Togainu no Chi - Shiki - 1/10 - Military Ver. (Kotobukiya)Togainu no Chi - Shiki - 1/10 - Military Ver. (Kotobukiya)Review

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Ok, This is my first review~! ^^ I'm dutch, but I'll try my best to make my English as understandable as possible!

Shiki is a personage of the BL game, Togainu no Chi. The game is about an apocalyptical Japan, were Akira, (The MC) got imprisoned under the suspicion of murder. His only chance of freedom comes if he agrees to play the Igura. This is a game where you need to kill your opponents to collect tags and to eventually fight against the big bad, Il Re, to win your freedom and a HUGE sum of money. Sounds easy right? Not if he has to play the game with his own life on the line! And talking about 'Line'... How will Akira survive when half of the contestants use the drug 'Line' to give them almost inhuman strength?

Shiki is a mysterious character who is insanely strong. A lot of people fear him, and nobody wants to meet this guy in a dark ally. Without reason, he slays everyone who crosses his path, yet he never takes their tags, and he isn't a contestant either. Just what are his plans...?

I won't spoil anything :P

The sculpting is based on a pic from the game. i697.photobucke... This is one of the endings Akira can have if he chooses his options with Shiki. As you can see, Kotobukiya has very precisely captured the feel of the pic, and Shiki's smug look. This figure doesn't have much noticeable seamlines, and you have to look really hard to see them. The most noticeable one, is the one in his hair. I give this an 8/10

The paint job is really well done! Shiki's uniform has a lot of buttons, a belt, white rope-like seamlines around the collar and a tie. All of these details are carefully painted, and not one is overflowing. For the rest, I can't tell you much about shading, because this figure has none. His boots are overly shiny, though, it looks pretty neat. 9/10

Paint and Posing details: i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke...

Shiki's posing is like how it should be. Malicious, tough slightly bored, he smirks at you, just as he does in the original picture. He doesn't have his weapon on him this time, but the figure would look wierd of he had. The only con of this figure is that he looks slightly downside. If you want to enjoy his lovely smirk, prepare to bend down (as you should!) or lift him up, or you'll only look at the top of his head. 8/10

Shiki does not have a base, - he has a chair. It's kinda his base, and it's really lovely. Like Shiki, the chair has a lot of buttons, and each of them is carefully painted and doesn't overflow. Unlike Shiki, the chair does have shading, and is perfectly made to look soft and comfy. I thought it was soft and comfy, until I noticed it was PVC xD; They could've fooled me! 10/10

Detail chair: i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke...

The package is lovely and eyecatching. When you first look at the box, you'll see it decorated with the TnC logo and Shiki's trademark crosses. Also, when you look at the box, you'll see the Nitro+ sign of approval. I don't think Shiki is bootleged yet, but never buy the figure without being sure!

Detail box: i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke... , i697.photobucke...

Another fun feature of this figure, is that the box has a window that is closed of by a small door. In the door, an tiny magnet is put inside to keep the box closed when needed. By opening the door, you'll also notice it tells you about the included Drama CD. The box deserves a 9/10

Shiki is wonderful, and a must for every fan of the game and his character. Kotobukiya has really done a great job on him! Just put him on a high place, and enjoy his lovely smirk. It never grows old xD Also, there is an drama CD included for the fans! It's a very nice bonus <3 I give a 9/10 on the enjoyment factor.

Detail drama CD: i697.photobucke...

I'll try to make an review of Akira soon, but since Shiki was the first figure I got... ^^;
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Awesome review and really fun to read. I like how you gave us a background for this awesome character. I adore Nitro+ and this figures is really nice. For your first review you did really good and your english was very very good. Hope to read more from you in the future.

BTW, I remember seeing the box to this figure and it is very classy and professional. One would never guess it's by Koto. They surprise sometimes.

p.s. Wish the figure were bigger.
Vor 10 Jahren
Really good review, I love the detailed pics!
Vor 10 Jahren
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