Detolf Custom Lighting Tutorial (Install)Detolf Custom Lighting Tutorial (Install)Tutorial

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Okay I'm back MFC-ers and its time to get those awesome LED lights installed in your Detolfs! I waited to do this until I had a space to put up my third Detolf to do this all in one run. If you missed the prep tutorial that can be found here: BLOG #21219, you'll want to complete that tutorial first.

At this time please carefully remove figures, detolf shelves, & detolf door.


The following should be cut and ready to go, as well as a few extras like a flat edge ruler & a pencil.


Running & Cutting First Long LED Strip

First thing you'll want to do is unwrap the LED strip and test them, just to make sure there isn't any bad spots. (Better safe than sorry). If there isn't any bad spots you can start running your first long LED strip. There is no need to use the adhesive on the back of the strip so stay away from that, just leave the cover on it.



It should measure out to look like this on each end just by laying the strip in the channel. The overhang is suppose to be there so don't freak out, the connector will take care of that later. Just be sure to cut the strip evenly at the cut locations so that one side isn't to short, that it would cause issues later. They usually mark them pretty well so you should be good.

Running & Cutting Short LED Strip

For the short strip its pretty much the same as the long one except you'll have more of an overhang. It should hang over about this much on each end of the 13in channel. Again just laying the strip will measure out with the nearest cut locations.


Running & Cutting Second Long LED Strip

The second long LED strip should measure out to an almost prefect run of LEDs. Though it could come out a little short on the bottom end. Just make sure you account for the bit of overhang like on the first one.

Connect LED Strips & Test

Next, you want to grab 2 of the connector cables and test the three strips while connected. When putting the strips into the connectors make sure that the "+" sign is lined up on the strip and connector flap. If these are backwards it wouldn't get power to the strip and nothing will happen then you go to turn them on.


Pop the connectors open to slide the stripes underneath the pins. This can be a bit tricky so be careful not to rip the copper connector points on the LED strip. Once the strip is in snap down the connector to secure it. It should look like this after it is snapped down.


The Short LED strip will connect next, slide this strip in but do not snap down yet. The opposite end of the short strip will need a connector as well. Off of this connector will be the second long LED strip, slide in and snap in.


If all the strips are good then you're ready to move on to the next step. If not make sure you double check the connectors to make sure none are backwards. The plus signs must be lined up on the connector flap and the LED strip.

Channel Covers & Long LED Install

Disonnect the short led strip at this time on both ends and set it aside for later.

Now to insert the channel covers into the long aluminum channels, just a reminder we will not be using the adhesive on the back of the LED strips. The long strip with the power cord will be first. You'll want the slightly shorter long cover for this one. Line it up at the top where the LED connector is and press it in all the way down to the power cord. Should look like this:



Now do the same for the second long LED strip, this cover will run all the way down with no gap. The cover should be plush with the top and bottom end of the mounting channel.
Time to install the first strip in the the Detolf! Its starting to get exciting now so don't freak out and break something, we're working with glass and metal people!! Okay warning aside you'll want to insert the bottom of the channel first at the bottom of the Detolf. This should be installed on the opposite side of where the door opens. It'll fit sideways between the glass and metal frame of the Detolf cabinet. (Be careful of the power cord when inserting between the glass and metal bracket.) See Picture:


Working your way to the top of the LED light you'll want to be careful of the connector cable. Push the cable between the glass and metal first before the rest of the LED light.


It'll be a little tight so you might have to bend the cable pretty close to the connector. This shouldn't harm anything as long as the LED strips are secured in the connector.


Once in you'll want to pull the LED light towards the front of the Detolf and rotate it so that the aluminum channel sits up against the metal support bar. See Picture:


Do the the same for the other side as well.

Short LED Install

Now that the side LEDs are in it's time to measure the placement of the top LED mounting channel. From the front edge of the Detolf (underneath) mark inwards 2 inches, 3 different marks just to get a straight line. Use ruler to pencil in a 12 inch line. (I just eye balled this part there's no need for exact measurements.)


