Alphamax Date A Live II Kurumi Tokisaki w/AmiAmi Bonus ReviewAlphamax Date A Live II Kurumi Tokisaki w/AmiAmi Bonus ReviewReview

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Thanks again for all the constructive feedback on my reviews so far! To see my past reviews; click here: profiles.php?us...

This review will be one I've personally be looking forward to. I've also put different, clearer lights into my photo studio; so hopefully the photos will be even better quality now for this and future reviews!

From the popular TV anime series, "Date A Live II", this is 1/7 Scale Kurumi Tokisaki:

(Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

Here's her in the box:


Back in February of 2014 I did a now infamous review on a really bad version of Kurumi Tokisaki: The Griffon Enterprises version. Because of this, I've been wary of getting another Kurumi figure, but I decided to try this one.

Made by Alphamax; this version is already better with the box design. Featuring a nice window in the shape of Kurumi's signature clock, the box also features a small image of the figure on the bottom as well. The box doesn't show the name of the series on the front nor the English name of the character, like most boxes do, however.

Back of the box:


The back of the box does feature the name of the seres, Date A Live II (the second season of the anime), but isn't very appealing at all. There are two images of the figure (front and back), but they look very bland; being two rounded rectangles in a fairly nondescript red and black background. The background does have clockwork designs on it, but overall it's not very interesting.

All of the parts:


Inside the box is the figure, in the standard plastic protection core. Kurumi doesn't come with much; all of it visible in the package. Her weapons and base come separated from the figure in the package as well as a sheet of instructions.

Here's a list of what she comes with:

View spoilerHide spoiler-- Kurumi herself
-- Pistol
-- Rifle
-- Base
-- Instructions



Surprisingly, she does come with a sheet of instructions. These are in a plastic bag, but they are only a one-sided single sheet of paper. The instructions show how to put her two guns into her hands (since those are the only accessories with her).



Her base is really well made! It is designed to look like the inner workings of a clock; with the gears showing as well as the actual roman numerals of a clock around the outside.

It's actually 3D, with the gears raised and painted. While it can't be seen in the picture; the base actually has holes in it: The gears are solid and colored; but the open areas next to the gears and inside the gears are open. There's nothing in the sections between the gears (no base at all); which is a really unique feature. The numerals of the clock aren't 3D, however.

The base also has two pegs where it plugs into her foot: A plastic one and a metal one to support her. This ensures she only fits onto the base in one way, and also makes it easier to figure out where the front of the base is. With circular bases; it's harder to tell where the front is supposed to be, but this one has a clock around the border...making the front basically 6 O'Clock and the back 12.

Out of the package without guns, front view:


Once all the plastic wrap has been removed, the figure just needs to be put on her base.

There's really no comparison to her crappy Griffon version. This figure is 1/7th scale, as opposed to the 1/8th scale of the Griffon version (she measure roughly 9" in height).

Side views:


She is so much better all-around. Even from the side, her quality is very evident. She made much better than the Griffon version, with much better plastic, attention to detail and sculpting.


All of her colors are accurate to her appearance in the anime as well. She has no parts that come off; she is one solid piece (there are no alternate parts for her either).

From the side it's easy to see where her gun slides into her hand. The guns are not reversible, however...the rifle only fits in her left hand because of the indentation in her wrist cuff.

Back view:


The back of the figure doesn't really show much. This figure really is best viewed from the front. That's not to say it doesn't look good from any angle; but the front is best. Even on the back there is attention to detail and a really nice sculpting job on the back of her head and her dress.

Bottom view:


There's some detail under her skirt; showing her panties (black) with garter-belt and stockings. They are done much better than the Griffon version's; with a nice sculpt to her butt, legs and clothing. You can also see the line where the dress' border was connected together; but it's much less visible than the terrible Griffon's version is.



She comes with two accessories: A rifle and a pistol. Both are identical to the old fashioned ones she uses in the anime. They are both really well done; with paint apps and details like pink etching on the metal and gold-ish color for the brass-like parts. The rifle comes apart at the stock to allow it to fit into her left hand.

