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Today we'll be reviewing the embodiment of lust, Amakuni's Asmodeus. Her bunny outfit can barely contain her ample assets and she can be cast off to boot, so most every shot below will probably be somewhat NSFW...

About this figure/the character: The Seven Deadly Sins is a figure line launched by Hobby Japan where each of the seven deadly sins is anthropomorphized in figure form. Asmodeus is the incarnation of lust.

For the demonologists out there, Asmodeus is referenced in many Hebrew and Christian texts, and the story of Asmodeus varies slightly from text to text; in some, Asmodeus is portrayed as a malevolent creature, and in others Asmodeus is depicted as a more good-natured or impish figure, and the latter seems to be the inspiration for this figure. The common thread is that Asmodeus is generally portrayed as a carnal and lustful demon.

Now, let's get to the figure herself.


Asmodeus is the kind of figure that begs to be unboxed and displayed, particularly since the front window of the box is relatively small.


Much like her infernal counterpart Lucifer PICTURE #1134799, Asmodeus' package has a large pentagram on the side of the box.


The back of the box contains several shots of the figure and an illustration by Niθ.


My Asmodeus had obviously been opened (this was a B/B item from AmiAmi), as you can see how the original Amakuni seal had been broken (and retaped---I never can understand why people do that!). The "bewitching bunny girl dark lord apocalypse" text is pretty funny, though!


Getting her unpacked is pretty straightforward, and Amakuni provides a little insert to explain Asmodeus' cast off feature. That will be discussed in more depth in a moment.


Asmodeus is quite a large and heavy figure, and since she's standing on one foot, she definitely needs some support. Amakuni uses a rigid plastic rod that attaches to her foot. It's about the least obtrusive solution that I can imagine, but I did notice when taking these photos that she *will* wobble a little bit when she's moved. Thus, I'd avoid displaying this figure anywhere she'll be subject to being jostled around.


Asmodeus seems much larger than the typical 1/7 scale figure, the box is made from a heavy corrugated cardboard, and the box measures 32 by 22 by 18 inches (12.5 by 8.5 by 7 cm). Thus, plan on a nontrivial shipping cost if you decide to acquire this figure.


Asmodeus is the embodiment of lust, and her pose certainly makes it seem like she's trying to incite lust in the observer. With her busty physique, the way she's almost falling out of her bunny suit, and the fact that she's tugging at the suit to boot, surely she knows what she's doing, right?

Let's have a look at her.












When I was kicking around whether or not to buy this figure, I was a little concerned that her pose would only admit a limited range of viewing angles, but she looks nice from a number of vantage points.

Cast-off Design---6/10

After I ordered this figure, I saw some user photos on MFC showing some horrendous paint transfers from Asmodeus' hair onto her body. Fortunately, my Asmodeus had no such issues, and overall the sculpt and paintwork is above average, although Amakuni got lazy with a couple of aspects of her design. My biggest beef, however, lies with the way Amakuni chose to handle the cast-off element of her design.

When I first saw this figure, I wasn't sure about the design of her face, but I rather like the way the finished product turned out, even though her face differs just a little bit from the illustration. In particular, her hair doesn't hang in her face quite as much as it does in the illustration.


Her big bushy eyelashes are kind of a neat feature, and the way she's sticking out her tongue gives her a mischievous look.


I like the twin ahoges in her hair and the little fluffy accents on her bunny headband.


The transition between her hair and the headband could have been handled a bit better, though...


The finish on her demon horns is fine, but the design of the horns also differs quite a bit from the illustration. In the illustration, the horns are much smoother and curvier.


If you look carefully, there's a few little dark spots in her hair.


On the other hand, the finish of her hair is quite impressive. The pink-to-purple color gradient will definitely catch the eye!


Although they kind of get lost in Asmodeus' hair, her wings feature an elaborate design.


The painting on her collar is sufficiently crisp and neat.


Of course, one cannot ignore the fact that Asmodeus has large breasts, and the way she's leaning over, the pendulous shape would be expected. So on this front, Amakuni deserves some credit for not just plastering a pair of ping-pong balls on her chest.


A key element of the figure's design is the way Asmodeus is pulling at her bunny suit, presumably to give the viewer an even better view of her body and invoke lust. The suit doesn't leave much to the imagination, as you can also see a clear suggestion of her nipples through the material.


I like all the little bat-shaped accents on her outfit!


I hadn't noticed these little wings on her outfit either.


I guess she just wouldn't be a demon-girl without a pair of fingerless gloves, and Amakuni does not disappoint on this front. Amakuni also opts to give Asmodeus pink fingernails.


I like the design of her garters and the clip attaching the stocking to the garter is quite detailed, too. The design on the tops of her stockings is pretty neat as well!


The little heart-shaped cutout on the front of her outfit is an interesting feature. Additionally, Niθ really loves outfits with skimpy bottoms, and Asmodeus' ample thighs draw attention to this fact.


The striping on her tail is an interesting feature.