Now that the line is drawn you'll need 3 pieces of double sided foam tape. Cut them to 1.5 inches and apply them like the picture below. The back side of the tape should be lined up with the penciled line.


Next, grab the short aluminum channel and get ready to put it in place on the double sided tape. Again I also did this by just eyeballing it, so I don;t have exact measurments. When you stick the channel on you should have about a fingers width at each end, between the end of the channel and the metal bracket of the Detolf.

Now that the aluminum channel is in place its back to the short LED strip. You want to loop the connector toward you and fold it up like in the picture below. Slide the strip into the connector on the power cord side, make sure the "+" signs line up.


Once in snap down the connector and repeat the previous step for the opposite end of the short LED strip. After both sides are in you'll want to remove some of the adhesive blocker on the back of the LED strip.



Make sure you leave about a centimeter on each end when removing the adhesive blocker. After removed it's time to set the LED strip to the aluminum channel. With the connectors on, there should be very minimal overhang on each end. Mach sure the LED strip is centered that press it up into the aluminum channel. Now all that is left is the last channel cover!


Just line it up and snap in. The overhang on this cover should be long enough to hold the LED connectors up to the top of the Detolf. This will make them flat, more secure, and out of the way. The other key point here is that there is absolutely zero flex pressure on the LED cable its self. Meaning longer lasting, no issues, and it just looks damn good.

If you have made it this far I want to congratulate you on your hard work b/c it's about to pay off! Plug in and test out your new Detolf Custom LED Lighting system!! I really hope this is helpful to the MFC community, if you have any questions just ask.
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Hello. I'm very late for this and I see that you were last online 7 months ago, but I'll try anyway.
I'm having trouble making a display like this myself and your final result looks pretty clean, but unfortunately this guide's pics are dead again.
My main issue is how to attach the channels to the cabinet. Both because I can't figure out HOW to do it and because all channels I can find (including the one you linked in the other guide) seem to be too wide.
I'd be grateful if you could reupload the pics pertaining to that step.
Vor 8 Monaten
ArekusuVor 4 Jahren#14140503THANK YOU for re-uploading the pictures !!!

Just updated it, photo should be back up now :)
Vor 4 Jahren
THANK YOU for re-uploading the pictures !!!
Vor 4 Jahren
Posted some comparison photos: BLOG #22004
Vor 5 Jahren
bomsVor 5 Jahren#3058211I didn't even know there's an alum channel that's made specifically for led strips. I've always hoped I could diffuse the light and now I know how, thanks!

No problem, I hope this is informative enough to help you out. They really do look awesome then you get them in and tweaked just how you like them color wise. (The LEDs have full RGB custom color options).
Vor 5 Jahren
neyVor 5 Jahren#3058989So finally, the way you have fixed your aluminium rod don't illuminate the figures directly but the back of the Detolf ?
So you've only got a better global light right ?

Yes and no? This setup does get some really awesome global lighting but the aluminum channels are shallow enough to give off solid front lighting as well. The only weak area would be the top shelf middle, if you had a figure on a riser. Even that area really is to bad as all just slightly noticeable. I'm posting some final photos soon, comparing LEDs off, LEDs on, & room lights off with LEDs on.
Vor 5 Jahren
So finally, the way you have fixed your aluminium rod don't illuminate the figures directly but the back of the Detolf ?
So you've only got a better global light right ?
Vor 5 Jahren
I didn't even know there's an alum channel that's made specifically for led strips. I've always hoped I could diffuse the light and now I know how, thanks!
Vor 5 Jahren
JaydeVor 5 Jahren#3058148Thanks for part two! Though I don't use my Detolf for figures anymore, I'll have to apply these techniques to my new display case.

No problem, and I'd imagine these could work for a number of display cases even though they're specified for the Detolfs. Just change up a few measurements, maybe a couple shelf cuts, and you're good to go.
Vor 5 Jahren
Thanks for part two! Though I don't use my Detolf for figures anymore, I'll have to apply these techniques to my new display case.
Vor 5 Jahren
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