With guns:


Placing the guns in her hands is very easy. She doesn't need much to get them into her hands at all; just a little tight pushing them in place. The instructions show that her fingers can bend; but I didn't want to try it, honestly...and it's not really needed to get the guns into her hands at all.

Close-up detail:


She has really great attention to detail, even close up. It's a bit hard to tell due to the hair being in the way; but her left eye does have the numerals from the clock on them. The eyes are done in more of a traditional anime style rather than the simplistic design from the Griffon version. Her hair is a much better quality cast as well; with no overcasting or scuffing.

Artwork comparison:

This figure of Kurumi is actually based upon a piece of artwork; specifically the 4th volume Date A Live Blu-Ray cover:


Because of this, there is a certain angle to look at the figure from, in order to mirror the artwork image. However, that angle is not directly in front: It's tilted slightly and from the 5:30 position on the clock:


But when you compare the two at the same angle; there are a lot of differences...


Using the letters I put on the picture; I will explain the differences:

A: By matching up the face, bonnet, and top and bottom of her breasts; it's easy to determine what exactly is the angle to match the artwork.

B: However, by doing this, it's easy to see that her arms are in different positions. The left arm (with the rifle) is extended too far forward and down; making her gun point further down. She is also missing the bow-tie from her arm cuff as well. The left arm is too far down; bent too shallow at the shoulder and elbow.

C: The curve of the dress is entirely wrong. It's much wider on the artwork and goes down much further. Also there are a lot more wrinkles in the artwork; which means there was less sculpted in wrinkles on the figure.

D: For some reason the legs are switched. In the artwork, her left leg is raised; but on the figure her right leg is raised...which is probably the reason for the curve of the dress being wrong.

AmiAmi Bonus:


If you pre-ordered her from the online retailer AmiAmi; she also comes with a bonus: A mini wall scroll! It comes in a plastic bag, separate from the figure in the box. Once unraveled, it looks like this:


It's based off of her anime appearance, with her school uniform as opposed to her Astral form dress. While not showing anything, she is taking off her clothes with her bra exposed. It's small too, only 9" x 6 1/2".

Other options:

There is also another version of this with a metallic coating-styled base; which is exclusive to Alphamax (not available through AmiAmi or any other retailer...at least not first-hand):


However I do not have that version; of course. The metallic version does look better; but I wanted the wall scroll.


While this is might not the best figure of Kurumi (since there are many more coming out now); it's still not bad. She's not accurate to the artwork; but otherwise she's good. She has a decent face sculpt (for some reason it seems really hard to get the charm and beauty of the anime Kurumi to translate into a 3D figure); good paint apps and good quality molding.

The only problem is really the fact she doesn't match the artwork. I know some deviation is expected when transferring from 2D artwork to a 3D figure, but personally I think that the two should be very close (or as close as possible) since it is actually based upon the 2D artwork (a.k.a. a reference). To me it seems like they weren't sure which leg was in the air, and that threw off the rest of the figure. But overall she's good and worth the purchase, I feel.

Recommended for everyone. No play value, only for display.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Please check out my other reviews here: profiles.php?us...
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that metal stand looks nice
Vor 5 Jahren
Nice review like always...how much you pay for shiping?
Vor 5 Jahren
rlukaVor 5 Jahren#2964981The part where it looks like real straps are nice really, adds to the realism.
I mean the end part where it attaches, the red circled part :)

It looks great! I like it, personally! The area you circled looks really good on the actual figure. ^^
Vor 5 Jahren
jkbVor 5 Jahren#2964971Yeah that metallic base version looks awesome.
Yes, the wall scroll is a nice touch.
Nice review !

Yeah...I wish there was an option to get both the wall scroll and the metallic base; but it's one or the other. T_T

Thank you so much, jkb! Glad you liked the review and thanks for the comment!
Vor 5 Jahren
MetalSamamonVor 5 Jahren#2961615The straps on her back are actually separate pieces attached to the back at the ends. There's a gap between the straps and her back; so it's like actual straps instead of just molded pieces glued to her/sculpted on her back. It's a really nice feature; since it makes it look more like a real dress with real straps that could be taken off (if they weren't glued on at the ends). I can't say how accurate it is to the anime/manga, however.The part where it looks like real straps are nice really, adds to the realism.