My Asmodeus had a big scratch on her tail. Of course, I got her pre-owned and she'd obviously been opened, so there's no way to tell if she was like this new, or if she'd had a minor mishap at the hands of her previous owner. That's one of the perils of buying pre-owned figures, I guess...


Asmodeus is not waifish by any stretch of the imagination, and so you'd expect a round and full backside. The thong draws even more attention to that part of her body ;).


A low-angle shot.


Real fishnet stockings are one of my favorite accoutrements to a bunny outfit, even though there's always a risk of the stockings snagging or staining the figure.


As is the norm, the seams on the backs of her fishnets are quite thick.


Amakuni gives Asmodeus thick leather boots.


I can't help but think that Amakuni got a little bit lazy with the design of her boots, considering the rest of her outfit has so many elaborate features. The buckles on the boot probably could use a little more detail, and the overall design of the boots is just a little bit plain.


I do like the heart-shaped pulls on the zippers, though.


Since Asmodeus is the incarnation of lust, she's probably just itching to show off more of her sexy body, and I guess it's time to accommodate her by casting her off.

Casting her off is a very simple matter, as the cups of her bunny outfit simply lift off.


Which brings us to my least favorite aspect of this figure, namely the way her cast-off feature is handled. By sliding around those little white pads, a thin layer of sticky residue will be left behind, and that is what holds the cups of her bunny outfit in place. Not only does it leave her susceptible to wardrobe malfunctions if she's moved around, but I shudder to think what long-term contact with that adhesive will do to her skin. I would have much preferred to see Amakuni provide some alternate breast parts, as they did with Asmodeus' counterpart Lucifer ITEM #161925 .


Anyway, ranting aside, let's see her in the cast-off state from a few angles.





I'm usually not a fan of big nipples, but they are consistent with her body design.



The base has a raised design proclaiming Asmodeus' lustful nature, but it is also quite gigantic, measuring slightly over 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter.


Scale Comparison

Asmodeus is listed at 1/7 scale, but in reality, she is much larger than that. At her tallest point from the base to the tops of her bunny ears, I measure her at about 10.5 inches (26.5 cm), and if she was standing upright, I estimate she'd be about 10 inches (25.5 cm) tall, bunny ears not included. At 1/7 scale, that would make Asmodeus a gigantic 5'10" (179 cm) tall, which seems pretty outrageous. So, she seems much more like 1/6 scale. And, since you need to know these things, I measure the circumference of her bust at about 6 inches (15 cm). At 1/7 scale, that would give her a bustline of 42 inches (105 cm), and while she's busty, she's not *that* busty, and so 1/6 also looks about right on this front, too.

Here, we see Asmodeus with Lucifer ITEM #161925, another Amakuni offering. Lucifer is a largish 1/7 scale, and you can clearly see how Asmodeus seems even larger in scale.


Asmodeus with one of my new favorite figures, Plum's Saki Nagatsuka ITEM #320011. Saki is a largish 1/7 herself, and you can see how much larger Asmodeus is by comparison.


Asmodeus with FREEing's 1/4 Ryomou Shimei ITEM #100327.


I do like me these sexy succubus types, and the shot below features some of my favorite demon girls. Elyse ITEM #5864 and Shamsiel ITEM #144626 are 1/8 scale, and Etna ITEM #153 is 1/7.


Poor Flonne...or is it lucky Flonne?

Asmodeus and Wing/GSC's "After the Party" Sonico ITEM #198576 . I'm guessing that Asmodeus could turn most any party into a sexy party...


Asmodeus with a figure who can be made to be quite *ahem* lustful herself, Skytube's Matsuri Tougetsu ITEM #209601. Matsuri is 1/6 scale, and Asmodeus seems pretty comparable in scale.


These two complement each other well. Q-Six's Nile ITEM #211167 is 1/6 scale.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------8.5/10

Arguments for: Large scale, there are lots of neat little details in her outfit, and what's not to like about a sexy and voluptuous demon bunny girl?

Arguments against: Wobbly base design, a couple instances of lazy design (her boots), awkward cast-off design, and her face differs a little bit from the original illustration.

Despite the flaws, however, Asmodeus is quite a neat figure, and her large scale will really attract the eye. Recommended for bunny fans and Niθ aficionados.

Availability (as of this writing)

Not too hard too find.

A whole bunch of these showed up not too long ago on AmiAmi (maybe people got frustrated with her cast-offability?), and so Asmodeus shouldn't be terribly difficult to source. The figure is available in both a standard version as well as a limited edition, and the latter comes with a bath poster (see PICTURE #1302723). Expect to pay about 8000 yen for the standard edition, and if you want the bath poster, add about another 2000-2500 yen. Keep in mind that since she is larger than her listed 1/7 scale, shipping could be more expensive than expected.

A variant of this figure with a white bunny suit ITEM #359165 has been announced, but as I write this, she's not up yet for order.


