't have my card on me at all. I ran home quickly to get one. My queen! ( * - * )



Ta-da! One of the most beautiful figurines I own! Idol Asuna! My third figurine from Stronger. She came with a small defect that I'm not too thrilled about since Stronger has amazing sculpts and painting, but.. not so much on quality control. Either way she's beautiful and stunning and a true wonder to gaze at!


Ultimate Madoka 1/10! I think she bargain-binned quite a bit too so I had to get her! Sadly.. she arrived with a SEVERE broken neck (which is weird because it's something that Mami would be more likely to suffer from.. oops) and her ENTIRE body could be taken off. )': A little super glue was able to make her a little bit better so that she could properly.. stay statured.. but.. either way, I got a refund.
Still a cute figurine if you don't stare at her broken tummy and broken neck!



A few Christmas goodies! I was so shocked to open the Super Sonico noodle stopper.. It was an awesome surprise though since my family actually LOVES it. My mom told me that she wanted one to bring to work and one to give to my brother. Granted I don't really have a good place to put her, I move her around every day and play with her, putting her on random things.

The straps are also adorable and are of my two of my best LLSIF girls!


We're coming to an end where I introduce more LLSIF merch. Another clearfile to slip into my clearfile holder and a set of posters! I was madly disappointed to find that they're releasing a cyber version when I just got these, but I guess.. I could get both.. Heh!


Here's what they look like displayed! They're HUGE! I'm not too big on what the Lily White posters looked like so I gave Umi and Rin to my friend who adores the two of them. I kept Nozomi for myself since #TeamNontan

Thank you all for sticking it through for this long! I'll be closing off with how a little bit of my room looks these days..!






It's been quite a blast being here every day with the rest of you!
I really love it when this community sells/trades figurines and rehomes them. It's always really fun to see something that was in your home and is now in another's. :) Happy New Year to you all! Stay safe and warm and happy!

Until next time!

- Tomoe
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Nice loot!! Lots of nice LL! merch and congratulations on finally completing your PMMM collection!
Vor 2 Jahren
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
Thanks for the kind comments!
Vor 2 Jahren
What an amazing loot! I love everything you got but that's no surprise since we both love cute bishoujos I guess. ♡ Really gets me pumped up to get more Nendoroids too lol
I also like your displays a lot, great setup!
Vor 2 Jahren
C2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
Really cute loot! I love everything you got! Especially Alters Kotori & Strongers Idol Asuna. They are two scales I badly want to own someday. The autograph boards are also nice. I want some one day too! Maybe from Sword Art Online or one of my other big fandoms. Also I'm a huge Nendoroid lover so all of your Nendoroid loot was really fun to see too! Thanks a lot for sharing ^^
Vor 2 Jahren
woah what an amazing loot!! i really love how the love live alter line is going. im sorry youre not too fond of the outfit choices for your faves, but im personally really pleased with all the choices except for honoka. im planning to get the maki one.
Vor 2 Jahren
Really nice loot!! I stick clear files on my wall too.
Vor 2 Jahren
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
mikamunechika (Vor 2 Jahren) #5706287Lovely Haul!
Hope you had an awesome x-mas!
Happy new year!

Thank you! <3 Hope you had a nice xmas too! :D
Happy New year to you too!! <3

partyturtles (Vor 2 Jahren) #5706298Nice loot! And nice collection, I especially like all those Miku nendos.
Out of curiosity, do you remember how much the shipping costs for those amiami boxes were?

Thank you! :D I quite enjoy the amount of Miku nendoroids on the market ~u~
Oh gosh, the amiami boxes were a bit more expensive. Amiami is always the same way with packaging their packages with HUGE amounts of packaging and a box much bigger than necessary. Sure it's safe, but honestly I've received damaged items from Amiami too, most of it are because Amiami give me "new" items that had badly damaged boxes from the manufacturers. I don't complain since the item is still okay, it's just the box that's messed up. Overall, I think it's fair in the end since I'm still with Amiami for 2 years+ haha!
I usually get invoices for shipping totals around 4000+ yen because I order a lot of items at a month's time *usually*. Though Amiami's customer service is still pleasant and will help me lower the price into separate shipping boxes to lower the cost. Usually it brings it down to around ~$8 less or something, still a good total!
Vor 2 Jahren
Nice loot! And nice collection, I especially like all those Miku nendos.
Out of curiosity, do you remember how much the shipping costs for those amiami boxes were?
Vor 2 Jahren
Lovely Haul!
Hope you had an awesome x-mas!
Happy new year!
Vor 2 Jahren
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