I mean the end part where it attaches, the red circled part :)
Vor 5 Jahren
Yeah that metallic base version looks awesome.
Yes, the wall scroll is a nice touch.
Nice review !
Vor 5 Jahren
rlukaVor 5 Jahren#2960142There might be weight balancing too, so the designer need to make adjustment rather than compromising the product's expected display longlastingness.
What do you think of the point where the back strap attach to her dress ?
I think they'll look better fused rather than looking like it's being sticked on like a suspender, but I have no illustration to compare with the original character design from the anime or novel.

It's possible...I can't say for sure about the weight balancing. But it seems like either leg would support her the same, regardless...

The straps on her back are actually separate pieces attached to the back at the ends. There's a gap between the straps and her back; so it's like actual straps instead of just molded pieces glued to her/sculpted on her back. It's a really nice feature; since it makes it look more like a real dress with real straps that could be taken off (if they weren't glued on at the ends). I can't say how accurate it is to the anime/manga, however.

Thanks rluka! ^^ I appreciate the comment!
Vor 5 Jahren
Shimakaze69Vor 5 Jahren#2960084Great review! The art comparison was nifty. I love this figure and the mini scroll, but I also noticed it's hard to find a good angle to display her. If you line her up at 6 her face looks too far to her left and down, and if you rotate her to the 5:30 angle her body looks a little too far twisted and you can't enjoy the front of her Astral Dress. She definitely needs to be a bit higher on a display shelf to really enjoy her clock eye or they could have sculpted her looking up just a little more. This is a good figure for a rotating display, especially if you could make it look like a turning clock ha!

You're exactly right! I would love to see her on a rotating display! ^__^ I have her displayed on my top shelf right now, so she's up high for me. I guess it's just a matter of how you display her. Thank you so much for the comment, Shimakaze69! ^^
Vor 5 Jahren
DonkeyBlonkeyVor 5 Jahren#2960052Great review very informative.
Your comparison in the artwork to the figure is interesting but never have big expectations where a figure looks 100% identical to the art/illustration. There is a difference between something based off something vs an exact 3D representation of a 2D medium. A lot of figure companies I've ordered from don't follow 100% true off the illustration. Be the paintjob, slight different color palette, to minor sculpting details, slight changes in the pose.
And personally, I think this is the one of the best figures of Kurumi on the market. Kotobukiya has a great one coming out but there's really not too much going on with theirs. Whereas Alphamax went with the only good battle form Kurumi and her muskets.
I believe Art Spirits and Griffon are coming out with more Scaled Kurumi figures which I don't have high expectations for. Griffon being Griffon, and owning one Art Spirit figure, I feel their QC is a bit lack luster but not terrible.
Once again fantastic review.

Thank you so much, DonkeyBlonkey! ^__^

I agree...I shouldn't expect too much. But I feel that when they deviate a lot from the source material art; it feels like they aren't trying to do the figure justice / they don't care. I understand that sometimes it just can't be done; but I like seeing as little sacrifice as possible. To me; the arms could have been done right. The leg might have been a balance/durability issue; but the arms probably aren't.

I also think this is a really great Kurumi figure as well. I'm also getting the Kotobukiya version: ITEM #269686 ; but that's probably it for Kurumi figures (unless they make a Figma or RAH of her, possibly). Thanks again for the comment! ^^ I appreciate it! Glad you loved the review!
Vor 5 Jahren
LyncfsVor 5 Jahren#2959961Nice review! I'd been interested in this figure for a while but I've never seen the anime. It's nice to see the photos even if I passed on buying her. I like the details in her dress and guns but her face looks really strange to me like you mentioned. Your line comparison to the artwork is pretty neat. I've never see anyone do that in a review!

For some reason it seems like Kurumi's cute expression from the anime is hard to replicate in a 3D figure; it seems. This one has a decent face; but it's still not like the anime face.

The line comparison was something that I did with the old Griffon Enterprises Kurumi figure; though that time it wasn't originally my photo. This time I did it myself, though. ^^ I thought it was a good idea; since just looking at the two photos doesn't really show the differences all that well. Thanks for the comment; I appreciate it! ^^
Vor 5 Jahren
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