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Cast-off Design


WhiteXillia00Vor 3 Jahren#15760466Hi there! I'm really considering getting this figure, but I have a problem. I'm pretty concerned about how the cast off works. Does the adhesive wear off pretty quick? Is there a replacement/substitute for it?

I see that I wrote this review about a year ago, and the adhesive still kind of works, although one of the cups of her bustier holds in place pretty precariously. Something like a tiny piece double-sided tape *might* work, but I'm still concerned what any adhesive will do long term...
Vor 3 Jahren
Hi there! I'm really considering getting this figure, but I have a problem. I'm pretty concerned about how the cast off works. Does the adhesive wear off pretty quick? Is there a replacement/substitute for it?
Vor 3 Jahren
YuinnaVor 4 Jahren#4925714No, I haven't tried anything yet. I moved a few months ago, so I had to pack everything up and I haven't had a chance to do anything with my figures due to needing a new bookshelf.
So they're all stuck in their boxes right now. @w@ But! People have given me good suggestions about how to possibly clean her up, so if I hope to eventually try and see if I can fix poor Asmo. ):

It's too bad about all those horrible paint transfers on your figure. I don't how effective the standard Magic Eraser treatment would be on transfers of that magnitude, and the prospect of using alcohol or acetone on such large areas would kind of mortify me. Hopefully, though, you'll be able to get her cleaned up and back on display :).
Vor 4 Jahren
Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
victorviperVor 4 Jahren#4861807Your review was of course the one I was referring to in reference to the paint transfers. Did you ever try to clean those up in any way? You had mentioned that you might pack her back up, so did you have a change of heart about that?
We're definitely in agreement about the cast-off feature. When I was moving her around to take these photos, there were definitely a couple of times where the cups wanted to fall off. Fortunately, after finding a spot for her on the shelf and letting her be, they have stayed in place (somewhat to my surprise!). For the life of me though, I can't figure out why they didn't just include a swappable upper torso! I generally don't display figures in cast-off mode, so I'm hoping for the best that the adhesive doesn't eventually damage the skin underneath and I have to wonder about whether the adhesive will last indefinitely.

No, I haven't tried anything yet. I moved a few months ago, so I had to pack everything up and I haven't had a chance to do anything with my figures due to needing a new bookshelf.

So they're all stuck in their boxes right now. @w@ But! People have given me good suggestions about how to possibly clean her up, so if I hope to eventually try and see if I can fix poor Asmo. ):
Vor 4 Jahren
SeiidaishougunVor 4 Jahren#4901759So they did an alternate torso instead of providing a cast-off ability for her micro-bikini? rofl XD
Also, the alternate boy still has the panties on, how pitiful XD
I also got that Airi and didn't have any real problems getting her clothes off and on again. Getting Aldras clothes off (and especially on again) was much more difficult XD

With Airi, I can remember having a hell of a time getting that apron back on! Mirim ITEM #9209 was a tough cast-off, too, the way she's holding her knees together.
Vor 4 Jahren
5'10" is "outrageous"? Uhm okay. She's a demon not a japanese loli
Vor 4 Jahren
SeiidaishougunVor 4 Jahren#4885509
So what do you have to do with Lucifer for cast-off?
Ah yes, Matsuri, another figure that would've been great if they hadn't went the "Pump it up, pump it up!" route. They really should've stuck with her original size from the illustration: PICTURE #965049

Lucifer comes with a alternate torso BLOG #17632 ; that adds some weight to the package but there are no worries about damaging her outfit when casting off the figure. Plus, it makes it relatively easy to display her either cast off or not; there are figures where it was so difficult to get the clothes back on (ITEM #152 for example) I'll never cast them off again.

I don't they got *too* carried away with Matsuri, but even if they did, I'm not complaining :). Although she's outrageously ecchi, she's quite a lovely figure!
Vor 4 Jahren
mukyuuVor 4 Jahren#4885448Great review and figure! I think her scale is somewhat right though. She's wearing arround 7~10cm heels which would make her arround 170cm tall which is not an outrageous height for a girl like her. I think her breast size is about right too, although you have gotta measure the cup size to have a right conclusion about it, instead of the whole width of her chest.

I don't know, comparing her to Lucifer, she just *seems* slightly larger (even her head, for example). That's not a bad thing, and she is quite a great figure in her own way :).
Vor 4 Jahren
Great review and figure! I think her scale is somewhat right though. She's wearing arround 7~10cm heels which would make her arround 170cm tall which is not an outrageous height for a girl like her. I think her breast size is about right too, although you have gotta measure the cup size to have a right conclusion about it, instead of the whole width of her chest.
Vor 4 Jahren
WeeacvntVor 4 Jahren#4885429Saaame! I really want that one as well. :)

After Saki ITEM #320011 turned out so nice, I decided to try to find the rest of the team (plus with only five of them, it doesn't represent an outrageous commitment). I recently picked up Maho ITEM #302643 and she's adorably cute; even though I found her character a little annoying at times, her hyper energy translates well into figure form.
Vor 4 Jahren
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