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It's been a long weekend for me recently. This being a Con Haul, I figured it is something to share ^_^

Being based in LA, I never saw myself going to Fanime ever (6 hour drive..), until two big Japanese Guests of Honor were announced (Kazuhiro Soeta and Ai Nonaka). Of course hearing this, it peaked my interest and I had to go. The whole trip was planned on impulse and somehow pulled through.

I did get some pictures with cosplayers; however, not a whole lot. For the most part it went into the signings and checking out the dealers hall.

So for the stuff I got in total:
Not too many things as again, the trip was completely impulsive and I had to muster out any funds I could spare.

So the first thing I purchased from the dealer's haul was the Kancolle Kanmusume Catalog book. I haven't opened it from the shrink wrap yet. I figured since I was running on a low budget, figures were definitely out of the question and this artbook was quite expensive but not overly expensive. Very nice find as I hear it is out of print.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/DonkeyBlonkey1432710043.jpeg

Next on the line is a Megami Magazine (Issue May 2015) I forgot to pre-order this one and missed out on it;however, the same booth I purchased the Kancolle book from had Megami Magazines, this being one of them. Picked it up in a jiffy as soon as I saw it, now to look at the Rias BoRN poster ;)http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/DonkeyBlonkey1432710927.jpeg

And that is pretty much it for the loot. Now to move onto the Autographs.

First for the Autographs, I got a Shikishi signed and stamped by Kazuhiro Soeta (Where his stamps are hand carved by him from rubber erasers. Was hoping to get a sketch from him but it was completely random)http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/DonkeyBlonkey1432710193.jpeg

Now before I move onto the Nonaka autographs, something miraculous happened. Basically Story time!

On Day One my friend and I were incredibly tired; we decided to rest in the lobby area of the convention center. He kept asking that we should leave now but I was checking something on my phone and kept asking him to wait 5 more minutes.

Afterwards I finally gave him the green light and we headed back for our hotel exhausted ready to crash and get ready to check the swap meet out. Upon crossing our first crosswalk on the busy roads of San Jose, my friend randomly pointed out that these group of Asian people right next to us were speaking Japanese. He assumed one of them looks like Nonaka and kept telling me we should ask and that we might not get this kind of opportunity.

I look up on my phone of Nonaka's pictures to confirm it was her and holy hell, it was her. We immediately turned around and followed her back to the Convention Center (Lurker Status I know lol) and then confronted her and her escorts to ask if she was Ai Nonaka. Lo and behold, she said it was Ai Nonaka and we of course asked if we could take a picture. One of the male escorts was hesitant but her translator told us Nonaka said "Yes, as long as you attend her panels".

My friend and I were super excited to hear the answer and took pictures as fast as we could as we knew she was on a tight schedule.

She was very nice and cute about it and at the time I had a tote bag with the character Moffle on it. As she saw the bag, she yelled "Moffle Park!". Later I forgot, realizing she did voice Tiramie in Amagi Brilliant Park hence her unique reaction to the bag.

After my friend took pics of me and I took pics of him, we politely thanked her and said our goodbyes.

We thought this was the last time we would see her out like this but funnily enough, we saw her in the gaming hall at that night and remembering us, waved at each other.

But after the pictures were taken and heading back to the hotel; my friend and I were in awe as we couldn't believe that just happened. Under the circumstances that conventions usually don't allow you to take photographs or photographs with the Japanese Guest, this was an incredibly rare opportunity.

Of course until I checked the photos, I realized my friend did not know how to operate DSLR cameras incredibly well, so my pictures came out slightly blurry whereas, his came out very sharp. Oh well, don't care; I got pictures with Ai Nonaka or my first Japanese Seiyuu!

In the end, I kept asking myself and my friend, had we left 5 minutes sooner as he kept asking if I was ready to leave, that moment might have never happened. As many say, fate is a funny thing.

Pictures: imgur.com/a/HMX...

Anywho, moving on. I of course went to both of her signing sessions and lined up very early for them. (Always was the first 5 in line)

So first I got my Kyoko Sakura 1/8 GSC Base signed by her (Ai Nonaka)

And the second signing I decided to get the Rebellion Story Goodie Bag I got from the Premiere at the Egyptian Theater back in 2013.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/DonkeyBlonkey1432709668.jpeg

Initially I was a bit hesitant on what to get signed from her. I did have a couple of Clannad merchandise but I definitely liked her role as Kyoko Sakura better than Fuuko from Clannad.

Other than that this con being completely impulsive was a huge success. I got both signings and all of the signatures I needed. It was a pleasure meeting Ai-Chan in person and taking pictures with her!

My Autograph Collection is growing!

I got the Akuma Homura Canvas Art signed by Urobuchi (Buchi wrote the famous "Ai yo!" quote xD) and the Nitroplus guyhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/DonkeyBlonkey1404719188.jpeg

Kill La Kill Aoi Eir Sirius CD signed by Aoi Eir, Nakashima, Sushio, and Yosuke Toba. I also got the Kill La Kill Limited Edition Volume 1 Signed two times. So Sushio's, Nakashima, and Toba's signature on the box cover, and then their signatures again on the CD cases. I don't have pictures but I do have a video of it on my channel
Alter's 1/8 Laura Bodewig Maid signed by Marina Inoue
All You Need Is Kill Shikishi signed by Takeshi Obata and Sekirei Musubi base signed by Saori Hayamihttp://i.imgur.com/ofFx25vl.jpg
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darkmewsic (Vor 3 Jahren) #3034532I was able to get Ai Nonaka's sign & go to her first panel on Saturday. I would love to know the contents of the second panel if you were able to get in. The line was too long, so I didn't make the cut.I went to her first panel but her second panel I was not able to as I lined up for Soeta's Second Signing.
Vor 3 Jahren
I was able to get Ai Nonaka's sign & go to her first panel on Saturday. I would love to know the contents of the second panel if you were able to get in. The line was too long, so I didn't make the cut.
Vor 3 Jahren
elagabalus (Vor 3 Jahren) #3034228You got a bunch of great signatures! The stamps on the Soeta shikishi are really neat.Thank you!
Vor 3 Jahren
You got a bunch of great signatures! The stamps on the Soeta shikishi are really neat.
Vor 3 Jahren
ghirahim (Vor 3 Jahren) #3033321Wow, I'm quite envious you got to meet Ai Nonaka! c:I was fangirling very hard when that all happened!

jazzylin (Vor 3 Jahren) #3033656Oh wow you're super lucky! That's so cool!Thank you!
Vor 3 Jahren
Oh wow you're super lucky! That's so cool!
Vor 3 Jahren
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Wow, I'm quite envious you got to meet Ai Nonaka! c:
Vor 3 Jahren
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